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23 Apr 2022 01:29:50
I'm hoping bellotti rumour is true but what about rashford or Jesus


1.) 23 Apr 2022 13:05:25
Rash looking likely to be available due to new boss not fancying him, apparently

2.) 23 Apr 2022 21:06:58
We couldn’t afford Rashford, fee or wages.

3.) 24 Apr 2022 11:49:02
Rashford hasn’t pulled up any trees lately.

Belotti is Moyes’ type of player - rugged, fearless and hard working.

He can finish, too (which helps).

4.) 24 Apr 2022 12:03:58
I think Rashford in the right setup could be world class, but in United that will never be the case like Lingard.

5.) 24 Apr 2022 21:33:42
Belotti am warming to ; 28 he may have already peaked but class peters out more slowly

6.) 25 Apr 2022 07:13:21
We can get better than Rashford who throws his toys in the corner when things don't go right. I'm still amazed that we never went for ORIGI in January

7.) 25 Apr 2022 13:36:40
BELOTTI works his soccks off and the ideal player for MOYES

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

8.) 25 Apr 2022 21:39:33
Jesus? To the up with Noa obviously then be refuted by Darwin

9.) 27 Apr 2022 07:02:29
If Moyes considers Antonio his strbiker, who is going to come in and warm the bench whilst ANtonio is on the pitch?

10.) 27 Apr 2022 10:03:25
ML, what a truly excellent point! It should at least be one of the "kids" EG Oko-Flex

11.) 05 May 2022 11:44:06
NB Rashy is still that flaky kid whom comes in occasionally for Utd. Except he is 24 now, mid 20s. one cannot speak of potential forever, sooner or later it is delivery or FAILURE!



12 Aug 2021 09:04:56
Apparently we're in talk with sima, good young winger / striker. If we can add him, milenkovic or Phillips and get a good center mid like skhiri or tolisso I'd be happy with that.


1.) 12 Aug 2021 12:53:05
We are where we are. match coming up quickly now vs the Toon. How did they do last season in comparison to us? I. E. they are there for the taking ; we should come out attacking from the traps. IMHO.

2.) 12 Aug 2021 13:27:24
They done us ho. e and away . Newcastle always turn up vs westham.

3.) 12 Aug 2021 18:38:29
Both games I thought they were extremely lucky how many times did we hit the wood work in the first half of first game. We dominated the second with 10 men after going behind again due to a huge slice of luck on their behalf and after a great come back they nabbed it at the end.

Maximan and Wilson will cause us problems I think. Wouldn't be surprised to see Frederick's and coufal start to stop maximan like moyes did for grealish.

4.) 12 Aug 2021 20:03:17
We will loan some players near end of window that other clubs can't shift I rekon, ie they won't improve team at all.

5.) 13 Aug 2021 14:20:50
Would it be fair to say that we are a weaker team this season than we were last season? We don't have a direct replacement for Haller and as yet, our best player from last season (Lingaard) has not been directly replaced. Yes, we have Benrahma but we had him last season. We still only have Antonio up front which is a position of real concern considering the fixture load we will have this season!

6.) 13 Aug 2021 17:50:43
Balbeuna has gone aswell, considering we are in europa league we definatly have a weaker squad at the moment, the cheap incoming loans will be awesome though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 phill jones and Martin Braithwaite.

7.) 14 Aug 2021 00:51:54
GrantG62 we never beat Newcastle they are one of our bogey teams mate.

8.) 14 Aug 2021 15:07:25
Whislt i have interests in the spiritual and New Age - "bogey team" is pure superstition in the context of the down to earth logic usually associated with football. Toon are there to be beaten ; but on 2nd thoughts going up for a point does make sense in an opening game. Think i meant Toon almost relegated, and their squad and management not changed significantly since.



23 Jul 2021 23:59:42
Everyone stop panicking, the right players will come . In moyes I trust. COYI.


1.) 24 Jul 2021 09:41:53
Its not moyes i'm worried about it the two daves and that harpy they brought with them
We've been fed so much bull by them are still are
Was reading that they said they will make sure any new buyer has the money to take us to the next level before selling
Im sure they said selling the stadium and moving will gives us the foundation to do this
Nothings changed probably in a worse position than 9 years ago
Oh we don't own a stadium thanks daves.

2.) 25 Jul 2021 16:04:31
I think what's worrying is that we said we would build a team around RICE and we've done nothing. Its the usual method of pondering, mulling, deciding etc and that's as far as it gets.

3.) 25 Jul 2021 17:06:24
It shouldn't really be taking this long to see some movement as we should have a good idea of who we want by now.

I actually thought when Haller went we must have had some one lined up as his replacement in the same window, how foolish of me.

Abraham and lingard seem to have been the main targets but I wouldn't be suprised if we are being strung along by Chelsea and man u as we were a genuine threat to a champions league place although I'd be suprised if we can repeat the same with all the extra games but maybe they don't want to make it easy for us as a potential threat.

4.) 25 Jul 2021 17:30:31
I honestly think there's no money really, I think some loans or cheap signings, maybe spend a bit if rice goes.

5.) 25 Jul 2021 18:56:19
Those players had to bust a gut to qualify for Europe, if the squad isn’t strengthened then it would’ve all been for nothing as we won’t have a chance of getting out the group stage, would Moyes have signed a contract knowing there isn’t any money?, I personally think there’s things going on in the back ground and they will make signings, bloody hope so anyway.

6.) 25 Jul 2021 19:42:50
I agree why would moyes sign knowing he's getting no money
Now how much is the question.

7.) 25 Jul 2021 20:17:32
Maybe he had no decent offers elsewhere? Maybe he was told he could use whatever we made in transfers? I know C.V. hit us hard financially as ED has told us.

8.) 25 Jul 2021 23:32:26
C&h reported money is there and they seem to be a bit of a mouthpiece for the club/ sulli. Maybe Moyes is dithering on targets and trying to stretch the reduced money we have as far as possible.

I do think we are holding out for our main targets. I just hope we have things ready and lined up Abdulla Sima was left out for slavia today and the owners said he was very high up west hams transfer targets. If the Abraham deal doesn't happen perhaps we have confidence that deal can be tied up quickly as we have a good relationship with slavia already.

9.) 26 Jul 2021 06:02:39
Didnt they secure a 120m loan facility for transfers
Not saying we have 120m to spent but i'm sure it was said it was put in place to help out with transfers
Hopeing for good news on ogbonna and reid🤞.

10.) 26 Jul 2021 11:10:25
Who else is making moves? There is little money around, stop being so negative, none of our rivals are really doing much at this stage and European clubs are really struggling.

11.) 26 Jul 2021 14:40:52
Everton, arsenal.

12.) 26 Jul 2021 14:55:11
The only real chance of getting into the champions league is by winning the Europa league as I very much doubt we will finish top 4, and to do that we need a strong squad, also they promised Rice that they would build a team around him, that’s probably why he hasn’t signed an extended contract yet as he wants to see who comes in, but admittedly there’s still plenty of time but it would be nice to have at least one in by the time the season kicks off, preferably an out n out striker.

13.) 26 Jul 2021 17:30:43
@SDL only 3 clubs in the Prem have not made senior signings. Us, Chelsea (that will not last) and Newcastle. The teams around us have strengthened already and I'm sure they are still looking to strengthen further.

14.) 26 Jul 2021 18:32:56
What's worrying me the most are the players we're being linked with. Jens Stryger Larsen, Martin Braithwaite (I really wish this rumour would just go away), Phil Jones and Alex the crock Chamberlaine aren't exactly names to instil much confidence for the upcoming season.

15.) 26 Jul 2021 22:43:29
Iron. Al signing people and strengthening are two different things, not sure many have done much really.

16.) 26 Jul 2021 23:33:09
In fact testing some of that we have brought in 3 players :
Thierry Nevers (Reading)
Pierre Ekwah Elimby (Chelsea)
Armstrong Oko-Flex (Celtic)

Yes not really first team but then I could go through all the teams and many of the players that have come in are not first team. There have been less than a handful of real meaningful transfers so far (excluding promoted teams) and it will all hinge off some big move (hopefully not a Rice) like Kane which will give Spurs funds and they will snap up some players and so on. Without much revenue last season it is hard to spend unless someone like City throws a massive amount into the pool.

17.) 27 Jul 2021 08:29:44
If your not moving forward your going backwards
We need a striker, centre back and some one to replace anderson/ lingard just to put us on the same footing as last season
I had high hopes for this season which are fading fast
And last thing were all suffering due to C.V. financially but it hasn't stop us renewing our season tickets
So blow them cob webs of the wallet and get the boys some help.

18.) 27 Jul 2021 08:30:48
Yes that’s right SDL, there has been three. All brought exclusively by Ex. The man you say knows nothing and throws random names about. If you had heard of any of those three before he named them, your football knowledge is clearly far more superior than most. If you can find an article that broke any of those three players before Ex, I’ll stand corrected. Will you do the same if you can’t?

19.) 27 Jul 2021 12:27:54
Happy for you to point out when he mentioned Oko-Flex as an example and I will show where it was in the media. Don’t get too upset if Ex is your source for info but really he is all over the place.

20.) 27 Jul 2021 14:23:39
I don't think we are falling behind at all, not many around us are making any big moves at all at the moment, not sure where that notion comes from at all. Leicester seem to have done well, but they have Champions league football to offer good players, and i think Arsenal have done . OK. Saints are in turmoil, Palace have lost half a team, Everton have signed Gray for £1.8m and Townsend for free, Leeds have bought one left back to replace Alioski who left, Norwich lost one of their best players and have spread the income on average squad depth, Villa have bought the Norwich winger but stand to lose more in Grealish, Spurs lost Bale, Rose, Alderweireld, Vinicious and Lamela and got in Gil, Newcastle have nothing, Wolves have replaced Patricio with Sa and signed Nouri on perm (no gains), Burnley have replaced an average CB they lost with another average CB, and Brighton have a new CM (which won't fix their goals problem) . Not many real gains to be seen here with exception of Leicester.
On our signings: Ekwah looks very decent and could play a role this year, Okoflex is also close to breakthrough. These two are not our normal U23s buys who would have many years still to develop, they are on the brink NOW which shows some thought has gone in here. Conor Coventry has performed very well in pre-seaon and I think he could play a role as well. Lanzini has also performed well and hardly played last season for us, i don't think he is direct enough for a Moyes attacking midfielder, so i think he is best in CM or sold. Masuaku also coming back is a big boost for us.
Daka is probably the ONLY signing iv seen that i'm gutted about, and he was always choosing a PL team over us so its a bit of a stupid one to be gutted about. I do not think GSB are the issue currently, Moyes is a known dweller and it is clear other teams are holding up our business as well e. g. chelsea chasing Haaland holding up Tammy, Man Utd leveraging Jesse to try and get Dec same could be said about Chelsea and Tammy also.
Must have faith in Moyes!

21.) 27 Jul 2021 15:22:34
All good points nick, I've really liked the attacking trio of benrahma, fornals, bowen.

Lanzini has looked sharp and coventry has done well between then 2 and noble i think our cover/ rotation for rice and soucek isn't to bad.

The main gripe i have with our squad is that 1 or 2 injuries could see us very desperate i'm not sure on the other teams squad strength but We are desperate for a striker and a CB that's obvious we don't really have the players to rotate with all the extra games which would see us more likely to get an injury.

We seen this last season when we lost antonio and rice we still did well but if we had them that difference could have seen is in champions league. Lingards form masked it a bit but we don't have him now either.

22.) 28 Jul 2021 10:53:13
Good points Nick - except that Leicester is in the Europa League with us not CL.

23.) 28 Jul 2021 11:42:31
Absolutely agree we desparately need a ST and a CB as an absolute min. Failed transfer window if we do not. I do not want us to buy squad players just for the sake of Europa league though, I would rather get those fringe players and top dev players some more game time.
Injuries are a huge concern of course, but that's normal unless you are Chelsea or City.
Fair correction on Leicester LOL, but i think its fair to say they are way ahead of us in their progression, and as a striker i would much prefer to go there right now over us.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea and Manchester City have the same size squad as West Ham.}

24.) 29 Jul 2021 00:49:18

So this article was written on the back of his Ex’s podcast done two days before.

Funny you should only pick one out of the three other players to challenge. I await your evidence and apology SDL when you can’t find anything before. IT is very odd how grown men try to discredit him like this. There are other ways to puff your chest out….



01 Jul 2021 14:24:10
How much truth Is there in rice declining 2 contracts we have offered.


1.) 01 Jul 2021 22:12:09
Also is there a buyout clause in the current contract as has been suggested in some rags.

2.) 07 Jul 2021 12:13:45
Seems that Chelsea have made Rice and Erling Haaland the two big targets this summer so expect a deal to be coming from Chelsea. IF we should sell him (and I would bet that GSB already know what the future plans are for him) I would hope that we have started identifying replacements.

{Ed002's Note - Declan Rice (DM) come the summer the player may well want to move on and the club is harder hit by the pandemic than most in the PL and may have to offset costs by selling (albeit at the right price). But they don't want to.

But options have been considered.

Pierre Ekwah Elimby (DM/CB) West Ham have alreadysigned the player.

Ellyes Skhiri (DM) Lyon have spoken with Cologne about taking the player but he would naturally only be a back up to Thiago Mendes. Sevilla has an interest if they look to replace Fernando Reges this summer and Atalanta are searching for a back up to Marten de Roon. Was considered as a possible Declan Rice replacement. Would be off to AFCON.

Amadou Diawara (DM) Leicester may provide an option if Roma sell. If Rice were to leave West Ham they could also look to him.

Yangel Herrera (DM) Could be sold with Metinho arriving and West Ham offer an option. Might be a shrewd buy.

Harry Winks (DM/CM) Spurs have told interested sides he is not for sale but if the player were to ask to leave the coach would be supportive of that. If West Ham were to sell Rice they might offer an option - as perhaps Manchester United might as a possible Matic replacement. Leicester might also be a possible destination if they were to lose Ndidi, but they have a preferred target in mind. I would scratch him from the list.

Alex Kral (DM) who would be an out-and-out Declan Rice replacement from Spartak. He shares an agent with Vladimir Coufal and there has been a discussion.

Sander Berge (DM/CM) Sheffield United accept that Berge will move in the summer and are hopeful of an auction if nobody is willing to pay his termination clause - Arsenal are keen to resolve issues surrounding a number of loan/fringe and unwanted players and are keen to add either Berge or Bissouma as a replacement. Napoli have him on their list, but not top. West Ham don't want to sell Rice, but if they end up accepting an offer, then he is one of the options on their list - but Berge's future could be decided before Rice's future is known. MIlan have him on a list of options, but not at the top as he is more expensive than they may be able to pay as they struggle to find funds - but they have already spoken with Sheffiel United. Atalanta are a potential option. Manchester City have him on a list of options and PL experience may make them look to some sort of deal which could include youngsters going to Sheffield United on loan over the next couple of years - and even though such a deal would be of interest to Sheffield United, he is not on the top of the Manchester City list. Manchester United are not looking to replace Matic this summer but at the right price the club could be interested, but I suspect the price is too high. Lazio may offer the most interesting solution as they fear Sergej Milinkovic-Savic will be leaving this summer - but withouth the cash for him would again need to be creative. Napoli and Lazio are also already talking to Sheffield United but both will want a lowe fee than being asked.



22 Jun 2021 12:27:27
Nate Phillips and axel tuanzabe are both available apparently, I'd take both of them, both reasonable young and top defenders.


1.) 22 Jun 2021 18:33:47
Also el nesyri would be nice and get that Uruguayan nanez that would be a perfect summer.

2.) 22 Jun 2021 18:35:36
Bissouma or billing would be good if we can't get that nanez.




Irontodd's banter posts with other poster's replies to Irontodd's banter posts


07 Aug 2022 18:41:59
Painful afternoon, but this city side are miles ahead of anyone in my opinion, another center back and center midfielder need asap atleast, Onto forrest next week . COYI




06 Aug 2022 17:45:22
2 players I think we should look at that would be available is Charlie Taylor from Burnley LB and can play CB and apparently Connor coady is available


1.) 07 Aug 2022 18:51:37
Looking at that today moyes has some work to do



04 Aug 2022 09:02:22
If we can get onana and cornet in, that would be an amazing window fir us . Praying . COYI


1.) 04 Aug 2022 09:44:38
So, Everton are now in pole position and have agreed a deal with ONANA which saves us £35m. Kostic was messing us about and we was going to pay about £17m for him I think so that's £50m we have saved spending. We need a LB that's for sure so Anglino for £10m, Cornet for £20m, maybe Loftus cheek or Galagher from Chelsea on Loan and Bereton Diaz for £20m?

2.) 04 Aug 2022 09:46:17
Looks like we might lose out to Everton on Onana and Leeds on Cornet but let’s see

3.) 04 Aug 2022 12:19:14
When we read "west ham are in talks with ."? Who exactly is the one in talks with that club and the player? Is it Gullivan, Newman or who?

4.) 04 Aug 2022 16:42:08
I heard it was Newman, but sulli signs off the deals and likes to mess around with the payment structure, sure you could imagine how that goes ?

5.) 04 Aug 2022 20:57:09
Whatever they are doing, from the outside it doesn’t look too good but I guess we will never really know all the ins and outs.

6.) 05 Aug 2022 13:35:41
I think we have lost out on a real special talent in onana.



31 Jul 2022 01:02:43
Play smart against City. We can take something. After all the weekend the best player was josh Cullen on Friday


1.) 31 Jul 2022 12:10:28
Interesting Declan Rice has told the board basically "pull your fingers out and sign more players if you want to take us forward". I love our ambition with KOSTIC and ZIELINSKI but the squad looks desperatley short on numbers so I hope we are not losing site that we need players in other positions aswell

2.) 31 Jul 2022 16:31:04
Smallest squad in premier league

3.) 31 Jul 2022 19:00:40
Looks like Kostic has said no from reports so hopefully another left sided player has already been identified.

4.) 31 Jul 2022 21:17:27
Congratulations to our Ladies Fantastic win tonight????????????????????????they put our overpaid Footballers to shame, no rolling about faking injuries, they should all be honoured in some way and given a substantial bonus as opposed to the measly £55k plus some sort of sponsorship and have read they will get? ???????????????????????????????????⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

5.) 31 Jul 2022 22:09:41
Let’s not pretend that the women deserve anything like financial parity with the men. You could argue they get paid better than their male counterparts. Some of the quality on show is truly dire and would explain why the crowds were in decline at WSL matches. Don’t argue that the women sold out stadiums. They were virtually giving away tickets.

{Ed033's Note - Don't you think that if decent money came into the Women's game, then wherever there is decent money, entire teams will be men identifying as women?

6.) 01 Aug 2022 13:58:13
I never said they deserve financial parity! I said they deserve to get more for winning the Euro Cup than was rumoured, this was a one off truly great achievement and deserves to be recognised as such!
I have seen glimpses of Women’s club matches and could not watch a game because it’s so boring imo, but the International team was a different class! ⚒⚒⚒⚒

7.) 01 Aug 2022 17:35:53
Well if you think the men are overpaid earning what they earn then that definition is the epitome of the female game. £55K for winning that competition? Doubt I’d see any money into my account for winning an under 9s tournament.

8.) 02 Aug 2022 07:35:20
When you’re England’s Manager of the under 9’s team playing Germany at Wembley with an 87000 crowd watching plus a 17million TV audience and they win, I’m sure you and the boys will be well rewarded!

9.) 02 Aug 2022 08:35:51
I did ask for you not to use the argument of a sold out crowd. They were giving tickets away and you know it. The semi final drew 9.3M viewers. Virtually 1/7 households. For a semi final? 1/4 for a final. The proof will be at the Birmingham V Everton ladies games next year, which I would hedge my bets will draw the same crowd as my U9s. They are paid fairly, which I understood to be your original issue. In my opinion more than fairly and actually paid better than the men.

10.) 02 Aug 2022 17:09:41
Enough is enough Mike on this discussion, better to agree to disagree on some points! ⚒⚒⚒⚒



19 Jul 2022 08:45:36
If we actually can pull of broja permanent along with onana and lingard . Would be a great window and then a possible a left back . COYI GET IT DONE


1.) 19 Jul 2022 14:47:56
Raum is being mentioned again.




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24 Jul 2022 16:43:35
Scamacca, onana and kostic would be a great window




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10 Jun 2022 23:45:14
Don't believe wat u read . Perkins is going but that's the lack in moyes, he don't trust youth




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23 Apr 2022 01:31:01
Noy a moyes player




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27 Mar 2022 20:08:42
Never will happen. Paper talk




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30 Nov 2021 17:31:01
Bloke would be great signing





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05 Aug 2022 15:33:27
Were stronger now than last season . That's progression




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31 Jul 2022 00:28:48
I see Antonio LW




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03 Jul 2022 14:24:22
Who's your Einstein




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02 Jul 2022 12:40:46
Bassey LB Rangers
Lewis Potter LW Hull
O'Brian CM Huddersfield
Lassina Traore S shatkar
Realistic Targets for probley 80m max




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10 Jun 2022 23:50:26
Hlozek should of been 100% . But we've missed that one and I trust in moyes but 100% we need a top striker, a top center mid . Possible a winner and a center half . BUT every signing other than vlasic and kral . Moyes has pulled it out the bag . We all no benrahma wasn't moyes choice but I still love and enjoy watching the little fella . Next year is our year. COYI