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20 Dec 2023 14:31:01
Big rumour we are trying to sign Piero Hincapie, the Bayer Leverkusen defender. I certainly hope so. Now he is a young talent who would be a superb replacement for Ogbonna.




02 Dec 2023 12:15:39
The latest rumour on the manager front is that Steve Cooper is on the West Ham board radar. I can't believe that, other than the fact that we have a habit of lurching from one disaster to the next. Although Cooper might be an improvement on our current boring wearer of the pointed hat, there are so many far better alternative options. Fingers crossed this rumour was invented by someone who intended it for 1st April.


1.) 03 Dec 2023 17:36:47
Behave Tinlegs. Your getting more predictable than Moyes.

2.) 03 Dec 2023 19:41:16
The thing we can.predict with moyes is that the football will be garbage

3.) 05 Dec 2023 10:40:47
“Your getting more predictable than Moyes”.
Yep, I agree. I don’t do U-turns. ?

4.) 05 Dec 2023 16:44:45
Unlike the board

5.) 06 Dec 2023 21:53:14
Where do you get your rumours from?

6.) 07 Dec 2023 02:32:47
They are there for anyone to see who digs a little and does research.

7.) 07 Dec 2023 13:43:38
So, the way things are going for Forest, they will sack cooper and we will hire him

8.) 08 Dec 2023 19:37:12
Rumours are from a classic Fleetwood Mac album lol and about as up to date. Musselburgh Monster out btw!

9.) 09 Dec 2023 16:51:48
Erik Ten Hag will be available soon. How about him? Or even Roy Hodgson? There’ll soon be loads of options! ????

10.) 12 Dec 2023 07:19:22
By all accounts, Sean Whetstone is saying that Michael Carrick has been approached by the West Ham board to sound out his interest in replacing Dunce Moyes next summer.

11.) 23 Dec 2023 02:22:00
And the latest is Julen Lopetegui who is keen to return to manage a Premiership club. Apparently, he is still living in the UK. I’m not sure whether he is the right man for the job, but he’s a definite improvement over Desperate Dave. Watch this space.

12.) 23 Dec 2023 05:36:42
By all accounts, Lopetegui rejected an offer from Forest partly over a lack of transfer control. This does not fit in with WHU plans for transfer control to be in the hands of Tim Steidten. Interesting.



06 Nov 2023 21:17:08
From recent events and revelations, it's now totally clear that Tim Steidten's appointment at West Ham had absolutely nothing to do with David Moyes. This explains a lot and indicates that Moyes is on borrowed time.
I think we will beat Forest and Burnley, but I don't think that will save Moyes' job. I believe Moyes will go at some point over the authority over transfers and/or the lack of return on a spend approaching half a billion pounds. Every fan discussion on Moyes currently seems to agree that Moyes is a dead man walking.


1.) 06 Nov 2023 22:03:03
I also have a gut feeling that John Heitinga could be the unlikely choice for the Moyes replacement. If Moyes goes during this season (??) then Heitinga is already placed to be caretaker. Whether he remains as permanent manager depends on results.

2.) 07 Nov 2023 12:03:50
I would rather see Kevin Keen our in place as caretaker he's done it before

3.) 08 Nov 2023 07:06:01
No Surprises GRAHAM Potter has been heavily tipped to take over. Love him or hate him, he had his Brighton Team playing some decent football.

In other news "David Moyes makes it clear star Michail Antonio is finished as first choice at West Ham"! How long have the fans been saying this and he has finalkly realised now. We had the oppoertunity to offload him in Summer but didn't.

Speaking of Summer, we were very interested in Kelechi Iheanacho and did nothing but we persisted with ANTONIO (Not sure how the 2 can be mentioned in the same breath, one is a striker and am not sure what the others actually preferred position is) . NOW it seems, Antonio is finioshed and we are interested in Iheanacho? You couldn't make this up lol and Leicester will not sell him now unless its something extravagent

4.) 08 Nov 2023 08:58:52
Remember, the fans know nothing and Moyes knows best! ?

5.) 08 Nov 2023 12:37:09
Ah yeah, good job you reminded me Tin, we fans know nothing! Moyes is the messiah and Antonio is overly criticised. Tomas Soucket has been identified as a replacement for LIONEL MESSI and AARON CRESSWELL is one of the best Left backs in the league.Ya de ya de ya. How long have we been saying that some players live in a fantasy world where they think they are better than they are. Antonio for instance. He scored in first few matches last season, set himself a target with his HUGE EGO and never scored again for months. He has done nothing for us since Aug except fall over his own VELCRO. Anyway, good news is TIM STEIDTEN is drawing up a list of possible replacements and Bielsa and Benitez will not be on it. It seems he is looking for younger managers with more to offer

6.) 09 Nov 2023 01:10:34
It appears that Moyes was told after the Brentford game that he would not be getting a new contract. Why he then didn’t say “Bollocks, I’m off” remains a mystery.

7.) 09 Nov 2023 09:47:25
Maybe he is trying to prove a point?

8.) 11 Nov 2023 12:38:36
More like he's too obstinate to believe he's not wanted.

9.) 12 Nov 2023 11:18:47
And now it transpires that one of my favourites for the job, Michael Carrick, is on the West Ham board radar. Watch this space.

10.) 13 Nov 2023 18:22:39
Rather have will still

11.) 13 Nov 2023 21:10:02
You would like Carrick over Moyes as manager of West Ham United?

12.) 14 Nov 2023 01:06:24
But if and a big if we won the Europa cup would the sack moyes I don't think so go and try and get FRANK and if it's a no then O'NEILL will do.⚒⚒⚒

13.) 20 Nov 2023 22:30:04
Ido like G.Oneill gets his men fit, plays good attacking football with pace. our biggest problem other than Bowen we lack pace.

14.) 24 Nov 2023 04:44:24
“You would like Carrick over Moyes as manager of West Ham United? “
I’d rather have Michael Carrick’s dustbin as manager of WHU than David Moyes!

15.) 29 Nov 2023 21:28:59
yup, we're no good just keep playing poorly and fans keep paying.



31 Oct 2023 15:56:52
10% of Gold shares up for sale. Watch this space.


1.) 01 Nov 2023 18:41:33
Not for me, thanks.

2.) 06 Nov 2023 11:27:07
Will she throw in a dildo or two.

3.) 06 Nov 2023 13:07:23
Moyes is not part of the deal.

4.) 06 Nov 2023 17:20:34
Antonio might be lol

5.) 06 Nov 2023 21:22:06



25 Oct 2023 15:40:59
By all accounts, information from Hugh Southon, whose main source is David Sullivan, is saying that reports of Moyes and Steidten not seeing eye to eye in the summer are TRUE. Apparently, Steidten got so frustrated with Moyes' stubborn attitude that he considered leaving. Sullivan backed Steidten. Small wonder as, contrary to one report, it was Sullivan's idea to bring in Steidten, and Moyes had to accept it against his wish. Also, if Moyes gets offered a new contract, and it's a BIG if, Moyes will have to bow to Steidten's wishes on player recruitment. This has now come from several sources from within the club, and it makes common sense. I think this will be impossible for Moyes to accept, so it looks like This is Moyes' last season at WHU. Thank God.


1.) 25 Oct 2023 16:26:05
Since my last post above, I have now also seen the video ‘Sullivan Confirms Moyes and Steidten Do Not Get On” on YouTube. This confirms the rumours I’d heard.

2.) 26 Oct 2023 18:40:12
If he keeps playing like he has in the first half he might go before the Everton game - please

3.) 27 Oct 2023 06:57:56
Seemingly this is the main sticking point and reason why they are reluctant to offer him a new contract! Everton Sunday what's everybodys thoughts? Will we attack or will we sit back and let EVERTON come at us in which case we will get crucified

4.) 27 Oct 2023 10:45:30
Is the Pope catholic?

5.) 27 Oct 2023 11:45:55
Am going for 0-2, I just feel that MOYES tenure is about to come undone and the resilience of the board with be tested over the next few months. Fair play to MOYES, decent ish start to the season but its now getting to where we are facing teams who have worked his tactics out

6.) 27 Oct 2023 13:20:58
Sorry, Daisy, but I had to laugh out loud when you said, “his tactics.”

7.) 27 Oct 2023 15:49:59
I had to laugh whilst writing it LMAO

8.) 27 Oct 2023 16:41:13
The bottom line is David Moyes is more a hindrance than an advantage. His managerial strategy is not only outdated, but his abilities as a tactical coach and a man manager are non-existent. It's my belief that, now we have Tim Steidten in post, the board (Sullivan) are hoping Moyes goes of his own accord or will not accept the terms and conditions of a new contract. If WHU win a trophy or achieve a top 6 finish in the Premiership, they MIGHT feel obliged to offer him a new contract, but I think they know Moyes will not accept being subordinate to Steidten in player recruitment. They also know that Moyes is childish enough NOT to play any player who arrives who has not been Moyes' own selection. This is plainly obvious by his reluctance to play certain players recently. You are either in the Moyes clique, or you're not.
History under Sullivan shows that the WHU board never offer a manager in post a new contract until the current contract is done. That way it doesn't cost Sullivan any compensation. We are stuck with the donkey until the end of the season.
The match against Everton won't be easy, but Lady Luck may yet again smile on Moyes, despite them knowing exactly what our tactics are before a ball is kicked. Moyes has been lucky until now, and it wouldn't surprise me if he appears on Sunday evening covered in sh*t, but carrying a bunch of roses. We'll just have to wait and see.

9.) 28 Oct 2023 23:52:15
2-2 just pure intuition only.

10.) 29 Oct 2023 14:01:39
That was a truly awful 1st half of football.

Make no mistake, Everton will probably take the points here today as we are just so poor. Two shots, one on target (ish), at home against another really poor side is utter dog£! &*.

Trouble is I just can't see how Moyes is going to be able to change things, it's not as if he can inject any pace or guile into the side with his subs now is it?

Praying for a better 2nd half and a comfortable victory, expecting a load more rubbish and a defeat though.

11.) 31 Oct 2023 20:15:56
Tinlegs I personally think you are far too critical of Moyes. I understand that some of his in game tactics fall short against some of the other elite Prem managers. But what Moyes does give, he gives his best and puts West Ham 1st, his loyal and hard working. Like most of the West Ham fans, we can relate. The players need to dig deep and ultimately do better on the pitch as against Everton the team were very poor.
Just maybe Tinlegs look at another narrative.

12.) 01 Nov 2023 08:12:24
I don't agree HAM-Eggs-Chips but of course this is why we have this site to express our own opinions. I believe that the players are fed up of playing the "LETS SIT BACK AND DEFEND and HOPE we get a goal on the break" Tactics. He has a lot to answer for. His poor treatment of players he doesn't want for instance Benrahma who now wants to leave. Refusal to bring youth through and allow them to leave. Playing players out of position (why buy players who are naturally good in one position and play them somewhere else)? The list goes on and on and how many times do we go through the same issues. We have a slump in form. Players don't look interested. There is no consistency and then of course, the well documented SAGA with TIM STEIDTEN. We look stail, flat footed and a yard off the pace and its down to the manager to motivate them. Of course asfter every defeat its the players fault, never his, always the players. He is so arrogant and self centred he can't even admit his own failings. And of course, let's not forget one of ther most important skills a manager should have and that's being able to read a game and change tactics on the fly. Moyes has one strategy and one only!

13.) 01 Nov 2023 22:03:33
Within the football squad there will always be disagreements and fall outs, some stuff will leak out and be made out to be more than what it is, some stuff won’t leak. Moyes I believe has been great to the team, Benny get his chances but majority of the time he doesn’t take it. What Benny should do is make that position his own and be consistent. That wouldn’t give Moyes the headache he gets from a talented player that more than often don’t turn up on the pitch.
Playing players out of position that’s standard by all managers it happens unfortunately.
I agree that Moyes needs a better approach to integrate youth especially this season as the boys did so well last season at youth level.

The players won’t be frustrated at all
Playing Moyes style of play. We are West Ham, we win and many as we lose, being a pro player you would understand that teams at this level setup mainly not to lose.

14.) 05 Nov 2023 09:16:21
Do you still feel the same way after the debacle at Brentford? A perfect illustration of Moyes’ incompetence. I criticise him because it’s his fault. He has spent nearly half a million pounds on players, and for what? The sooner he goes, the sooner we lose this division between the supporters and we can get back to the business of supporting our club without all this divisive nonsense.

15.) 05 Nov 2023 10:28:11
Of course I meant half a billion, not half a million. Sorry for the typo.

16.) 05 Nov 2023 14:41:24
The incompetence was the defence

17.) 06 Nov 2023 08:08:36
And who coaches, trains and selects those defenders, and then directs the tactics?

18.) 06 Nov 2023 11:28:08
Zouma is out temporarily, eh?

19.) 06 Nov 2023 13:09:44
Zouma’s days of fitness are over, so be prepared for more periods of unavailability.




TinLegs's banter posts with other poster's replies to TinLegs's banter posts


26 Feb 2024 19:19:51
So, Paqueta is straight back in the starting line-up and Dino is picked in preference to Aguerd. I have a feeling that Lucky Dave's side may well get a win tonight. ??


1.) 26 Feb 2024 19:58:01
Marvellous to see the great Ken Brown alongside master magician Trevor Brooking tonight. Over the years I enjoyed being entertained on the terraces at Upton Park by both of them. Thank you lads.

2.) 26 Feb 2024 20:35:43
Right on queue bowen scores twice in the first 7 mins.typical!

3.) 27 Feb 2024 05:56:33
So much for not getting points by playing entertaining football!



20 Feb 2024 02:28:56
Moyes to Celtic? Oh PLEASE! ????????


1.) 20 Feb 2024 05:36:49
I wonder if Sunderland would consider a return to the stadium of light? I’m willing to give him a lift anywhere if need be. Nah; nobody’s that stupid to have him back, are they? ?

2.) 20 Feb 2024 10:18:01
Well, you'd think with the number of "experts" that come to bat for Moyes all the time saying how good of a manager he is, that there would be literally dozens of clubs clamouring to sign him as their very own "Moyesiah".

(The wind whistles, dust swirls and the tumbleweed rolls)

3.) 20 Feb 2024 13:04:19
Hmmmm nasty rumour moyes to celtic? Can't be cause they got Brendan Rodgers?

4.) 20 Feb 2024 14:05:43
Apparently, the Celtic fans are not happy with Rogers and their current run of form. Rogers is under pressure to “turn things around”. (Where have we heard that before? ) There’s a rumour going around that Rogers could be looking at the sack.

5.) 20 Feb 2024 15:06:50
Seems our top players are NOW very unhappy with the brand of football being played under moyes? We got to ask why has this come to light now?

6.) 20 Feb 2024 18:02:20
“West Ham shareholder Daniel Kretinsky is rumoured to be unhappy with certain elements in the current running of West Ham, ” Sam Whetstone claims.



16 Feb 2024 11:20:07
Not only do we have the prospect of Sullivan giving Moyes yet another four games to 'turn things around', but we also get various sources suggesting all sorts of names as the club's replacement for the manager:
Jose Mourinho, Graham Potter, Steve Cooper, Xabi Alonso (!), and now the latest rumour -
Thomas Tuchel.
Where will it end? Pep Guardiola? All as a result of Sullivan's indecision. do something positive. Sack Moyes NOW and let's all move on. End this bloody nightmare.


1.) 16 Feb 2024 11:54:39
Hmmm it seems reports today suggest Thomas Tuchel (who is under massive pressure at Bayern) could be in the frame. TIM STEIDTEN is seemingly confident that if Tuchel is sacked as is expected, he could convince him to come to the LONDON STADIUM and maybe, it might just be a really good appointment for us! Yes, so he hasn't done well at BAYERN but prior to this he hasn't done badly

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

2.) 16 Feb 2024 13:08:17
Nor me ED but one can hope lol. Seems Bayern are looking at XABI ALONSO?

{Ed002's Note - Bayern have several coaches they will consider.}

3.) 16 Feb 2024 14:16:07
Bayern are also thinking about signing Hansi Flick or Joachim Löw temporarily. Numerous players are very unhappy with THOMAS TUCHEL, his team selections and internally we results this season. THOMAS TUCHEL could be living on borrowed time after the latest defeat in the champions league

4.) 16 Feb 2024 16:00:11
I only hope there's no truth in the rumour that WHU are considering Tuchel. I think he'd be bad news.

5.) 16 Feb 2024 16:27:09
Yesterday I read an unbelievable load of nonsense from one of these so-called football "experts" living under the name of "a football pundit". This is exactly why nobody should give these idiots the time of day.
Michael Brown (who? ) wrote in Caughtoffside:
"David Moyes appears poised to depart West Ham, despite the commendable work he has done there, as BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown suggests.
"This speculation follows the team’s 6-0 defeat to Arsenal at the London Stadium on Sunday, February 11th. The East London club presently occupies eighth position in the Premier League standings and have progressed to the knockout stages of the Europa League.
"Moyes has excelled at the London Stadium club, a fact acknowledged by the majority of Hammers supporters. (I couldn't stop laughing at this point.) Despite facing scrutiny during their Premier League struggles (er, sorry? Isn't that his job? ), he led the club to a memorable European triumph last season. Additionally, Moyes steered West Ham through challenging periods, resulting in their current strong position in the league campaign. (Yep, no wins yet in 2024.)
"However, the manager is facing mounting pressure, primarily attributed to his perceived (unbelievable! ) unattractive style of play. His tactics against Arsenal clearly backfired, with the Gunners inflicting a resounding defeat on their London counterparts. The dismal performance undoubtedly cast a shadow over everyone associated with the East London club, raising concerns about potential ramifications for Moyes and his coaching staff.
"Michael Brown told BBC Sport: “Moyes hasn’t been dealt a good hand in regards to support (no, just half a billion pounds! ) but I think he’s done an unbelievable job and he’s come out and said ‘let’s not forget that’. He was very irate after the game against Arsenal and you could see why. (Yep, caught red-handed) But again, the players have to take responsibility – that wasn’t a good enough performance.”
What utter garbage, albeit quite amusing. Unbelievably misinformed nonsense, and a prime example of all these agent driven idiots sticking together and commenting on something they have scant knowledge of. I wonder how often this twerp shows any interest in WHU? He's obviously not a supporter, and probably watches WHU once or twice a season. Hilarious bunkum.

6.) 16 Feb 2024 18:11:23
Agreed Tin. And I'm sick of hearing about how HE GUIDED us to European glory.

7.) 17 Feb 2024 11:53:30
Further proof that these pundits should not be considered as so-called football experts. Just because they could kick a ball better than others does not mean that they know what they are talking about.
Writing on The Sun website on Friday, Troy Deeney said it’s easier than ever for supporters to regard managers like Moyes, who he believes is an “excellent coach”, as cautious, negative and outdated due to the average football fan being a lot more educated than they were 20 years ago! He admitted that the problem with Moyes' style of play is that it looks “terrible” when his side aren’t winning.
Really? Somebody who actually watches WHU should tell Mr Deeney that Moyes' style of play looks bloody terrible even when WHU come away with all three points! If it weren't for Michael Brown (who? ) previously laying a strong claim for being Twerp of the Week (see above), this dubious honour would definitely find it's way into Mr Deeney's possession.

8.) 17 Feb 2024 21:36:42
It's a joke but what do we know. Moyes is the messiah

9.) 18 Feb 2024 04:24:35
Agreed Osh. Let’s see how he guides us in our quest for ‘European glory’ this season in a tournament where we are not favourites to win as there are some decent opposition teams competing, instead of mainly clubs nobody has ever heard of!

10.) 19 Feb 2024 21:00:55
The only thing these so called football pundits and experts is they see WEST HAM as a small club and we should be grateful that DD has won a european cup of some sort by beating a number of pub teams and 2 average teams, one in the final in FIORENTINA and any manager could have won the same cup the majority of these experts say that all that matters is results and that's it, why I can understand it's a results based industry last year we were fortunate not to get dragged into a relegation scrap, the start we had to this season beating CHELSEA, BHA, and a few others we were very lucky in at least 4 or 5 of our early wins and I don't class spending half a billion pound on transfers in the last handful of windows as WEST HAM being a small club, DD has won 1 trophy and thinks he's the best manager we've ever had and we've never won european honours he won nothing at EVERTON, UTD, SUNDERLAND, REAL SOCIADAD, and never looked likely too, you watch when we play a half decent team in the next round of the proper europa cup we will be out and our league position will drop like a pebble in the ocean.⚒⚒⚒



13 Feb 2024 01:34:43
Come the summer, I'd like to see as West Ham head coach, from the following:
Xabi Alonso (very unlikely, but my first choice)
Thomas Frank (very unlikely)
Michael Carrick (possible)
Kieran McKenna (unlikely)
Graham Potter (maybe an outsider)
Will Still (unlikely)
Gary O'Neil (unlikely).
Who knows what the future may bring? I think any of these would do a good job.


1.) 13 Feb 2024 06:31:31
You can bet that moyes will still be there. Last week of August, panick buying players. End up with another cdm

2.) 13 Feb 2024 07:50:13
Preferably I'd like to see new Manager in NOW! Give him the last 4 months of the season (which let's face it is over for us now because we not winning Europa League) to find his feet and sort out what players are excess to requirements.

3.) 13 Feb 2024 08:38:35
Do you think there is any possibility Simon Jordan would like to take Moyes as Crystal Palace are in the mire and he has always praised him
We can only dream

4.) 13 Feb 2024 11:23:20
I did suggest a week or two back that Palace might provide Moyes with an exit route. I can’t see any other Prem team taking him. We can only pray.

5.) 13 Feb 2024 11:30:41
If we were to appoint a caretaker, we already have the perfect candidate - Johnny Heitinga.

6.) 13 Feb 2024 12:26:52
Knowing our luck and our board. They will announce that David Moyes has gone to Palace and we can announce our new manager………. Roy Hodgson ?

7.) 13 Feb 2024 12:58:52
Interesting post TinLegs

I personally want to see a manager brought in that not only changes the style of play, but gets the best out of the players we have whilst giving youth a chance to showcase their talents, and improves results. I know, not asking for much am I? Hahaha

XABI ALONSO - like you, is hands down my first choice. His Leverkusen team is easy to watch, plays youth, excites the fans, scores goals and let's face it is tearing up the rule book in the Bundesliga. This being said, I agree, this will never be anything more than a dream. Especially with the Liverpool and Real Madrid jobs being available in the Summer.

ROBERTO DE ZERBI - is without a doubt my second choice and someone I think is more realistic option than Alonso. However, whilst I think he is more realistic, I still can't see it happening. I can only see him leaving Brighton for a team already in the top 6.

THOMAS FRANK - is a great shout and if there is the possibility of him being interested, I would definitely explore it. I just don't see it though. I think he's building a legacy at Brentford and unless they give him the boot or a top 6 side comes in for him, I think he is there to stay.

PAULO FONSECA - seems to have been linked with us and every other Premier League club with aspirations to break in to the top 6 for the last 5 years. He favours a possession game and wants to keep the ball in the oppositions half, and I think we are closer to having a squad capable of this style of football than we have been for a long time. He had a better record at Shakhtar than De Zerbi, and has experience of managing teams in Portugal, Italy and France as well. I think he's my first realistic candidate in this list if I am being honest.

ARNE SLOT - sticking with realistic candidates now, I think Arne Slot is definitely worth a mention. His teams play attractive, attacking football and he reminds me a little of Martin Jol.

MICHAEL CARRICK - I think is a very good option and a genuine candidate considering Middlesbrough look like an outside shot for promotion, so I think he'd be tempted by the bright lights of the Premier League. I can't quite shake the nagging feeling that whilst he'd change the style of play, I don't necessarily think he improve results. Middlesbrough aren't setting the world alight in the Championship.

KIERAN McKENNA - he is an interesting name to throw out there, and like Carrick I think is a very good option, but I thinkhis interest would be dependent on Ipswich and if they're promoted. Strangely, I don't have the same nagging feeling I have about Carrick.

GRAHAM POTTER - he did wonders at Brighton but didn't live up to the hype at Chelsea and completely failed to put his stamp on the club. I think he'd be a decent shout, but I can't shake the feeling his successes at Brighton were as a result of the club and not him?

WILL STILL - is definitely one for the future, but at this moment in time I feel there are better options we should consider.

GARY O'NEIL - improved Bournemouth and has improved Wolves. Likes to give youth opportunities and I suppose doesn't play an unattractive brand of football. However, this appointment just wouldn't excite me. Sorry.

{Ed001's Note - what about Conceicao or Amorim?}

8.) 13 Feb 2024 13:51:23
Arne Slot was another of my choices several months ago, but somehow I don't think he's a realistic choice. There are several other clubs ahead of us for his signature. Isn't Fonseca involved in something which could stop him moving anywhere? I might be wrong, but I'm sure it's Fonseca.
Ed, forgive me, but I know nothing of the two names you mentioned.

{Ed001's Note - ok mate, just 2 I would expect to be under consideration.}

9.) 13 Feb 2024 17:47:07
The reason SULLY keeps giving DD 2 games then 4 games is he is straining to give DD a new contract as he's a premier league keeper in the league and its MONEY for SULLY the man is spineless and a lech.⚒⚒⚒

10.) 14 Feb 2024 11:09:19
This hype around Potter. Was he really that successful at Brighton? Really? The highest he ever finished was 9th, the 6th place finish they got was after De Zerbi took over.

He never made any inroads in any of the cup competitions either, I think the 5th round of the FA cup was the best he got.

I know there's a lot of noise for Potter in some circles but to be honest I'm very far from being convinced that's he'd be good enough to get the best out of our current squad. I mean, he'd probably be better than Moyes but would he consolidate us in to a consistent top 6 side? I'm not so sure.

11.) 17 Feb 2024 17:40:48
I would take O'NEILL as whenever I've seen them they play high energy attacking football and he can bring CUNHA With him as he will not be a wolves player next season he's got SPURS written all over him for me unfortunately.⚒⚒⚒



12 Feb 2024 03:34:21
Moyes could understand their (the fans) anger, although he was quick to point out his achievements at the club.
"To be a football supporter, there's always going to be bad times. Especially this club, who people know a lot more about than me - I came back twice to keep them out of relegation, " the Scot said. "It was only three months ago when we were having probably the best time West Ham have ever had.
"Let's be fair, probably the last three years have been as good a time as West Ham have had.
"We've had a terrible day today. So I understand them, totally, in leaving. Sometimes at football clubs you're going to have bad days. Today we had a bad day. But I certainly won't forget the good ones."
And therein lies the problem. The man just cannot see his incompetence. He's deluded.


1.) 12 Feb 2024 06:44:40
Totally agree tin

2.) 12 Feb 2024 07:19:35
Hes blaming the training pitches at rush green not being good enough to prepare for the arsenal game, well he doesn't play football on the ground it's all pumped up to the front man that we haven't got, I mean BOWEN is 5ft 9 and NOT a centre forward he's a fecking winger MOYES you fecking DINOSAUR, you need to get out of our club as you are ruining a top club along with little Yoda SULLY.⚒⚒⚒

3.) 12 Feb 2024 10:07:30
Did we have 5 defenders ans 3 cdm on too? I mean, to concede 6 goals was impressive. Lol

4.) 12 Feb 2024 10:28:44
Why is he still in a job amd why are the board not discussing his future? Its a joke of an organisation run by jokers




TinLegs's rumour replies


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22 Feb 2024 15:30:00
If the latest rumours are to be believed, Steidten is really pissed off with the way things are at WHU. Apparently, the terms he agreed when hired have now been altered by Sullivan who is weak and listening too much to Karen Brady and others who have their own agendas. Don't be fooled by the hiring of Max Hahn and Steidten's brother. They too can just as easily leave a sinking ship and go with Tim as a package. It will be unforgivable if we lose Tim Steidten through Sullivan's stupidity and the influence of Brady, who has as much interest in football and WHU fans as Liberace had in coal mining. For this club to survive and move up a gear, Moyes must go, Brady must shut up and Sullivan must sell his controlling interest.




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21 Feb 2024 20:13:24
Apparently, it’s Brady who is getting in Sullivan’s ear to keep Moyes and prevent Steidten from doing his job. Kretinsky wants Moyes gone and Steidten to hire a coach to replace him. Brady knows as much about football as I know about the air spedd velocitt of a swallow. FA.




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21 Feb 2024 11:19:11
And Bayern are parting ways with Thomas Tuchel at the end of the season. Things could be falling into place. If so, I sincerely hope this doesn’t mean Tuchel has been identified as Moyes’ replacement. Tuchel caused problems at Chelsea and now at Bayern. Somehow, I can’t see him fitting in at the London Stadium under Sullivan. Don’t get me wrong, I want Steidten to stay, and Moyes to go, but there are more suitable coaches out there for WHU. I hope I’ve misread the runes!




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16 Feb 2024 06:08:36
With Palace appointing Oliver Glasner as their new coach, that torpedoes the option of Moyes’ last opportunity to move to another Prem club. If Sullivan doesn’t grow a spine and sack Moyes, it looks like we might be stuck with him. I can’t see Moyes doing the decent thing now because he knows he wouldn’t get another big club appointment. He still believes he’s good enough for the Prem, and all those TV pundits who encourage him in this misguided belief, don’t help. So it’s over to you Mr Sullivan. God help us.




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15 Feb 2024 12:42:06
Rest assured if Moyes goes and Sullivan stays, it now transpires we could get Steve Cooper as Moyes’ replacement. This gets better and better. Who next? Roy ‘Mr Charisma’ Hodgson? Sam Allardyce even? The mind boggles.





TinLegs's banter replies


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28 Feb 2024 04:37:18
Don’t beat about the bush - say what you mean! ??




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27 Feb 2024 09:49:31
Maybe not ‘happy’, but certainly satisfied.




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27 Feb 2024 05:56:33
So much for not getting points by playing entertaining football!




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27 Feb 2024 03:31:37
Couldn’t have put it better John. A pleasure to watch.




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26 Feb 2024 19:58:01
Marvellous to see the great Ken Brown alongside master magician Trevor Brooking tonight. Over the years I enjoyed being entertained on the terraces at Upton Park by both of them. Thank you lads.