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04 Jul 2020 09:22:27
Morning gents, looking forward to tomorrow's game, if we turn up the way turned up against Chelsea it will be a good game, take nothing away from the magpies, brucie has them playing well, and they will be flying high after the Bournemouth game. It's one of those for me, we need these points and should be looking to take them from these teams but at the same time they are most definitely worthy of the points themselves how they've been playing. So should be good. let's hope.
On another note the rumour pot is stirring AGAIN, rice to Chelsea, I think mount will be the bait for that one, really hope he stays tho. And also that we still want barkley, I think he would do well out our club, he's a very good player but sometimes with the players Chelsea have I think he's punching Above his weight sometimes. Be good to get him maybe, but definatly keep rice.


1.) 04 Jul 2020 10:14:28
If we secure our place in the Prem in the next couple of games, Rice should be told he will be club captain next year. I think he can be persuaded to stay given the captaincy and a decent, appropriate hike in wages.

2.) 04 Jul 2020 16:35:24
Results going for us today so far, if Chelsea see off Watford tonight and if we could get 3 points at Newcastle tomorrow, although still mathematically possible for us to be relegated, it would need quite spectacular results to go against us⚒⚒⚒.

3.) 04 Jul 2020 21:27:19
Like you said we need points from the next 2 games we a bit of breathing space game after are Norwich and watford which could drag us back into mix.



28 Apr 2020 08:56:05
Hi guys not been on for a while, hope your all safe and well in this unreal time. Just read that apparently a West Ham insider has said that no player is safe in what is being called a massive squad overhaul this summer including Declan Rice who Chelsea have reportedly been sniffing around with numbers of £70m being thrown about. I don't know how I feel about this wether it's true or not. I understand the overhaul but surely getting rid of Declan would be the wrong thing to do. Can anyone shed any light or is it just paper bull.
COYI ⚒⚒.


1.) 28 Apr 2020 15:10:44
im sure its true that Chelsea would like to take him but so are a lot of other clubs too.
I can't see WH letting him go with 4 yrs. to on his contract unless we get relegated which i believe is crutial to WH keeping a lot of their players.
This is only my opinion which i'm sure other supporters are in the know. i find it hard to believe any club will fork out the money he commands this season.

2.) 05 May 2020 19:32:57
I cannot see the amounts of money being handed about actually happening, if Chelsea did want to pay 70 million then I cannot see us turning it away, it will be a lot of money in football once this has all passed over.

I believe Rice will still be a West Ham player this time next year, unfortunately we are West Ham and that is what we need to do unless we get silly rich owners, I personally don’t hold a grudge if they give their all and then move on, as long as it’s not a Defoe/ Payet situation!

3.) 05 May 2020 21:06:30
Rice ain't worth 70 million lol, he looks ok in a distinctly average squad, if we got 50 million for him wed be lucky I'd say.

4.) 07 May 2020 08:02:42
I just hope this will be the end of all the outrageous sums of money in transfer fees, Premiership wages and all that goes with everybody in top flight being vastly overpaid whilst a lot underperform knowing they can languish in the safety net of a contract with years to run! I hope it will be a wake up call that a major overhaul is needed in finances with reduced ticket prices that the average paid person with children can go to a game without it costing them anything from £100 plus a game taking into consideration, travel, snacks etc, that’s even if they still have a job after this nightmare! We can go and watch a game locally free over the park which is what I will do or go locally to Chelmsford or Billericay if they survive and have no aggro of travelling! Even now I have lost interest in the Premiership through greed!



07 Feb 2020 07:02:36
Just reading paper talk on sky sports app, it says that David gold has not ruled out selling West Ham, but also says that he and smegal or gollum (which ever one is which) should be thanked/ praised for keeping us in the premier league. REALY.
What about moving somewhere we didn't want to move. thanks.

What about bringing in players YOU want and not the team gaffer. thanks.
What about letting the manager mangage and stay out of it. thanks
What about making sensible offers to players that actually would help the club instead of penny pinching to make the numbers look better for you own pockets.

Do me a favour, stay up or go down, sell, let us start again if we have to. If we stay up then amazing and I hope you can sell to get more money for your lavish life. But the fans don't need your stupid statements like this, you add fuel to an ever growing fire. I love my club and want to see them PLAY good football in the best league in the world, if we go down you will take a lot of the blame so either shoulder it, and sort yasels out or go.

This is not fair on the fans of the club. And through stupid comments like this you wonder why we get annoyed and protest and show anger and in turn is helps the media and tabloids hate us that little bit more.
Thanks DGS and lapdog Brady.


1.) 07 Feb 2020 11:54:33
Well said Whitby, hit the nail on the head.

2.) 07 Feb 2020 18:30:16
For god's sake the time for protests and having a go at the owners is at the end of the season.
This is doing nothing to help the team, do you all honestly think all this doesn't have an effect on the players and management.
I am totally with you all against the owners but would rather focus my attentions on supporting the team at each home game.
There is plenty of time to protest at the end of the last game and the weeks after that.
Divert your anger at VAR which is killing the game little by little each game.
Soon we won't be cheering a goal or the players celebrating until VAR confirms it.
Wouldn't mind too much if they got the decisions right but there are more mistakes made now than before VAR.

3.) 07 Feb 2020 19:55:18
Problem with var is that it's still down to interpretation by another ref watching a replay. Last saturday mark clattenburg pointed out that ogbonnas own goal should not have been allowed because fabianski was fouled. A var look said it was a goal? How does that work.

4.) 07 Feb 2020 21:40:26
And speaking of VAR, I just watched Lucas jutkevic score for brum and the commentator commented what a great goal it was however, he clearly fouled a defender before tucking the ball away. The same BRILLIANT individual goal would have been disallowed I premier league because VAR would have found something wrong in the previous 25 mins of football.

5.) 07 Feb 2020 22:43:20
Gerry don’t get me wrong by any means I am not and have no desire to travel 250+ miles to protest, for one I have better things to do and two there isn’t no point anyway it won’t get anyone anywhere, all I am saying is, as a fan, if I have read this article and it has annoyed me then others will who have the protest views, that these comments will anger those fans.

I agree totally about VAR it is a joke but like these owners it is here to stay. Looking to the city game this would be great way to change our path but at the end of the day it is city and we all know what they can do on their day. COYI ⚒.

6.) 08 Feb 2020 02:04:36
I'm going to get slated for my next comment and that is if it meant sully and gold sold the club if we went down then I'd take that as long as we got TABOR and the road associates take over then I think he really would throw money into the club which is needed and not trying to make money out of running a premier league team which S&G have IMO I wonder how far Albert trip smith is willing to go in his involvement as I think he owns 10% correct me if I'm wrong please ED. COYI.

{Ed002's Note - You are wrong to think that money can simply be thrown at the the club. It can't which is why the likes of Aston Villa and Everton have impending FFP issues.}

7.) 08 Feb 2020 14:54:29
It’s interesting how frustrated we all get.

If that goal had been ruled out by VAR and we’d won it 3:2, there would have been talk of green shoots of recovery.

It’s a funny old game! 😉.

8.) 08 Feb 2020 20:12:30
Personally, I think G and S have been good for us. What’s has done us is when they make bold statements. They need to reframe from doing this. The person to blame was Pellegrini who spent £200m. I think Moyes will be like Big Sam, a safe pair of hands. This is something we need at the moment. Our squad is incredibly lopsided and needs serious surgery. Buying players like Whilshire and Roberto were ridiculous. We appear to be buying anyone without looking at what we need. Hopefully, the 2 new signings will make a difference. 🤞🙏🏻.

9.) 09 Feb 2020 08:24:27
Markwhu, well said and we appear to be in the minority in this way of thinking! Sullivan especially just seem to say the incorrect things, making a prediction of hope for the future isn’t “lying”, possibly fanciful and wishful thinking at best! It is a multi, multi million £ business and investment after all, they have done nothing unlawful? The incoming transfers have been a “car crash”, as Mark says, no thought, just money thrown at supposedly big name players abroad to impress supporters, this is what G and S and all the fans have got for what a lots of fans wanted the board to do, let a manager manage, thanks MP👎👎 Now lots of them still complaining, some should remember what they wished for?

10.) 09 Feb 2020 18:29:54
Every team makes bad signings!
We just seem to be capable of making more, there needs to be an overhaul of the recruitment policy!
Whatever happens there needs to be a massive clear out this summer, I just hope that we finally start to use academy players as we keep hearing about them! G and S have stabilised us considering we were nearly gone 10 years ago, if Michael tabor was serious he would of bought us then. Everyone stop moaning about the owners and throw support behind the team. Today was our best result and maybe will help us avoid relegation! COYI.

11.) 10 Feb 2020 11:35:46
Be careful what we wish for, all owners ultimately run a club to make money out of it, so its wrong to slate our owners for taking a pay because any other owner we could get would be no better. I personally think G&S have taken less out of the club financially than they could have taken, when you compare to others.
Bad player investments can happen to ANY club, look at Man Utd under Woodward, even Liverpool before Klopp. Also, we have the biggest assets we have ever had right NOW in Rice, Anderson, and Diop, that's positive.
MP was a result of FAN PRESSURE, demanding a high profile manager with control over transfers, and a big budget, and look where that got us.
My point is, just like in our own lives at home, BAD and RASH decisions are made during arguments, and right now all we are doing is pushing them into these decisions as they try to calm the unrest since the move. I agree Sullivan needs to be away from transfers, and i see ZERO benefit in Brady being at the club. But them two at the club doing their thing is FAR less damaging than fan unrest impacting the players on the pitch and making us an EASY target for media during a relegation battle. One thing is for sure, us FANS are the 12th man, and therefore we would be equally responsible for a relegation if we do not support our players first the best we can.
If we are truly the best fans in the game then we would be supporting our players first and foremost. Separate the unrest from the players on the pitch, support Moyes to do his job, sing Anderson's, Haller's, Fornals' Fabianski's name and make them feel wanted and supported. Boo the board if you want, but 10 mins AFTER the match when the players are down the tunnel. Keep it separate.

12.) 10 Feb 2020 17:20:57

13.) 10 Feb 2020 18:12:51
If your sensible with putting money in the club as Everton and villa should know the rules ED the throw the money wasn't meant that way ed I should have worded it properly I meant by throwing his money as if a player becomes available there wouldn't be this penny pinching and trying to call the shots as a player belongs to a club they call the shots not sully and pay what the club wants if it's sensible and the players valuation is what west ham think is fair what percentage has trip smith got in West ham please Ed. COYI.

{Ed002's Note - Smith owns 10% of the club under an American legal entity. He is not going to be throwing money at West Ham. The club need to work within their means and not breach FFP.}

14.) 16 Feb 2020 04:41:04
Cheers Ed think it's a bit harsh on CITY what's your views as I don't really understand it all the fair cap cheers once again Ed. COYI.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City has been found guilty of over-stating their sponsorship with the owners making up the difference so it looks like they are within FFP. As an example, if their income was £400M with £150M of sponsorship included, and outgoings were £400M - then everything is fine. If however, the sponsorship was only £75M and the owner was boosting it by £75M a year to look like £150M - then that is far from acceptable and then FFP is breached. The issue is complicated by much of the evidence having been illegally obtained (stolen) by a hacker and then passed to a German newspaper. Manchester City will appeal the UEFA punishment - in the meantime the Premier League will have to ponder what to do. So expect this to run for a while.}

15.) 16 Feb 2020 16:33:18
Thanks as always ED for clearing that up mate.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}



19 Nov 2018 17:44:36
I've read a few stories today that's Man U, arsenal and Liverpool are all ready to put a bid in for rice. Hope we don't let him go him go.


{Ed025's Note - dont worry mate, they were talking about uncle bens.. :)

1.) 19 Nov 2018 21:20:35
See what ya did there. Boom boom.



21 Jun 2018 18:29:51
Just read a rumour that Bournemouth and palace looking to try and buy Declan rice, hope not he's the best young player we have need to get the lad contracted up to stop the sharks circling, hope this isn't true! Any truth in it mike or Ed?


1.) 21 Jun 2018 22:05:57
Made up story IRONMIKE.




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25 Jan 2020 17:06:21
One word . rubbish
Feel sorry for Moyes, them two greedy old skeletons need to give him some money to spend now. So many of our players not worthy of the shirt in this game I am ashamed of them, if we had got a draw it would have been a misjustice for the baggies. I wouldn't let Sanchez clean my boots that I wear on a Sunday morning, and I see lads and blokes playing better and with more passion their than what I've seen today, fair enough people will say cup a distraction concentrate on staying up but then I say I'm sorry but with these players it is not happening, I hope I am wrong but West Brom look like our replacement, in my last post a couple a days ago I said I think we will stay up, on that performance I fear we are gone. Pay the 18m for this lad from forest I here good things from him, buy or loan a striker, keep us up then sort out the squad because a lot of these need to go. Al take a day off work and drive down to London to personally put Sanchez on a flight to wherever and al pay for that aswell, and by Balbuenas game today he can ride shotgun. I feel sorry for Moyes I hope they release the money because they cannot sit their and think we will be ok, next four games Liverpool twice and city, can only hope we get a result against Brighton. Shocking today, absolutely disgusted.


1.) 25 Jan 2020 17:49:16
Just saying it as it is whitby? Bravo. Only thing is my friend that we saw the same problems again today that we've been watching for what seems like forever. The last time we played anything like half decent football was when we had payet and we finished 7th (and I don't care about what payet did, its history we xant change) . We clearly need a player like him, proper full backs (just look at liverpools), lightning pace out wide and a big strong striker that can hold the ball up and bring the midfield into play.

2.) 25 Jan 2020 18:20:44
Whitby, loved your name for them “two greedy old skeletons” had a good chuckle and smile at that 🤣😂🤣😂Cash the full back at Forest won't solve the problem, we would need him and at least 3 others plus getting the lazy lethargic Haller to actually put in some effort into his game as we see other front men that are prepared to bully defenders, although I never saw the game today? Others down in the mire with us seem to have the ability to up their game, we simply do not, massive task for DM, looking almost dead and buried with our performances at the moment, how do you motivate lazy overpaid £millionaires? ⚒⚒⚒⚒.

3.) 25 Jan 2020 18:30:04
I don’t get to go to games often but I went today and I can say I don’t think I’ll be going again, don’t get me wrong I can handle losing if we showed fight but we didn’t, if there was a cup for playing sideways and backwards we would win it, how many times have we all said it, we need pace surely the owners have seen enough by now to do something about it.

4.) 25 Jan 2020 18:56:01
Stevie, agree mate, only went to the Everton game as my son in law asked if I fancied it, so went along for the first time in 4 years, utter garbage, waste of time, travelling and I was really tired for 2 days after, old Father Time has caught up with me😂🤣As you say ball sideways/ backwards no fight, lack of effort, prefer to watch Saturday / Sunday football over the local park, TV only for me⚒⚒⚒.

5.) 26 Jan 2020 10:49:52
Save your money Chelmsford as I'm seriously considering not going anymore absolutely shocking yester day and if they don't get 3 players in the midfield we need 2 and a striker then to let DIANGANA to extend his loan is ludicrous mate hope you r well mate and the family. COYI.



23 Jan 2020 18:01:51
Hi guys not posted for a while but always reading. Hope you are all good. Not managed to get down to the games much this season but watching them on telly has been enough. The players need a massive kick up the arse because let's face even if we do get players in it won't be enough to change what needs changing so they need to step and play for the badge and the fans, I still don't think we will go down but if we carry on the way we are it will be tight. Anyway rumours, I've read a few times now that we may go for Ryan Fraser of Bournemouth, and just putting it out there what about Danny rose, apparently he's fallen out with the special one, I personally rate them both, both quick, and Fraser is a solid little player when he gets going. I don't know guys everyone in here has great suggestions and shouts for players and let's face it not many of them are 40-50m suggestions so surely the scouts reps at the club can see these players themselves. Anyway hope our luck changes (maybe after Liverpool city Liverpool lol) you never know we be Liverpool's bogey team this year hahaha.
Chin up lads COYI.


1.) 23 Jan 2020 18:44:06
Hi mate, I thought about Danny Rose, but the two clubs don’t want to do business with each other, there’s about 6 prem teams interested in him but if we’re the only London based club interested and he wants to stay in London then you never know, he could get his agent to force the move through, only a week to wait to find out.

2.) 23 Jan 2020 19:54:01
Hello whitby hope you well, havnt spoke since probably Newcastle last season nope all well mate.

3.) 23 Jan 2020 20:39:13
Am good Jason, yeah it’s about that long mate. I’ve only used my season ticket twice this year, just had a lot on at home but I hope to get down after the Liverpool game for the rest of the home games. Know matter how bad they play, we moan as we should but we still stand by our club eh. Yeah Stevie I heard a few teams were sniffing around rose like. But yeah ya right, ya never know. I really like the Fraser rumour but I imagine Eddie won’t let him go to us given the league at the moment but again ya never know.

4.) 23 Jan 2020 22:47:28
Nice to see you’re still ok Whitby, been meaning to enquire why you’ve not posted for a while👍👍⚒⚒.

5.) 24 Jan 2020 13:38:00
Just you tubed GUIRASSY reminds me of DIAFRA SAKHO he's 23 and highly rated so we shall see. COYI.

6.) 24 Jan 2020 15:23:47
I can't see Danny going from playing champions league football for a relegation scrap.

7.) 24 Jan 2020 17:01:49
Raver, he needs games if he wants to get into the England squad for the Euros.

8.) 24 Jan 2020 20:15:01
True mate, i would avoid him as he's got a poor attitude and you don't need players like him plus he's a bang average player.

9.) 24 Jan 2020 23:36:03
poor attitude, bang average, will fit in well at the Hammers right now I'm sorry to say.



26 Jan 2019 20:37:03
Well I am embarrassed, Wimbledon battering us, they deserve to go through on that half. Andy Carrol is plainly rubbish, he's so slow and not seen him win an Ariel battle, obiang, omg, shocking, liability, sell them both or give them away, all the rest below par, when I see maswaku on the team sheet I cringe. I trust MP, but there is three that I would put on the market now, last week, at the start of the month. Very very poor performance so far.




20 Jan 2019 16:10:09
First of all Ed, apologies if anything I have said has offended, I like Mike he seemed ok, and don't have Twitter and all that balls so I rely on this site for my West Ham info from you and him. So as far as I am concerned what is said on here by you two is the holy grail lol (sheltered)
So secondly, can you tell us anything new or any updates at all please.


{Ed002's Note - Mike is fine and good for the site and generally he can post what he pleases - but when it comes to misleading everyone and pulp it has to be stopped.

I still don't see WHU as being willing to sell Arnautovic unless the player makes it very difficult for the club.}

1.) 20 Jan 2019 18:19:37
Thanks. Guess it’s then.

2.) 21 Jan 2019 11:09:49
Hi Ed, have heard a lot of rumours that Arnie has caused problems at WH. Not entirely sure what they mean so 2 questions, has he caused problems and if so, any idea if it is just him being moody or more serious?

{Ed002's Note - Disruption may be the best word - whilst looking for a move. His brother will spend the next few months looking for interested clubs.}



19 Jan 2019 12:35:43
Hi guys, I haven't said much on the arnie matter tbh, purely because in him I found a player with grit and balls that we West Ham fans love. But, with his and his brother's greed taking centre stage there is no wonder why fans turn on players. Simply put, any player that says he's going to the Chinese league to better their career is simply full of it.

It's money and that's it, tevez tasted five minutes there and he said basically it's rubbish, standard setup, everything. Then we have ighalo who went from Watford, who now after one season wants to return, I wonder why. It is just greed and I dislike it, as I've said before, I am a season ticket holder but can't make every game purely because of the expense of getting from Whitby in North Yorkshire every week or other week, so I go when I can.

I would love to be there every game. I like all of you work hard to make our money to be able to follow our team in any shape or form. But it just blows my balls how arnie and his blood sucking brother just want more money surely they can't be struggling, this is where football is getting ruined (and VAR but don't get me started lol).

So you to arnie I would say, thanks for what you have done, however u said whatever happened stay or go u would be professional, well that's bull already. So now I think maybe would be better if you left, because my respect for you has all but gone, I have gone from worshiping you to quite simply having nothing for you, if it's money you want then go, see you in a year when you want back into the premiership for your last fling when you realise the grass isn't greener. But I will say this if you stay you better have strong shoulders and balls of steel because you messed with the wrong fans. Payet did it to us and we loved the guy, he did the dirty on us, look how it's gone for him.

In MP I trust, so hats off to him whatever he tries to sort out. These new names sound amazing, I especially would love to see Gomez. Anyway that's me getting my arnie rant out, good luck today boys. let's keep plugging away and climbing this league.


1.) 19 Jan 2019 12:53:21
Hello whitby,
Just a note, me and the wife sat with a fan from whitby at Newcastle but her husband was sat with family in the Newcastle end, not you was it? Cznt be many hammers in that little town lol.

2.) 19 Jan 2019 14:03:08
No not me mate sorry I was working, there’s a few of us mate me my father in law his brother and his son are four to start, then we’ve got together a few times to watch games there’s about 15-20 so not bad for a little spot.
In a different note, Mike if your still reading can you tell me where your going as I value your news mate.




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07 Jul 2020 22:10:02
I don’t know Chelms maybe I would just like him to be that player again, I really like lanzini but he hasn’t been the same player since his injury maybe Wilshire is the same, it’s just when I read an interview with Moyes saying that Wilshire is the fittest he’s seen him and he’s playing the best football he’s seen him play, granted it’s In training, your maybe right mate. I don’t really know bud I just want us to stay up then let Moyes makes his mark. He will probably keep everyone I said he rubbish get rid of lol. COYI let’s try and beat Burnley and push some more 👍🏻👍🏻⚒👍🏻👍🏻.




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07 Jul 2020 06:29:19
For me give haller a chance, as was said earlier he’s not really had the service, so yeah for me don’t give up on him yet. Anderson I have backed and backed and backed, but I think it’s time to cash in, I thought Wilshire did well against Chelsea, that guy was one of the best midfielders around before his many injuries I think he has something left to give, I could be wrong I normally am. Lanzini, I love the guy but just isn’t working for him my heart says keep him my head says let go. Noble should be a sub now ready to hand the baton if rice stays. I am going to say it and many may not agree but fornals for me is not right for us he’s too soft misses so many chances, never seems to want to put a challenge in. Cresswell can ping a ball as good as anyone but god if he doesn't read a runner or iff he gives them two yards he’s lost the race, Fredericks looks like he’s not interested when I watch him play so them two I don’t know. But that’s where I am at the moment. If we, when we, if we stay up, there needs to be some sorting out.




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07 Feb 2020 22:43:20
Gerry don’t get me wrong by any means I am not and have no desire to travel 250+ miles to protest, for one I have better things to do and two there isn’t no point anyway it won’t get anyone anywhere, all I am saying is, as a fan, if I have read this article and it has annoyed me then others will who have the protest views, that these comments will anger those fans.

I agree totally about VAR it is a joke but like these owners it is here to stay. Looking to the city game this would be great way to change our path but at the end of the day it is city and we all know what they can do on their day. COYI ⚒.




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04 Feb 2020 21:43:48
Just watching a bit of Oxford v Newcastle, first time I’ve seen Nathan Holland play, tell you what this kid has got some potential, got no fear and is a very good player. Wonder when we let him go too.




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30 Jan 2020 17:01:03
Why don’t they go for Giroud, he wants to stay in London and wants first team football. He may not want to come but surely it’s worth a try.





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08 Jul 2020 20:06:08
100% in a agreement with you Whorya, cresswell is shocking and cost the goal, I would add fornals he’s really pissing me off he will not put a tackle in and is always ball watching, I count the accurate passes on one hand. Point would have been good in the end but missed chances cost us too although Pope is a class keeper, but at the same time why put huh balls in like that he will take them all game. Gutted, Moyes needs to stop waiting to his magical 60 mins to make a sub.




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01 Jul 2020 22:35:20
Lowwolf, cheers mate, not going to lie propa buzzing with that result. Means a lot you saying that mate, love watching your team play, wish you and you team all the best also ⚒🐺.




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23 Jun 2020 22:11:00
Gutted for souchec. Noble for me should be a bit part player, he’s off the pace which is expected with his age, whilshire should be in there, fornals needs to go to shooting school, for me he’s not great, a good midfielder or striker would have buried that chance and the wolves one. Feel sorry for Antonio, Bowen been very good. Balbuan for me needs to go he panics and makes so many mistakes and Fredricks just runs and wants to get rid of the ball, we don’t have any creativity apart from rice and Bowen. Lanzini annoys me because like Anderson they seem scared of any contact and won’t put a tackle in. Anderson could be a great player but he’s to soft for this league. I’m worried that we just simply aren't good enough to stay up, and I think we don’t deserve to by the way we play. Moyes set up for a draw and I just don’t understand it. Really trying to keep the faith but I am struggling.




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19 Jun 2020 18:54:34
For me Stevie 100% yes great player, quick and strong, I would go for him he’s someone I’ve thought would fit in with us for a few seasons now. My opinion anyway, rumour is arsenal want him but that was in the sun, so it’s got to be true.
COYI ⚒⚒.




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23 Jan 2020 20:39:13
Am good Jason, yeah it’s about that long mate. I’ve only used my season ticket twice this year, just had a lot on at home but I hope to get down after the Liverpool game for the rest of the home games. Know matter how bad they play, we moan as we should but we still stand by our club eh. Yeah Stevie I heard a few teams were sniffing around rose like. But yeah ya right, ya never know. I really like the Fraser rumour but I imagine Eddie won’t let him go to us given the league at the moment but again ya never know.