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17 Feb 2024 17:16:33
Another abject performance again today we need a goal and Philips has been booked he dithers around and by the time he's ready to make a sub it's too late. I think Philips realises he's made a mistake playing for Moyes and is trying to get back to City. Kudos and Bowen missing today but without Paqueta I'm not surprised. Moyes needs to go NOW he's clueless

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17 Feb 2024 18:41:48
We now becoming easy to beat. I wouldn’t say Moyes is clueless that’s very harsh, but getting beat consistently creates a moody squad, especially with a new face in Phillips with game fitness and awareness that is way off the pace. Not scoring in the last 3 now is a big concern.

The next manager choice is very important as if we are to go with a championship manager then I strongly believe we will go backwards very quickly.

The board need to be positive and back a high calibre manager to push WH on.

17 Feb 2024 21:22:22
Nobody cares anymore and it was clear to see today. The players have lost all fight and belief. But, according to moyes we won't win anything with anybody else? Make your own minds up and wake up EVERYBODY?

18 Feb 2024 09:06:58
Contrary to most posts on here re Forest game, I thought overall we played really well! We played better than I have seen for a while, yes the usual problems with lack of shots on goal, I thought Antonio had a great game up front considering the time he’s been out, hustling and giving defenders a hard time!
What’s the point in moaning for the sake of it, I would prefer to see Moyes out, but he ain’t going yet so get used to it, I see no point in the same posts being typed every time, sorry chaps but that’s how I see it! ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

18 Feb 2024 09:59:17
Fair point Chelmsford. I think we all know now that despite all the rumours circling, moyes won't be going anywhere and from what I hear, talks for a 2 year extension are well in the advanced stage!

19 Feb 2024 18:44:14
Chelmsford must have watched a different game to me. If it weren't for Areola pulling off some world class saves, we could have been 4 or 5 down at half-time and the final result might have been another repeat of Arsenal.

19 Feb 2024 20:39:43
Chelms I'm not sure about ANTROLLIO having a good game he wasnt great mate and in our last 5 or 6 games AREOLA has been our best player by far and that tells you everything as in our last 3 games we've conceded 11 and if it wasnt for AREOLA it could be close to 17 or 18 conceded so thatis the long and short of it.⚒⚒⚒

20 Feb 2024 07:12:31
Whorya, I like a front runner who frightens defenders and in my view Ant did exactly that against Forest, so I was watching a different Ant to you!
I haven’t seen anyone up front who roughs up defenders like him when he’s not playing, yes he makes a lot of f—- ups, who doesn’t?
Agree Areola has been our best player since he’s been our number 1 which I thought he should have been since we bought him, so that goes to show how bloody rubbish Moyes tactics are which we all know?

20 Feb 2024 11:06:17
Antonio could frighten defenders by wearing a Dracula mask. His job is to score goals, not pointlessly run around saying “Boo”!

20 Feb 2024 23:08:43
Its football chelms not wrestling or UFC so your happy as long as he roughs up defenders and never looks like scoring, your happy with that he was about 3 weeks away from being fit but was slung into the starting 11 as he's a DD favourite full stop I know he hasn't been fit for a while but he ain't scored for 4 months either and HALLER 81 APPS and 41 goals since leaving us I know who I'd rather have when played in his preferred role and system that's why he was signed you sign players and then use them to their strength which DD never did and are you sure your DD out as he likes players that run or ROLL around like headless chickens and all ANTROLLIO does is in my nickname for him roll around trying to buy free kicks and on JWP the only way he's going to break BECKHAMS record is if he shags 2 spice girls he hasn't scored one amazing set piece free kick as he's been MOYESED.⚒⚒⚒

21 Feb 2024 04:42:25
?? Exactly, Whorya.
(Love the Beckham analogy BTW ?)

17 Feb 2024 17:01:52
Jeeeez can it get any worse. 6 shots 2 on target against forest?

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17 Feb 2024 18:14:29
Osh, I'm afraid it can. Anything's possible under this buffoon.

17 Feb 2024 18:20:17
Oh it can Oshee he gets a new 2 year deal it's coming don't worry it will happen.⚒⚒⚒

17 Feb 2024 19:04:10
You know what will happen is he will nick a result I say result not a performance and in SULLYS eyes that will shut us supporters up as SULLY and MOYES do not care about supporters only themselves and I truly believe that.⚒⚒⚒


17 Feb 2024 21:09:24
I sat and watched and I found it unbelievable from where we were to where we are. Such a change. Despondent, disorganised with no leader. How has it got this bad? Where is IRONSMIKE now? But its OK, sullivan and co know better than we do so all will be fine. Bearing in mind today was forest, a team that can't win and are struggling

17 Feb 2024 22:07:28
Mate, my life isn’t this website. I hardly use it. No need to, to be fair, over the last week. Hardly caught me off guard reading this stuff. It’s as boring now as it was six months ago. Got better things to do. Also, it’s not my hill to die on. You and Tinlegs can have the honour of logging in every couple of hours to defend your online turf.

Finally, basically everything I submit isn’t uploaded. So I don’t use this website.

17 Feb 2024 22:48:37
What's your views on the last 3 performances mike and the fact is he is ruining KUDUS by asking him to defend and the fact that ZOUMA is playing at 30% not his fault his knees are shot to pieces and how AUGERD is about as interested in west ham as a goldfish as his left leg is already in SAUDI now not the next 3 games is the time to replace him your honest views mike.⚒⚒⚒

17 Feb 2024 22:56:59
It wasn’t Osh or me who declared we had had enough and we were leaving, only to return shortly after under a different username! ?

18 Feb 2024 16:20:22
I'm a bit torn. Areola saved us from a 5-0 tonking, but half of me, since we lost abjectly anyway sort of wishes he hadn't. I can't see how Moyes would still be in a job had we got beat by 5 at Forest.

17 Feb 2024 16:47:28
Surely it's time he goes

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17 Feb 2024 21:12:12
Nope because the board don't care about the fans or the club. as long as sullivan and co are in charge its all about the cheapest easiest option and we put up with it. Today was terrible

17 Feb 2024 22:37:59
MOYES comments on the game was a build up play was good but we broke down in the final 3rd, is he for real I and millions of supporters will tell you you need STRIKERS and you haven't replaced HALLER, SCAMACCA, and we never commit enough players in the final 3rd as your constantly waving your hands in one direction and that's to get back, and I'm not a fan once again saying about INGS but he is played as a 10 against SHEFFIELD UNITED and has his best game in a west ham shirt now people will say that ain't hard but he did and he hasn't had a kick since, great management and we are losing today and he brings on a defender and a player he has ruined in CORNET so instead of leaving ANTROLLIO on and sacrificing a CDM no he just cannot bring himself to do this this incompetent so called manager needs replacing now and not when results just decide his fate.⚒⚒⚒

18 Feb 2024 04:28:19
I'm am truly bewildered what's happening to west ham and if ever a league position is papering over the cracks then this is it.⚒⚒⚒

17 Feb 2024 16:26:23
Woeful again, how much longer?

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17 Feb 2024 17:31:10
Well the simple answer is Oshee if he Nick's a result in the next three it will be another 4 games and on and on and on and on and on and on and on oh sorry the season finished and he will be given a new 2 year contract.⚒⚒⚒?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

20 Feb 2024 23:13:56
Now another ex player has defended DD in an ex hammer in DON HUTCHINSON all these so called experts only see where we are in the table and keep going back to the EUROPA CONF CUP which any manager would have won if they were worthy of calling themselves a FOOTBALL MANAGER and suprise suprise he's a plastic jock who's sticking up for MOYES.⚒⚒⚒

16 Feb 2024 11:20:07
Not only do we have the prospect of Sullivan giving Moyes yet another four games to 'turn things around', but we also get various sources suggesting all sorts of names as the club's replacement for the manager:
Jose Mourinho, Graham Potter, Steve Cooper, Xabi Alonso (!), and now the latest rumour -
Thomas Tuchel.
Where will it end? Pep Guardiola? All as a result of Sullivan's indecision. do something positive. Sack Moyes NOW and let's all move on. End this bloody nightmare.

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16 Feb 2024 11:54:39
Hmmm it seems reports today suggest Thomas Tuchel (who is under massive pressure at Bayern) could be in the frame. TIM STEIDTEN is seemingly confident that if Tuchel is sacked as is expected, he could convince him to come to the LONDON STADIUM and maybe, it might just be a really good appointment for us! Yes, so he hasn't done well at BAYERN but prior to this he hasn't done badly

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

16 Feb 2024 13:08:17
Nor me ED but one can hope lol. Seems Bayern are looking at XABI ALONSO?

{Ed002's Note - Bayern have several coaches they will consider.}

16 Feb 2024 14:16:07
Bayern are also thinking about signing Hansi Flick or Joachim Löw temporarily. Numerous players are very unhappy with THOMAS TUCHEL, his team selections and internally we results this season. THOMAS TUCHEL could be living on borrowed time after the latest defeat in the champions league

16 Feb 2024 16:00:11
I only hope there's no truth in the rumour that WHU are considering Tuchel. I think he'd be bad news.

16 Feb 2024 16:27:09
Yesterday I read an unbelievable load of nonsense from one of these so-called football "experts" living under the name of "a football pundit". This is exactly why nobody should give these idiots the time of day.
Michael Brown (who? ) wrote in Caughtoffside:
"David Moyes appears poised to depart West Ham, despite the commendable work he has done there, as BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown suggests.
"This speculation follows the team’s 6-0 defeat to Arsenal at the London Stadium on Sunday, February 11th. The East London club presently occupies eighth position in the Premier League standings and have progressed to the knockout stages of the Europa League.
"Moyes has excelled at the London Stadium club, a fact acknowledged by the majority of Hammers supporters. (I couldn't stop laughing at this point.) Despite facing scrutiny during their Premier League struggles (er, sorry? Isn't that his job? ), he led the club to a memorable European triumph last season. Additionally, Moyes steered West Ham through challenging periods, resulting in their current strong position in the league campaign. (Yep, no wins yet in 2024.)
"However, the manager is facing mounting pressure, primarily attributed to his perceived (unbelievable! ) unattractive style of play. His tactics against Arsenal clearly backfired, with the Gunners inflicting a resounding defeat on their London counterparts. The dismal performance undoubtedly cast a shadow over everyone associated with the East London club, raising concerns about potential ramifications for Moyes and his coaching staff.
"Michael Brown told BBC Sport: “Moyes hasn’t been dealt a good hand in regards to support (no, just half a billion pounds! ) but I think he’s done an unbelievable job and he’s come out and said ‘let’s not forget that’. He was very irate after the game against Arsenal and you could see why. (Yep, caught red-handed) But again, the players have to take responsibility – that wasn’t a good enough performance.”
What utter garbage, albeit quite amusing. Unbelievably misinformed nonsense, and a prime example of all these agent driven idiots sticking together and commenting on something they have scant knowledge of. I wonder how often this twerp shows any interest in WHU? He's obviously not a supporter, and probably watches WHU once or twice a season. Hilarious bunkum.

16 Feb 2024 18:11:23
Agreed Tin. And I'm sick of hearing about how HE GUIDED us to European glory.

17 Feb 2024 11:53:30
Further proof that these pundits should not be considered as so-called football experts. Just because they could kick a ball better than others does not mean that they know what they are talking about.
Writing on The Sun website on Friday, Troy Deeney said it’s easier than ever for supporters to regard managers like Moyes, who he believes is an “excellent coach”, as cautious, negative and outdated due to the average football fan being a lot more educated than they were 20 years ago! He admitted that the problem with Moyes' style of play is that it looks “terrible” when his side aren’t winning.
Really? Somebody who actually watches WHU should tell Mr Deeney that Moyes' style of play looks bloody terrible even when WHU come away with all three points! If it weren't for Michael Brown (who? ) previously laying a strong claim for being Twerp of the Week (see above), this dubious honour would definitely find it's way into Mr Deeney's possession.

17 Feb 2024 21:36:42
It's a joke but what do we know. Moyes is the messiah

18 Feb 2024 04:24:35
Agreed Osh. Let’s see how he guides us in our quest for ‘European glory’ this season in a tournament where we are not favourites to win as there are some decent opposition teams competing, instead of mainly clubs nobody has ever heard of!

19 Feb 2024 21:00:55
The only thing these so called football pundits and experts is they see WEST HAM as a small club and we should be grateful that DD has won a european cup of some sort by beating a number of pub teams and 2 average teams, one in the final in FIORENTINA and any manager could have won the same cup the majority of these experts say that all that matters is results and that's it, why I can understand it's a results based industry last year we were fortunate not to get dragged into a relegation scrap, the start we had to this season beating CHELSEA, BHA, and a few others we were very lucky in at least 4 or 5 of our early wins and I don't class spending half a billion pound on transfers in the last handful of windows as WEST HAM being a small club, DD has won 1 trophy and thinks he's the best manager we've ever had and we've never won european honours he won nothing at EVERTON, UTD, SUNDERLAND, REAL SOCIADAD, and never looked likely too, you watch when we play a half decent team in the next round of the proper europa cup we will be out and our league position will drop like a pebble in the ocean.⚒⚒⚒

15 Feb 2024 20:21:05
There is a poll on the BBC sport website and apparently 25% want Moyes gone now and 29% want him to get another 5yr contract. Others are inbetween in various forms. Amazing really I just would never of imagined he still had anything like that support.

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15 Feb 2024 20:42:08
I don't believe he does, It'll be other teams fans trolling us who are voting for him to stay.

16 Feb 2024 08:12:44
Billy, think you’re right ?I saw another poll and 74% said they want him out?

16 Feb 2024 13:09:48
Same Chelmsford. COYI forum held a poll and it was closer to 74% want him out, so I reckon the BBC is Supporters from other teams and sporting pundits etc

16 Feb 2024 15:39:16
Bayern munich will need a massive rebuild as getting beat by a third tier team in the cup ain't what ALONSO would be itching to take on I truly believe it's a done deal for liverpool if they've other plans then I can see him staying at Leverkusen until PEP leaves city which I don't think will be to far from KLOPP.⚒⚒⚒

16 Feb 2024 16:40:11
The BBC probably got all their pundits to vote!

15 Feb 2024 13:55:54
Here's hoping Roy Hodgson is ok after he was taken ill during Crystal Palace Training this morning!

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16 Feb 2024 15:39:49
2nd that a top person as well as manager?

17 Feb 2024 07:48:48
Me too, get well Roy, he should have retired a few years ago, too much pressure& involvement at his age! ⚒⚒⚒⚒

14 Feb 2024 19:55:57
Graham Potter's name is gathering momentum and to be honest am not sure if it's good or bad.

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15 Feb 2024 03:16:46
He wouldn’t be top of my list, but compared to Moyes, I ‘d take his mother.

15 Feb 2024 07:05:14
He did well in SWEDEN and we all know what he did with Brighton before De Zerbi took over. let's not forget that although De Zerbi is now reaping the rewards, its was Potter who built that team from virtually nothing and whilst he was in charge, I don't remember us beating Brighton? Forget what he did or didn't do at Chelsea, he was always doomed for failure at that club. I reckon, given time, he will do really well here. Especially if we can keep hold of TS

15 Feb 2024 07:49:46
I think much of Brightons success is multi faceted. As their recruitment strategy has been brilliant, finding numerous absolute gems for next to nothing ang moving them on at big prices, with new players coming to replace them. I think De Zerbi has taken them on to the next level. I don’t know much about Potter but a mate of mine is a Chelsea fan, his criticism of Potter was when things weren’t going right he had no plan B. Just take off a player and replace him with like for like rather than change the style or formation. Which is worryingly familiar. But who knows he must be an improvement on what we have….

15 Feb 2024 07:57:05
Daisy, absolutely agree, I would love to have Potter with us?Always posters don’t want this or that one, look who we have! You are bang on, he built Brighton into a real decent side that I loved to watch! If he was available and fancied us I would be well pleased to have him?I agree with the Chelsea comment?

15 Feb 2024 13:44:36
I suppose the question we have to ask of Graham Potter is "Would he really fancy it, knowing how Sullivan behaves"? Not sure I would?

15 Feb 2024 20:45:59
Easy choice for him if approached, yes or no! I’m sure a few will be tempted by £5m pa plus a 3 year contract!

13 Feb 2024 17:12:59
We were 6th at the beginning of the year and Europa League Quarter-Finalists.

It was clear the squad needed strengthening in some areas but the only incoming was a player who hadn't kicked a ball in anger for 18 months.

Meanwhile we lose 3 players (including a German defender with 27 caps).

To then set-up with a second choice right back playing left wing and one of the best wingers in the league playing out of position while Cornet and Ings sit in the bench is mad.

To lose 0-6 is a disgrace.

If we had won 6-0 the manager would be taking the credit and takes the blame when we were embarrassed.

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13 Feb 2024 18:52:58
Another thing on DINOSAUR DAVE is ANTONIO was told he isn't allowed to shoot from outside the box unbelievable.⚒⚒⚒

13 Feb 2024 19:17:12
MOYES is slowly ruining KUDUS by keep asking him to defend they guy is an all out ATTACKING player but he's going to be MOYESED if he ain't already such a shame.⚒⚒⚒

14 Feb 2024 08:05:02
So, it seems TIM STEIDTEN did due dilligence and had 6 players lined up but Dithering Dave said No. Seemingly the list of names has been leaked to the press and Sullivan is none to happy about it! He has bigger things to concern himself than what the press is saying. SORT OUT OUR MANAGER POSITION and do it NOW

15 Feb 2024 13:47:13
Never mind. The board (Brady and Sullivan) keep giving Moyes four more games to “turn things around”. When we get a win against Forest, Brentford or Burnley, then the Dynamic Duo will say, “Well, that was lucky we didn’t have a knee jerk reaction and sack him”. Until the next bad result, when he’ll get another four games. Soon they’ll be running out of fixtures. It’s a complete farce. Sullivan is running WHU as if it’s all tits and bums, ‘cos that’s all he knows. Someone should point out that the only tits and bums at WHU are all seated around the boardroom table.

13 Feb 2024 15:54:25
Well guess what (am sure we've been here before)? According to the telegraph "Moyes has No wins this year and in seven games he has completely changed the mood around the club"! It seems the same is to be said that the boardroom are also concerned if reports are to be believed?


It was claimed yesterday that majority owner David Sullivan has effectively given Moyes FOUR MORE games to save his job.


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13 Feb 2024 17:43:53
Apparently we were offered ZAHA and DD said no thank you but the story goes that when he joined UTD at 20 FERGIE was there but then retired and in steps DD and he was given 88 minutes in 3 appearances for UTD and DD wanted to loan him out as he was too young and ZAHA basically said feck you and was sold.⚒⚒⚒

13 Feb 2024 18:02:36
We have conceded wait for it.400 shots in 24 premier league games fact great football and that ain't a low block you MOYES in people.⚒⚒⚒

14 Feb 2024 15:40:58
Whorya, Re Zaha, Moyes knew Zaha would tell Moyes to do one in no uncertain terms?I would have had him anytime, volatile and hit& miss at times but very exciting to have on your side??

Also your Moyes quote on Antonio, how any times have we seen Ant put the Ball in the back of the stands when he has players in a better position than him around the area, but I do not believe you can shackle players in that manner, they are not bloody robots, the Board and other training staff should try telling Moyes to start playing attacking Football for a change and see if he listens?

15 Feb 2024 03:18:50
I can see us getting a win or draw on Saturday. Back to square one.

16 Feb 2024 15:46:43
Chelms that's all DD wants is ROBOTS and can you imagine KANE being told you can only shoot from inside the 18 yards box its laughable and also our midfield are not to press to high up the pitch it's getting laughable now chelms.⚒⚒⚒


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