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29 Jan 2021 09:39:25
Announced benhrama signed permanently.

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29 Jan 2021 08:18:29
I've seen that Watford have given West Ham the option of making Dawson's loan permanent this window?

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29 Jan 2021 08:26:54
Just seen this myself on BBC text gossip, definitely feel we should do that, it will give Dawson extra confidence and security as well knowing he’s wanted permanently, that’s a no brainer for me! ⚒⚒⚒.

29 Jan 2021 11:39:35
I think the Davids will hang fire on that one. If we’re still after a CF, then we need every penny available. I don’t know how much contract Dawson has left at Watford, but running it down further won’t do us any harm.

29 Jan 2021 20:16:50
I think the Buy amount is already agreed? And in sure i remember it being a small amount like 1.5m.

30 Jan 2021 13:37:37
Hi all.

If I’m not mistaken, I remember certain people on this site complaining about our approach and signing of Dawson.
The phrase “eat your words” springs to mind. 😂
I think at £1.5 million it would be a shrewd signing if we consider his performance levels so far.
£3m loan fee for Lingaard for 4 months and £1.5m for a permanent signing puts it into perspective.

I think even I was “underwhelmed” by the signing of Dawson and I’m happily “eating my words” right now.

I still think 4th place is a bridge too far for us but 7th or 8th is realistic and a massive improvement on last year.

28 Jan 2021 08:04:34
Not too sure why we need Lingard?
We have Bowen, Yarmelenko, and even Antonio and Masuaku who can play on the wing. We sell A true professional in Snodgrass to opt for a falling midfielder who has a troubled past.
Mmm. I hope that they know what they are doing.

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28 Jan 2021 10:14:58
Same here. AM is not what we need.

A powerful CM like Kral and an out and out goal scorer are far more important for the squad.

But it does seem like we’re playing chicken with MU over the Lingard loan fee.

28 Jan 2021 10:48:59
i think we should let Moyes decide who he wants to bring in. We all know we need a striker but Yarmelenko can and has filled that roll when needed but we also know Noble is not as good as he was he's ok seeing out a game as a sub, Lingard would be a decent signing depending on his cost. Moyes is building an exciting side which we have all been waitingfor. i though Moyes made a big mistake signing Dawson Moyes saw something that a lot of us didnt, if Moyes want Lingard let's get behind him and see where our train is taking us too.

28 Jan 2021 10:59:44
I thought dawson was a terrible idea couldn't understand why as a club we entertained that one but boy am I glad to have been wrong
I wished we had left band name till end of season and signed dawson
Joy as has done us well with players in so if he wants Jesse then we should trust him I personally think Jesse is a confidence player so Moyers will work his magic with him.

28 Jan 2021 16:40:21
Now reading DM now linked with Josh. Maja at Bordeaux🤣He played under DM at Sunderland, my goodness are the journalists now linking him with anybody and everybody that he has coached?
Seems a DM type, not a prolific scorer but very pacey, aggressive and a real grafter apparently! He’s English, 22, London born! ⚒⚒⚒.

28 Jan 2021 17:46:50
Not sure i get the Lingard deal either. Only way it makes sense is if Moyes cannot get his top striker target this window and wants to keep/ play Yarmo as his backup to Antonio until the summer. Jesse is therefore seen more to replace Yarmo's position than anything else.
Personally, i'd 100% prefer us to go for a CM, even over a striker. I see this position as more of an issue/ risk for us. Yarmo or Odubeko COULD step in for Antonio (although not as good), but nobody we have can get anywhere close to Rice and Soucek ATM, and our backup is Nobes. We should not have sold Josh Cullen IMO, seems to be doing well under Vincent Kompany in Belgium.
Dawson and our DF is doing well ATM, good siging, but i think this is more down to having sorted the CM and some decent organisation. If we lose one CM then this could all come apart, much like Liverpool did when they lost Virgil.

28 Jan 2021 19:55:44
i did see a news post relating to napoli looking to pay 24 mill for fornals could be BS this was 2 days ago ain't seen any posts since then don't know if the story has legs but most of serie a teams complaining of being skint.

28 Jan 2021 21:02:20
Be really disappointed if we lose Fornals for Lingard, we ain’t gaining anything, how long to get Lingard up to match fitness for a start? ⚒⚒⚒.

28 Jan 2021 22:14:16
Fornals has been a marmite player for many on here. Nobody has doubted his work rate or engine, but several have expressed concern about his end product and his pace.

For me, he’s done enough. Moyse might rotate and put him on the bench from time to time, especially if the Benrahma/ Lingard news is true (though there’s nothing in the WHUFC website about either) .

I’ve rarely seen a player work so hard and it’s infectious for the team.

28 Jan 2021 23:37:54
For me Fornals starts every game, with him Rice n Soucek in the middle we look decent. Plus the man never stops running for the team. He was captain of Spain U21s and will be in their full squad sooner or later. It would be madness to replace him. He does miss chances, but at least he’s there busting a gut to get there. We had a £45m forward who couldn’t be arsed to get there. Fornals/ Rice/ Soucek/ Benrahma/ Bowen is a midfield many Premier League teams would love.

29 Jan 2021 08:11:16
I love this site for all our varying comments as to how we see certain players, such complete opposite opinions at times, suppose all sites are the same!
It must surely work that the bigger the squad the more beneficial it will be, knowing DM’s choice of players as we have already seen, also he restricted on his budget obviously for signings!
He’s not going to sign another lazy H player that’s for sure, he’s a canny disciplined experienced Jock that will not tolerate slackers or those with no team ethic. Whatever is his choice will do for me, we should know by now all players will have their inadequacies, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be playing for our club⚒Simple! ⚒⚒⚒.

29 Jan 2021 11:42:21
Not so sure it would be that easy to list either Rice or Soucek inadequacies this season!

29 Jan 2021 20:28:11
Or Ogbonnas and Coufals!

That Napoli/ fornals story was run last jan I think its just a lazy repeat story.

Fornals is a steady player he doesn't give the ball away cheaply I like his decision making on when to try play a killer pass and when to come back and retain the ball. Guillem Balague said he was in the mold of a Barcelona type player and u can see that. Moyes has massively improved him off the ball though! He just need to work on his shooting which I'm sure he will be as he's getting lots of chances took his goal really well against Doncaster!

29 Jan 2021 22:06:11
I think Moyes should be given benefit of the doubt. Who knows a striker deal may include a swap with Lansing or Yarmalenko so was waiting till we got Lingard in to do it? Who knows.

30 Jan 2021 00:28:29
Obviously Lanzini have to turn off my auto correct or read my post first.

30 Jan 2021 22:23:07
For me lingard is a direct replacement from 2 either yarmolenko or lanzini and going on his edge I'd out yarmolenko who has to be the slowest wide player I've seen for many a year and there's no guessing lingard might be a Wilshire and not premier league quality anymore we shall see?

27 Jan 2021 18:05:49
According to SSN, benrhama singed a permanent deal, £20m plus addons. Lingard in advanced talks of a £3m loan, and clubs negotiating about Hee Chan, with Moyes having the final decision wether to go ahead with the deal. Promising movement I guess, but am I right in saying if they want to loan both players must they offer Dawson a full time contract aswell then?

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27 Jan 2021 18:35:38
You can only have two domestic loans at any one time but you can still get loans from abroad.

27 Jan 2021 18:49:11
That would be my assumption Whitby as well with 2 loan deals, but the rules complicated, I have looked on Google, but more interested at the moment of having a couple of 🥃🍺before evening meal🤣😂🍺🥃⚒⚒⚒.

27 Jan 2021 19:00:12
I think the total amount of loans from an English club is 2 but can add 2 more from foreign clubs but I could be wrong.

I don't really get the lingard transfer we have lots of attacking midfielders already the loan fee is high and he's not match sharp he's barely played.

Striker should have been sorted based on Eds post below it doesn't sound to promising.

Hee chans record for Salzburg is decent but doesn't look like he's stepped up at other clubs. Very fast and works hard could be a useful addition.

27 Jan 2021 19:44:23
Think there might be an agreement of £1m loan fee for Lingard, which is less than Utd originally wanted.

28 Jan 2021 20:00:06
its still 2 players in the PL only one player from fone team i the watford owners pozzo family own 2/ 3 clubs would always have 3/ 4 players on loan from there other clubs in the EU not sure if that's changed due to brexit.

27 Jan 2021 11:54:31
Has benhrama signed permanently?

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure that it has happenedyet, but may do soon.}

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27 Jan 2021 14:54:37
C&H are now reporting that it is now done,

27 Jan 2021 15:51:03
Interesting that they chose the bigger spend on Benrahma instead of Dawson. I assume this early buy is to make space for Lingard on loan.

If Lingard signs, I can’t see us having the cash for the central striker we really need.

27 Jan 2021 16:11:41
Ive just read that Lingard is all for the move to West Ham. Also the father in law showed me a piece saying that Moyes/ the board were looking to use balbuana to get a young promising keeper, it was only a heading though so didn’t see the rest.
Ed is there any idea if Dawson is going to get a contract with us do you know?

{Ed002's Note - They must of recently had the conversation about sending Dawson back (expensive), signing Dawson (cheap) or signing Benrahma (future debt). If you had asked me at the start of the month I would have said the would bite the bullet and send Dawson back to Watford. The implication is now that he is playing regularly and everyone seems happy with him then it would make sense to take up the option and sign him at the end of the season. Financially it makes sense.}

27 Jan 2021 18:04:27
As it looks a done deal with Lingard on loan with the permanent signing of Benrahma, who makes way for him, Fornals?
Would have preferred we concentrate on help out for Antonio so hopefully that is in the oven as well? ⚒⚒⚒⚒.

27 Jan 2021 19:08:06
I would have thought Dawson was the obvious one as he would be cheaper. But Benhrama we had to pay the money at some stage so maybe that was the logic, and leave the Dawson decision.

27 Jan 2021 19:56:35
Sdl, is it even a decision to sign Dawson so far, he’s been absolutely outstanding from the start? ⚒⚒⚒But odd decision given the finances involved, but Benrahma fee is in instalments as £21m due, so maybe next due season end at option date, whereas Dawson is one off being minimal, would be immediate? So that would pay for Lingard £3m loan fee, or am I 🥃🍺😂up? ⚒⚒⚒.

27 Jan 2021 20:47:10
Will Dawsons price go up now on the form he's in.

{Ed002's Note - It depends on the terms of the option that exists. Sometimes they are fixed, sometimes based on performance.}

30 Jan 2021 22:27:18
Thanx for clearing that up.

27 Jan 2021 11:26:22
Morning all, hope all is staying safe

Ed 002 and news on any kind of striker coming in? heard of the usual million names but nothing concrete,

{Ed002's Note - The issue seems to be the lack of focus and identifying specific targets. WHU seem to be taking the scatter gun approach yet again. This sort of summarises where I think we are:

Moussa Dembele (S) has not reacted well to being on the bench for a few games and with Tino Kadewere proving his worth Lyon are open to selling. There has been a discussion with a couple of sides already but neither could offer him a starting role. Atletico Madrid hope to be able to offering the guarantees he wants and whilst he is not top of their list of replacements the player has said he is open to a move to Spain. David Moyes is a known fan of the player and might well see him as an option at the right price for West Ham. Moved to Atletico, scratch him from the list.
Boulaye Dia (S) Reims striker who would need to considerably improve his strike rate but has been of interest to West Ham, Brighton, Everton and Marseille. Says he wants to play for Lyon. I would scratch him from the list.
Mariano Diaz (S) It is true that Real Madrid have the representatives of Mariano Diaz offering him around on ideally a loan to buy option as they continue to clear the decks ready for a summer spending spree. Diaz is an out and out striker who had a very good season at Lyon three years ago but is simply not good enough for Real Madrid where the goals return has been well below average. He has rejected loans to several clubs already inclding West Brom and Brighton - West Ham may offer solution but commiting to an obligation to buy may not be wise. Seems to have fallen by the wayside.
Marcus Forss (S) Brentford Striker being considered by Borussia Dortmund and West Ham. New contract so he can be forgotten.
Arkadiusz Milik (S) will be available in January as he is out of contract in the summer. Atletico and Milan see him as a cheap option but Atletico have since decided on a different longer-term option because they have a concern that the goals dried up last season and he is very much out of favour this season. Milan have several player on their list. Juventus may offer him a deal for the summer - which is why Napoli are keen to move him on and replace him. Milan, who have several players on their list, Everton (who offer a wildcard option due to the links with CA) and Marseille have made it clear to his agent that they are not going to pay the €15M asking price for a player who will be a Free Agent in the summer. He has a very exciteable agent who has approached at least Spurs and Chelsea about the player with neither being interested - so he may well have approached West Ham. It would be a very high risk purchase if West Ham were keen. Moved to Marseille so scratch him from the list.
Olivier Giroud (S) Numerous clubs have an interest but will stay at Chelsea until the summer. Scratch him from the list.
Gaetan Laborde (S) An offer was made by a third party on behalf of WHU and rejected by Montpellier.
Moussa Marega (S) seen by West Ham as a cheap option able to sign on a Pre-Contract in January. But perhaps no longer first choice - but perhaps should have been.
Josh King (S) Newcastle have had an offer for JK rejected and offers may well be coming from Burnley, West Ham and West Brom.
Ivan Toney (S) The player decided on a move to Brentford in the summer instead of Swansea or Brighton. Celtic also made enquiries. After a very good start to the season he has attracted scouts from a number of Premier League sides including Everton, West Ham, Arsenal, and again Brighton. Brentford have no interest in selling.
Youssef En-Nesyri (S) West Ham apparently, via a third party, have made an approach to ask about availability and price for the player who has done well this season, but has mot set the world alight previously. Will be off the AFCON when it comes around. Makes little sense and I would scratch him from the list.
Odsonne Edouard (S) West Ham have enquired (with his agent) after the availability of OE but the player is apparently not keen on the move. He may be open to a move to Leicester who have also enquired with his agent. For now there are no offers are on the table but Celtic would listen to a significant offer.
Hee-Chan Hwang (F) RBL paid €10M to sign Hwang in the summer of 2020 and it has not worket out at all well and they are open to an intial loan in January but they are looking to move him on permanently and have replacements in mind. Yeni Malatyaspor want a loan but cannot afford the wages. There is some interest from the second tier in Germany but previous interest of Wolves and Leicester has gone. It has been suggested by an Austrian "agent" that West Ham have spoken with RBL about taking the player on loan and that interests RBL - but he has to be seen as a higher risk solution to the others that have been looked at.
Giovanni Simeone (F) Cagliari intend to sell to cover themselves financially and will listen to offers. They had hoped that Atletico would come in with a good offer. West Ham spoke with his representative but he would need to be matched with a Centre Forward due to his size.

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27 Jan 2021 13:09:55
Phew Ed002, Great info from you, but must confess lost on me, to much to read, I will just wait and see what happens if anything? ⚒⚒⚒.

27 Jan 2021 13:37:51
Outstanding run down Ed002 -- thank you.
Patson Daka absent from the list -- did I miss something on him?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any interest:

Patson Daka (S) the player signed a new contract at RBS last season when he was assured of the chance to replace Haaland - a chance he has taken very well under Jesse Marsch. RBL could be interested in taking him in the future but the timing is not right now as RBS have no intention of selling. He is a player who would depart for AFCON which puts many clubs off. His agent and his assistant (Freddie Kanoute) have offered him around without the permission of RBS - this will be driven by the far higher wages offered elsewhere and certainly Lomdon-based clubs have been approached including Crystal Palace who have previously made an offer for him and Spurs. I suspect West Ham and Arsenal will also have been approached.

27 Jan 2021 15:57:37
Tremendous effort with the info, Ed002.

Many thanks.

My gut tells me that buying Benrahma outright this window and bringing Lingard into that loan space, will be it.

I can’t see there being anymore cash for the central striker we need.

{Ed002's Note - That is why they have jumped for Benrahma now, but they really must address the Stiker issue.}

27 Jan 2021 15:58:12
Wow. Thanks Ed.

26 Jan 2021 00:05:45
Hwang hee chan from RB Leipzig by all accounts, South Korean striker who is nick named "THE BULL". South Korean, we r interested on signing him on loan till end of season, don't k ow anything of him but other West Ham fans saying he looks a good one?

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26 Jan 2021 08:31:17
Morning Whitby, I saw his name linked with us as well, but really take no notice as we all now how journalism works!
However as with Son at Spurs, they have a 2 year call up into their Military as some point, but that will obviously have been considered? I like the general work ethic in Football of a lot of Asian and Eastern European players, but that’s generalising of course! But really hope we add somebody up front to keep us pushing on👍
Slippery game tonight, won’t be able to watch it as it’s on BT, but hopefully will get it on poor mans listening🤣COYI⚒⚒⚒.

26 Jan 2021 08:59:32
I’ve read that the club is keen as his work ethic and style of play suits Moyse. The Davids are also particularly interested because it would open up merchandising opportunities for the club in south east Asia.

26 Jan 2021 09:39:33
He is t really much of a goal scorer, have seen him play a number of times as watch the South Korean national team play most of their matches and like most South Koreans, Son perhaps one of the exceptions, works hard, good on the ball, but doesn’t score often.

26 Jan 2021 11:30:43
Markro, The work ethic was almost certainly the reason Wilshere was limited if his claims about being fit for the last 8 months are to be believed, don’t think he ever broke into a sweat playing, he was lazy, as was the same of Haller and Anderson? Moyes was hardly going to come out to the media and tell them that! We all know Moyes won’t tolerate slackers, why should any Manager?
Merchandising is of such importance to all clubs, Son is like a God in S Korea, he is idolised also another way to claw back some of the big losses on outrageous overpriced signings of MP👎especially if we managed a Son type signing, he’s my favourite and most exciting non WH player in PL to watch⚒⚒⚒⚒.

26 Jan 2021 12:24:50
Fully agree chelms, son for me is exceptional, my boss is a Spurs fan for his sins and I say all the time I would only take one player from your team no questions asked and that’s sonny. Not sure what nationality he was but can you remember je sung park who played for Man U, he had a right engine on him, brilliant player. I for one would like this to be true, for the player and like u say the doorway it opens into the Asian market could only benefit us financially, if we aren't there already.

26 Jan 2021 14:45:04
Ok just watched some clips on you tube ok ok you tube can make anyone look good but loved the way he was 1st defender closing ball down high up the pitch
Would love us to sign a player like that seems to have an engine.

26 Jan 2021 18:03:52
Park was South Korean too and one of the best midfielders in Asia. If anyone is expecting Hwan to be anything like Son they are going to be really disappointed.

27 Jan 2021 16:01:06
Son has pace to burn, a cool head and makes great runs. He scores so many good goals.

27 Jan 2021 19:10:45
Agree Son is brilliant and if Hwan was anything like him he would be snatched up. But when Australia have played Korea the focus is watch Son as no-one else including Hwan is likely to score.

25 Jan 2021 13:01:20
Bondswell medical supposedly today? Don't know much about him. From Leipzig, England youth international?

Stories around the En-Nyseri sound like the chase for that Uruguayan if it is to believed. Keep chasing him even when he has made it clear he doesn't want to come. Hope it's not the case.

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25 Jan 2021 18:58:29
Maxi Gomez was it Sdl?

25 Jan 2021 21:23:49
Yes I hear he hasn’t gone so well in Spain anyway.

25 Jan 2021 23:08:58
So any more on Bondswell? Supposedly a promising young LB.

25 Jan 2021 11:20:27
More rumours that Chelsea will sack Lampard, I wonder if that happens it will scupper the Rice rumour mill about going Westbound? Hopefully if Lampard goes he may stay? ⚒⚒⚒.

{Ed002's Note - Rice was very much a target of Frank Lampard rather than the club.}

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25 Jan 2021 12:18:00
Seems he has been sacked, such a shame.

Holding onto Rice will still be difficult with Man Utd and Liverpool possible interest in the summer. Will still depend on how we go second half of the season and who we bring in.

25 Jan 2021 12:44:41
He's now been sacked so expect to see him on telly punditry.

25 Jan 2021 13:06:37
Hes been sacked chelms. Brought a smile to my face aswell hopefully that sees Rice stay long term.

25 Jan 2021 13:25:46
Iron👍 Rice has been quoted as saying “I want to stay in London” the bad news is without Chelsea we still have Spurs and Arsenal to worry about, think we can rule out Fulham, QPR& Brentford😂🤣⚒⚒⚒.

25 Jan 2021 18:08:32
1. I can’t see the Davids doing any business with Spurs.

2. Why would Rice move to a lesser team like Arsenal?

25 Jan 2021 18:25:27
Given that FL has gone from Chelsea and the interest from may disappear from them but remain with other PL clubs maybe a new contract should start to negotiated with him and his advisors if west ham carry on performing as we have no reason why we shouldn’t resolve his aspirations for European football which will also attract a better quality of players.

25 Jan 2021 18:37:19
No business ever with spurs plus they couldn't afford him.

No point in going to Arse either and they again would not pay the minimum price of 80m.

Rice should stay and become a west ham legend we have the makings of a really good team with the correct investment and youngsters like odubeko, baptiste, diallo, johnson coming through in the next couple seasons we could be a European regular. Noble to lift the FA cup retire and become director of football.

25 Jan 2021 21:24:44
The him down to a new contract and reward him with better terms.

25 Jan 2021 08:19:45
Ed's, has there been genuine interest from West Ham in Adam Hlozek from the Czech Republic?

I am aware he was spoken about by Coufal and Soucek but are West Ham actually interested?

{Ed002's Note - There is a great deal of interest in the kid from across Europe, particularly from two German clubs but at 18 this is not really the right time to be moving and making it into the first team. The advice to the player is to stay where he is for now and develop. Although he is a player who will no doubt do very, very well in the future, he is not the solution to the immediate striker problem that West Ham have.}

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