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Formula 1: Imola Talking Points

19 Apr 2021 16:53:37
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Imola Talking Points

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19 Apr 2021 14:31:41
UEFA and FIFA have said they don't want the players of these super league teams playing for their country, how do the players feel about that, players probably want to carry on playing for their country's but as they're contracted to their clubs how do they get out of it if their clubs are unwilling to sell them, I can see players going on strike if they don't want any part of this, it's only the owners and nobody else that wants this to happen, pure Greed.

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19 Apr 2021 16:50:03
If this so called Super League goes ahead, I can see the equivalent of “ Football Civil War” amongst clubs and supporters!
There will be much anger vented against the super greedy clubs with the insatiable appetite tor even more money making!
Greed has long been the money cancer in Football, which as many know is often terminal, let’s hope it doesn’t kill our working mans game! ⚒⚒⚒⚒.

20 Apr 2021 05:46:57
uefa are saying there contracts could be canceled then its up to the player carry playing for the said team then international/ domestic ban can apply will be interesting given the scream if there any takers for the other 3 teams.

20 Apr 2021 10:38:27
Not sure contracts would be cancelled that would need a fair bit of legal involvement. The player is under a contract as an employee of the club not UEFA.

19 Apr 2021 11:36:53
The Super League will not be a 'Super League' with out Bayern Munich, PSG and Ajax. All three are major clubs.
On another point, could the Carabao Cup not be cancelled? It would act as a statement to both Spurs and Citeh.

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20 Apr 2021 15:24:59
Since when did Spurs qualify as a big club? Last won the League 60 years ago. City and Chelsea were nothing until the money arrived. PSG? They may be rich but they play in a weak league and despite some Indy hundreds of millions have still not managed to with the ECL.

The whole thing is a disgrace, driven by the English clubs and Liverpool and United in particular.

Even is they extend Champions League paces to 6 it doesn’t work for them unless their places are guaranteed. If West Ham qualify then they are taking revenue that they believe they should have. It’s almost too ridiculous to believe but here we are.

The fans of the big six are generally in agreement that this is plain wrong.

Review Of The Day 17th April 2021

19 Apr 2021 07:39:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th April 2021

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18 Apr 2021 18:25:58
So 6 clubs wish to form with other European clubs a breakaway super league. If West Ham were to take part that would be an end to my 60 year man an boy association with the club.
This is, as far as I am concerned unadulterated greed and gives no consideration to the traditions, fair play and opportunities of all teams that play football from the so called top 6 to the team from the dog and duck.

{Ed002's Note - This is nothing new - it has been going on for years.}

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18 Apr 2021 21:03:43
Agreed Ed have heard this since I was a boy and generally it is so the clubs can get some financial guarantees and leads to UEFA changing the European Cup rules to accommodate them.

{Ed002's Note - It is rather more than that - if you have a look on the European pages there is some more information Sid.}

19 Apr 2021 06:26:13
Yes have read that 12 clubs have signed up, but I’m pretty sure that happened prior to the Champions League too. Regardless if it happens I would hope FIFA would ban players from playing internationals and the leagues prevent them from playing domestically, much like WSC cricket with the difference being WSC helped a game that had little money going to players, football doesn’t need this so just ban them all and let’s see what the extra money gets them then.

19 Apr 2021 06:43:07
Would this breakaway make Lingards decision easier, weather to stay or go, and could these clubs possibly get punished with a points deduction?

19 Apr 2021 10:16:34
seems to me the time of the announcement is critical to there aims they state they wish to remain in there respective leagues and create a closed of competition with guarantees of being in the in the money . they already have there goals and this league idea seems in my eyes to give them leverage over uefa/ fifa in talks about changing and shaping future competition rules and more importantly payments. i'm against it personally but do you think Argentina/ brazil will stop players like messi etc from playing for the nations side. Seems the leagues/ uefa are pissed because the clubs are going to try and dictate payments and we all know how greedy these governing bodies are, already you can read between the lines they will ban players etc small talk is we want to keep everyone happy.

{Ed002's Note - The position of FIFA right now is that players would not be available for selection if they play for non-FIFA clubs.}

19 Apr 2021 11:30:33
It won’t be Argentina or Brazil’s decision it will be FIFAs.

19 Apr 2021 13:06:03
your missing the point i am trying to make Brazil/ Argentina are not going to agree to not having there best players notbeing available they will want some form of compromise then major sponsors will also want the best players on show then if they organized a competition at the same time as say the euros competing for air time most of these major sporting events are staged to avoid clashes of major events i know what your saying about fifa how many of the brazilan squad are in those 12 break away sides also spain and england also have a high percentage of players within those squads money talks that's all i'm saying.

{Ed002's Note - The situation is very clear and simple. Players for clubs which are competing in any unaffiliated league will not be able to play in the World Cup, Euros, etc.. I am not sure why you are struggling to understand this.}

19 Apr 2021 23:04:31
It is exactly what happened with World Series Cricket and in Australia with Rugby Super League, the players were banned and I hope the same happens here.

20 Apr 2021 03:24:09
im not struggling to understand this ed02 i'm just speculating about the bigger picture if they opted to push forward with this mad plan if it was one team ok but 12 is a big number which could rise to 15 gives them a big voice if they have to negotiate a new deal based around the champions league format proposal . We all know its about money over the past few years a lot of big clubs have been shown to be flaky. The worse thing was those that arranging the new champions league format were secretly where working on something else, Devious f@@kers also with all the players could be potentially free agents?

John McGinn

18 Apr 2021 08:40:15
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, John McGinn

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Review Of The Day 17th April 2021

18 Apr 2021 07:39:22
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th April 2021

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17 Apr 2021 21:18:51
Our squad has little depth.

Apart from that ludicrous 15 seconds where Dawson inexplicably lunged for a second yellow and Diop dribbled an own goal, we could have taken something from this game, but any further injuries will be seriously problematic.

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18 Apr 2021 00:43:23
Pre match I was thinking a draw would be alright and then all to play for against Chelsea. A loss wasn't good but the character shown to fight back with 10 men I think means they can still keep confidence levels up which is what will be needed on the run in - but yes injuries are a real worry.

My hope is that Leicester continue their free fall and so we are playing for two spots in the top 4 along with Chelsea and Liverpool.

17 Apr 2021 14:44:51
dreadful first half - Dawson is experienced to know better, then to gift 2 goals - great fight back and I felt Johnson was at fault for their 3rd, but he made a great clearance moments before, he didn't have a good game at all. Coufal was our best attacking player.
going to be short of numbers next week against Chelski - Lingard hamstring? Dawson banned!

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17 Apr 2021 22:55:12
At least we showed character to fight back from 2-0 down, hopefully we will have one or two back next week for Chelsea.
One thing we can be sure is Benrahma is not premier league quality, he has got to improve a lot in next 6 games or his West Ham time could be done. Typical we get ogbonna back but lose Dawson.
Whatever happens between now and end of season it has been great and I have no complaints on the team, we do need a few tweaks but all in all we will compete.

17 Apr 2021 13:28:56
That's a very poor first half, our play is too slow, we just keep going side to side!

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