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03 May 2024 07:57:40
Today we are linked with Jota Silva, a right winger very much in the mould of GREALISH (but he stays on his feet). We've already been linked with Jack CLarke so those two on each flank would be very entertaining :-)


1.) 03 May 2024 14:42:58
Reports suggest Sullivan is close to agreeing terms with lopetegui.



02 May 2024 14:13:42
WILL STILL Has left STADT REIMS and a lot believe its because of the impending position at WEST HAM


1.) 02 May 2024 16:08:07
Always fancied him as WHU next manager. Just something about him

2.) 02 May 2024 17:28:50
Know nothing about Will Still except as posts stated and read on news he’s left Rheims and he fancies managing in England, couple of coincidences there with us! No idea of foreign Managers unless they’ve Managed here, no leagues the same as PL, so we’ll see how good he is if he comes to us and what posters were correct in their hopeful choice over DM??

3.) 03 May 2024 10:37:45
Morning Chelmsford Hrs actually English by birth (to English parents) although brought up in Belgium he's very young at 31 and a lifelong Hammers supporter He speaks multiple languages and has been known to change language multiple times in team talks. Achieved an incredible 14 win run with Rheims and established them over the last two years

4.) 03 May 2024 12:59:38
He'll be going to Sunderland.



25 Apr 2024 08:46:51
Our director of football is pushing hard for Sullivan to appoint Ruben Amorim or Paulo Fonseca over Lopetegui.


1.) 26 Apr 2024 04:49:08
I read that Vincent Kompany had entered the ring.
Sullivan runs the risk of losing Tim Steidten if he ignores the German’s advice. Here we go.

2.) 26 Apr 2024 06:43:15
Brenden Rodgers has been mentioned as well



24 Apr 2024 08:04:43
According to a report from David Sullivan confidants, Spanish coach Julen Lopetegui and Lille manager Paulo Fonseca have agreed deals in principle to become the new West Ham boss (so, if that's the case why are we still looking around at other managers. Why offer them it in the first place if we didn't want them. Its laughable)

A recent report claimed that the Hammers have offered Lopetegui a three-year deal to take over at the London Stadium.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that 51-year-old Fonseca is firmly on the radar of the West Ham baord as well, and for me, I'd prefer Fonseca


1.) 24 Apr 2024 11:52:46
And contrary to that, Fonseca's representatives are also apparently in TALKS with Liverpool!

2.) 24 Apr 2024 15:52:39
Hope it's not lopetegui

3.) 24 Apr 2024 16:20:48
Apparently there are a few at the club advising Sullivan to be cautious about appointing Lopetegui.

4.) 24 Apr 2024 22:23:54
Slot will be next Liverpool manager. So, Fornesca is available should they want him.

5.) 25 Apr 2024 07:11:50
Out of the current names being banded about, Fonseca would be my shout aswell Daisy! what's the betting we end up with NEIL WARNOCK or SAM ALLARDYCE

6.) 25 Apr 2024 18:25:01
Who are the 'confidants'. Do you know them?



23 Apr 2024 09:27:00
Pedro Sepúlveda claims that talks with West Ham were 'not positive', and that 'something went wrong' to prompt such a swift return to Portugal. Sporting has a huge game against Porto on Sunday, so it was presumably never likely to be more than a flying visit (although the team has been given Tuesday and Wednesday off), but a move to the London Stadium appears far from a foregone conclusion.

"Something went wrong" (has Sulliva written all over it). The plane that took Rúben Amorim to London this afternoon is already returning to Lisbon. The coach who is still negotiating with LFC and met WestHam
Officials for the first time today is back in Lisbon. The meeting was not positive


1.) 23 Apr 2024 11:54:05
That bloke has been getting hammered in his comments for talking sh*t over the last few weeks. Said he flew back early but the flight was always scheduled for that departure according to comments.

2.) 23 Apr 2024 15:23:09
The meeting centered on a 3 season change at WH, with Steidten and Sullivan, thinking we can change gradually, over 5/6 windows Amorim. Wants immediate change (can’t blame him for that ) The volume of players not wanted is large …. Sounds great, but who is going to want Ings at £125k a week for example, and irregardless of how much money we have to spend, and it’s healthy, can we get in the amount of fresh players required in this window, I mentioned yesterday that a visit to us looks like leverage, for what I don’t know, I would love to see him at WH, but no club can do this turnaround it’s impossible , so unless something changes Amorim can be forgotten

3.) 23 Apr 2024 15:37:50
I love how we have an endless list of Candidates apparently and yet, SULLIVAN hasn't made his mind up on MOYES yet LMFAO so why talk to other managers? What an absolute shambles already! Only SULLIVAN

4.) 24 Apr 2024 07:01:09
Amorim didn't meet Sullivan. The dwarf was engaged elsewhere. Not even he can be blamed here . If anyone thinks he's the one picking the manager. Think again.

5.) 24 Apr 2024 13:34:30
Reports today that Amorin went to sullivans house and Sullivan didn't fancy him ? if sullivan is making the decision we are bang in trouble leave it to stiedten and noble

6.) 24 Apr 2024 14:10:10
Hammer 7580, don’t know where you are getting your info from mate, Sullivan greeted Amorim, then Steidten. Did a presentation, , Sullivan went home , met the Portuguese to talk finance , in private at his house, NOT that it matters, from what I understand, Sullivan offered 200k a week plus bonuses, should equal 12 m a year, a large amount on transfers plus all sales, BUT if you note I alluded to the fact we might be being used for leverage, and that’s exactly what it looks like, , regards to you

7.) 24 Apr 2024 15:54:21
Yeah Hammer7580, it seems Sullivan did wine and dine Amorim lol




DAISYHAMMER's banter posts with other poster's replies to DAISYHAMMER's banter posts


07 May 2024 13:34:38
Is it actually possible that this whole affair could have been conducted any worse? Its shameful the way we've searched and spoken to potential candidates whilst MOYES is still manager and seemingly some members of the board have regrets about hopw the entire affair has been conducted and so they should


1.) 07 May 2024 16:12:43
Unless DM has indicated he will not sign another contract remember it’s public knowledge that Tim’s role will be expanded just look at the kalvin Phillips fiasco shipped 4 players out to cover kalvins wages when we needed a striker we new we was on the ffp wages borderline and we bring in a DM so it will become public knowledge once we began chasing managers TBH I couldn’t watch his football after 10-20 I’d leave the room

2.) 07 May 2024 16:14:15
Also daisy are u suggesting we should wait till the 1st of July Really?

3.) 07 May 2024 18:12:03
I think what Daisy is saying is that it could have been conducted a bit mire professionally by a so called professional football club. Yes we want moyes gone but tge way it's been done could have been done better

4.) 07 May 2024 18:50:05
But West Ham didn’t actually announce anything until the time was right, it was all down to journalists and people like that, there was nothing on the West Ham site until it was confirmed that Moyes was leaving! so not the club’s fault

5.) 08 May 2024 06:56:37
Give lopetegui a chance . He ain't my first choice either. But some of the ones piling in on him have been pushing will still .who may well end up a very good manager .but at 31/32 is far too young to manage a club of this size . He's west ham yes . But so was Glenn roeder and looks how that ended .



07 May 2024 10:56:41
Whether we like Lopetegui being appointed manager or not, its time we all embrace it and give him and all the players as much support as we can. OK, its not the ideal appointment or at least as some of us think, but this guy has been given some prestigious appointments and his football is a far cry from MOYESBALL. The only thing that worries me is SULLIVAN?


1.) 08 May 2024 06:38:11
All clubs speak to agents of prospective managers behind the backs of the current manager same happened to bilic when Moyes was 1st appointed. That drama queen Oliver Holt knows that better than anyone .yet colour me shocked he's pinning the blame on west ham United yet again. Wait until the summer when the new investors are announced you ain't going to hear hysterical screaming like it . They will be louder than a million banshees .



02 May 2024 07:35:57
So, as we prepare to face Manchester City in our final Premier League game, the future of David Moyes and the identity of his successor remain hot topics. The Chairman, David Sullivan, will have post-season discussions with Moyes and they will be crucial. For our club, choosing the right manager is about more than just filling a vacancy; it's about setting a course for the future, balancing ambition with practicality, and aligning with the club's culture and fan expectations.

With the managerial merry-go-round in full swing, the decisions made in the coming weeks could define the future trajectory for years to come. As reported by iNews, the stakes are high, not just for the individuals involved, but for the aspirations of two historic clubs on either side of the European divide with AC Milan and West Ham looking at the same managers.

As such, decisions by the West Ham hierarchy have to be made for the good of the club and the supporters and not which is the bargain manager. Bearing in mind Lopetegui left Wolves because of disagreements so this does not bode well if he is to work for an owner like DAVID SULLIVAN


1.) 02 May 2024 08:09:03
Lopetegui and Sullivan is a recipe for disaster. Although I have been one of the long term vociferous anti-Moyes campaigners, I do not think that Lopetegui is the answer. Although I’d rather him than Moyes, this is an opportunity for WHU to move to the next level, as promised by Sullivan and Brady when we were forced out of Upton Park. Time to put those promises into fact. Personally, I don’t see Sullivan as the man to do that.

2.) 02 May 2024 09:39:01
Or Lopetegui, come to that!

3.) 02 May 2024 19:44:19
So much for Moyes and Steidten getting on. The German has now been banned from the London Stadium home dressing room and had his movements restricted at Rush Green by the Argyll Gargoyle.

4.) 03 May 2024 14:45:39
And if true that's typical of moyes egotistical personality



01 May 2024 11:48:52
Dunno about you lavly people, but am tired of this manager search already. I can bet a lot of money that DAVID SULLIVAN will go for what's the best bargain he can possibly get for his money, not, who's the best manager to take us forward.

If there's one thing that you can always guarantee with our owner is that he'll keep up the club's long-held tradition of consistently making the wrong decisions.

We've long wanted to be considered as part of London's football elite, but let's face it, we are barrow boys compared to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Ducking and diving through the transfer market for years, it seems that Sullivan is at it again with regards to the club's potential search for a new manager.

David Sullivan isn't sure which manager to hire at West Ham and
When it was reported that Ruben Amorim had flown over from Portugal to discuss taking over from David Moyes, you could imagine we believed that - finally - their beloved club might be going places.

However, that notion was swiftly put to bed, and now, the less illustrious names of Julen Lopetegui and Paulo Fonseca have now entered the picture.

Neither manager are bad choices per se, though they're not in Amorim's league. Essentially, they'd fit right in with the Hammers modus operandi of always accepting second best, excatly what Sullivan is good at!


1.) 01 May 2024 16:24:01
Daisy, it's how Sullivan works am afraid. Always looking for the bargain and not necessarily the best fit

2.) 01 May 2024 16:41:28
I am fairly relaxed about it really because let's face it whoever we go for out of the mentioned names it will be an upgrade on Moyes. I thought initially we were dithering again but with the expected manager merry go round at the end of the season it might be wise to hold on a while.

3.) 02 May 2024 07:17:11
Conflicting stories in the news today suggest we are at an advanced stage with LOPETEGUI but about to start talks with FONSECA



25 Apr 2024 10:39:34
Julen Lopetegui is waiting for AC Milan to make an approach and in the meantime the English media are relaunching the news of an offer from West Ham and of an imminent trip to England by the former Spain coach. Fake news or an attempt to hurry the Rossoneri? You make up your own mind but it wouldn;t surprise me


1.) 25 Apr 2024 11:32:21
All these allegations of fake news and/or tactical manoeuvring to force other clubs into making offers is beginning to closely resemble a political situation involving a certain man of orange hue, currently gripping the rail in New York. Knowing our luck, we are likely to end up with him as our new owner and the late OJ Simpson named as our new head coach! I’m sure it will all be resolved by the end of the season. In the meantime, let’s just be thankful that David Moyes will not be in charge come August and the start of a new campaign! ?

2.) 25 Apr 2024 14:49:06
Agreed Tin, just hoping we show some real ambition amd get a manager who will improve us and the football

3.) 25 Apr 2024 19:39:16
Couldn't agree more, but remember it's Sullivan who's in the driving seat, and he can't see over the dashboard!

4.) 26 Apr 2024 11:00:50
It seems Sullivan has held very positive talks with LOPETEGUI whereas STEIDTEN wants FONSECA, Tuchel and the Dortmund Manager

5.) 26 Apr 2024 11:32:15
You know what’s going to happen - Sullivan will overrule everyone and appoint Lopetegui; Steidten will wonder why he’s here and possibly jump ship; several players will go; Lopetegui will make some f*ck ups; all the Moyes apologists will shout “we told you so - be careful what you wish for! ” and we’ll be back to square one, looking for a young attack minded coach. This is where I came in.

6.) 26 Apr 2024 13:00:24
Steitden wants the Stuttgart manager Sebastian hoeness . nephew of uli .

7.) 26 Apr 2024 13:30:05
STEIDTEN has an eye for a successful coach. Problem is it will come down to which manager SULLIVAN wants, not what STEIDTEN and the rest of the board want. Sullivan needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and think to himself "Regardless of who I want or like, who is best for our club"? But No.he won't. As Tin suggests, he will appoint Lopetegui, it will go pear shaped and then everyone will say "should have stuck with MOYES". Just look what the PALACE and VILLA managers have done with their clubs and here is us, seeing out MOYES days and messing about considering, mulling, pondering (Heard that before anywhere? )




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10 May 2024 07:02:23
Hey Dabber, welcome back. Not sure TIN is having a moan but expressing the same sentiment that quite a lot of our fans feel. And in all honesty, he should have walked away after the CONFERENCE FINAL as a hero but now he is going with a whimper. Such a shame




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08 May 2024 06:20:05
From the rumours theer seems to be a new name every day. If they want to leave, let them leave, as long as we get a decent price for those we can sell. The rest can go. No loyalty in football anymore




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07 May 2024 10:53:08
Seems we are very Interested iN WESLEY GASSOVA and Vitor Roque who wants out of Barcelona




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03 May 2024 07:55:25
Hey Ed, thanks for that, but knowing our board it could be SAM ALLARDYCE. Any manager on a budget is how we work!




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30 Apr 2024 06:27:27
Sullivan doesn;t work by common sense and what's the best going forward, its what's the best deal he can get. Exactly the same with players. Its not who we want but who he can get the best deal for every time, hence the scatter gun approach during every window





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17 May 2024 13:59:34
Of course it all depends how MOYES sets us up. If he sends us out to defend, city score then what? Do we open up and go for it and get picked off which doesn;t matter anyway so what do we have to lose.




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05 May 2024 11:00:57
Little surprise Osh that it will be LOPETEGUI that we end up with. Not the best fit for the club but SULLIVAN doesn;t care about that as long as he saves a few quid. Lopetegui doesn;t fill me with confidence after he walked out on Wolves. We need a man who has fresh ideas and brings proper football back to the ACADEMY. For me, he should be offering blank cheque to the next manager if its Fonseca or AMORIM, but I guarantee this will be another story (just like transfers) where they say, we tried hard, but unfortunately in the end we had to settle for the cheap option. Well, what's the point in that? Moyes is going cause we are fed up with him, his egotistical behaviour, refusal to play youth, banishing players he can;t get on with and of course, the tactical naivity and terrible defensive football (remembering we have the 4th worst defense in the league) . We don;t want another manager who does the same. Its PELEGRINI all over again. Have we not learned




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02 May 2024 07:17:11
Conflicting stories in the news today suggest we are at an advanced stage with LOPETEGUI but about to start talks with FONSECA




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01 May 2024 07:21:21
To be honest I'm not sure there are many from Man Utd that I would want. The over inflated ego's afte earning 100's of thousands of pounds a week which was thrown at them at MAN UTD! United think they can win trophioes by throwing money at players and managers and look how its turned out.

For me, keep your players, we need to be looking for younger, faster, more enthusiastic players with energy and a hunger for the game, not for how much they can rinse from the club.

Explain to me how Man Utd pay £90m for Anthony and we get KUDUS for £35m Where is the common sense.

Anyway, as for the managerial farce, it seems AC MILAN fans have dug there heels in and AC Milan are not looking at CONTE as the new manager and not LOPETEGUI. Seems we've had talks with HANSI FLICK earlier in the year and we are now ready to step up our interest in FONSECA, however, MARSEILLE are very interested so I'd suggest we get out skates on




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30 Apr 2024 06:28:51
I don't understand any of this? Why are we taregtting players and offering new contracts until we get a new manager, that's if they really intend on getting a new manager which am beginning to doubt