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29 Jul 2021 16:20:55
1 down . 3 more needed.
Zouma wouldn't be a bad shout for defensive move, I would prefer nate Phillips. Pereira from westbrom would cover lingard .
striker wise I'd go with sima or hlozek . A center mid would be nice but can't see this happening with Coventry impressing and moyes like lanzini in a deeper role and fornals I believe could do a job there. Hopefully balls started rolling . COYI.

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29 Jul 2021 21:42:57
1 down 3 more loans to go
Nah glad to see someone coming in and he look handy last season when i saw him
Still worried by how much psg are paying him 7.5 a year we can't match that after the loan ends
But it good to know were not stuffed in fab get injured.

30 Jul 2021 23:12:07
One season at a time.

29 Jul 2021 10:05:32
Does anyone feel that there are quite a few players with one year left on their contract with their clubs still demanding what is a LOT of money in this market for a player they could lose for nothing next summer?
Pogba, Bakayoko, Lingard, Nketiah, Stones, Rudiger, Christensen, Longstaff (the good one), Tarkowski, Lacazette, Ings, Origi, Batshuayi and Kolasinac to name just a few in their last year.
Maybe a lot of clubs are being cautious this summer because selling clubs are asking so much for these players. Maybe the strategy is to do what they can to just stay in the prem in hope of picking players up next summer or in Jan on the cheap. Or maybe players are tired of their clubs demanding such high fees and not having any control on their careers and maybe feel running down their contract would be better for them financially and for their career.
Ed - any truth in this thought?

{Ed002's Note - No Nick. Clubs have players who they will renew in this list, there are players who are for sale in this list and there are one or two who will look to run down their contracts. I can see several in the list where discussions about their futures are already in hand.}

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Review Of The Day 29th July 2021

29 Jul 2021 07:39:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 29th July 2021

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28 Jul 2021 14:29:45
The bid to buy the club is apparently £500m from PAI Capital who have supposedly got serious money, they would be looking at buying the stadium as well, it's only what I've read?

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28 Jul 2021 16:56:20
I think it could all be a ruse and then when no new players are brought in they will use potential of selling as the excuse and i'm sick of hearing about lingaard. Move on from him. We need a damn striker.

29 Jul 2021 09:27:20
West Ham’ deal for the Olympic Stadium, could make the DGS very rich indeed. However, a sale of the club isn’t necessarily in the best financial interest for DGS at this point in time. When the Contract for the Olympic Stadium was being drawn up Legacy chiefs, who negotiated the contract with West Ham, were sufficiently concerned that Sullivan and Gold might make a quick fortune by selling up soon after relocating to the Olympic stadium that they incorporated a provision to recoup a percentage of any sale price to the public purse. DGS publicly say they have no plans to sell, but let’s face it, everyone has a price but provision stipulates that any sale within a certain time period, over a certain price would mean DGS don’t receive as much of the sale price themselves.

I will try to explain in Lehman’s Terms the key points of the contract.

In simplified terms, West Ham’s 99-year lease for the Olympic Stadium contains a clause stipulating that a percentage of the proceeds of any sale of the club should go back to the public purse, and that any sale that values the club at £125m or more triggers a repayment of somewhere between 7.5 per cent and 30 per cent, with more punitive rates the higher the price tag and if the deal takes place before summer 2021.

A sale after summer 2026 would not trigger a repayment at all, DGS would get all the sale value (minus the obvious) .

However, it is worth mentioning, the percentage amount paid to the public purse is applied not to the value of the deal but to an “adjusted consideration”, offset against the club’s debt. This means that if there are substantial debts to pay off first, the sale value would need to significantly exceed £125m before the repayment clause was activated and the taxpayer saw any return. The club’s debt (last I remember), owed in the main to DGS, stood at approx. £35m when accounts were last filed. Using that figure, if West Ham were sold today it would take an offer of more than £160m before any repayment was triggered.

Given that DGS have apparently just rejected a £500m offer from PAI Capital (amount mentioned above), if DGS did sell, they’d lose between £23.8-102m (split by ownership percentages) in repayments to the public purse. If they wait until the summer of 2026, they would receive practically the full sale price (split by ownership percentages) .

That is my understanding of matters. Whilst I would love to see West Ham bought by some mega wealthy consortium, I am unsure DGS would consider any offer all the time they would have to reimburse the public purse any amount of the sale price.

28 Jul 2021 06:59:49
when do we think we'll get the usual David Gold post saying about the transfer window "we tried"!

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28 Jul 2021 11:06:46
Amazed he hasn’t posted it early.

{Ed001's Note - do you think he will blame the takeover attempt for messing with the window?}

28 Jul 2021 12:26:56
Wouldnt put it past them but can't see how they'll spin that
And it might not sound like it but i still think moyes will bring in a few players
Just hoped main positions would be sorted by the start of the season
Anyone know if we have bid for tammy or asked about a loan with obilgation or is it all papers.

28 Jul 2021 16:57:43
Absolutely any excuse. "Oh well, we were selling and then the other parties pulled out leaving us no time to get players" what a waste of time.

28 Jul 2021 17:02:01
As always they've had all summer. Not interested cause its always the same story and i'm honestly done.

29 Jul 2021 10:25:29
🤣😂You’d better divorce WH. The Window doesn’t close until 11.00pm 31 August!
If at all possible DM will make a couple signings, he’s a shrewd and clever canny Scotsman imo, no good, letting all others knows, if not it’s not the end of the club!

Team Review - West Ham United

28 Jul 2021 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Team Review - West Ham United

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27 Jul 2021 21:11:00
The goalkeeper we are rumoured to be after Alphonse Areola
Has anyone seen his wages 7.5m a year at PSG.

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27 Jul 2021 16:15:31
About Phil Jones.

He's a 29 year old Premier League winner with 27 England caps that Moyes knows well and is available on a free.

He's had injury problems - but he could be the new Craig Dawson (who thought he was a good buy at the time? ) .

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27 Jul 2021 17:36:03
Dawson had been playing regularly. Jones has played 2 prem games in 2 years. I trust Moyes I don't trust injury prone players and west ham. 29 is still a decent age for a CB though he must have had some bad injuries.

27 Jul 2021 18:38:34
Just can't muster any enthusiasm whatsoever about us possibly signing Phil Jones.

As for Dawson, his form pretty much fell off a cliff at the end of last season and he made a number of goal costing errors which in all honesty were glossed over because of his earlier performances. I'm worried he'll be a weak link next term.

28 Jul 2021 15:21:21
What about Phil bardsley can you muster some excitement for him?

27 Jul 2021 16:07:48
whenever the transfer window opens we all get agitated at what appears to be another slow window, I am confident that DM knows what he wants and we all agree to sign x, y, z for the sake of it is not the answer, they need to improve on and add to what we have, the press does appear to be quick to stick it to us wherever possible, now they are on about how we have upset Vladimir - I suspect its a smoke screen, it will get sorted and it's worth remembering he has at least 2 years on his current deal to go, so fellow Irons - last week it was Pool sniffing round Jarrod, DM is slowly get rid of some of the remaining high earners - think Yarmolenko may move on - so keep the faith and if we can (me included) keep patient and leave DM get what he feels will take us on again this year - remember when last years fixtures came out and we were fretting as to where we would get enough point to avoid the drop.

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27 Jul 2021 12:05:28
Would have rather kept Balbuena than sign Phil Jones.

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27 Jul 2021 14:28:25
I don't think it jones that's the problem but the age of our backline
Dawson played a blinder last season
But any cb we bring in needs to be younger
I like the sounds of liverpools philips, rumours he maybe available had 2 great games against us young hungry wages shouldn't be silly
See burnley brought in a defender wonder if its worth a cheeky 10/ 12m bid for tarkwoski.

27 Jul 2021 15:06:37
Not seen loads of phillips but he did play very well against us! Jones a few years ago but now he's injury prone and hasn't played much for couple of years.

I don't get why we haven't moved on Tarkowski we were bidding big on him last summer now he's got 1 year left on his contract in sure burney would rather not lose him for free. perhaps its himself holding out now for a free move in the summer probably get better wages and a signing on fee.


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