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14 Mar 2020 17:20:02
Why don't the FA cancel ALL football until 1st June and then play all remaining games then behind closed doors during June/ July/ August. Euro 2020 will be cancelled, so all European leagues could do the same.
Only an idea but it seems a logical one. The new season could start October.

{Ed002's Note - When it comes to it there will be options}

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15 Mar 2020 20:25:42
Only problem with that is getting prepared for next season, players are out of contract and there has to be time off and then pre season.
I personally cannot see this virus peaking until May/ June, this would not allow for remaining games to be played, I would give the title to Liverpool and bring the two teams up idea.
Liverpool’s fans will always know deep down they didn’t actually win the title in a full season and that’s good enough for me.

13 Mar 2020 18:50:13
Well what is going to happen now?
Start the season again next year and forget this one? let's hope so eh! Can't see anyway of finishing this one as this virus is just going to get worse. Play behind closed doors, can't see that ever happening as players, wives, their kids, coaches, other employees of the clubs just going about their business are going to catch the virus so at some of the clubs there will always be players in isolation. The prem rules state that the games must all finish on the same day at the same time, how is that ever going to happen? So what now? What do other people think?

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14 Mar 2020 07:51:52
Unfortunately there are more important things in the world than a game of football. Whatever they do it will upset someone. If they can resume the league in 3 weeks carry on but I have the feeling this virus is going to get worse before it improves. If in 3 weeks time it has not improved write this season off and start again in August. Hopefully we will still be in the prem.
One little thought, if they do scrap this years league what do they do with the Bury situation?

14 Mar 2020 07:56:13
Euro’s won’t happen and they’ll extend season for a month. They’ll also have to do it, otherwise Leeds and WBA will seek legal action.

14 Mar 2020 08:37:06
Will be interesting to see what unfolds!
Don’t forget that Leeds and West Brom will not be able to finish their season either,
Spuds have had a result as I fancied us to beat them next Friday or will they still have to play us with the players that were available at the time the season stopped.
So many arguments for and against the completion or not, personally I think it should be null and void as there are big impacts both top and bottom of the table.

14 Mar 2020 09:08:53
My first thought would be to scrap the season now, start afresh as Bobby posts, finish it as it is, no declared League Winners or clubs relegated in any Division! Obviously an unprecedented and unforeseen disaster and should be treated as such? So many losses of jobs not only in Football, all sport, Industry of all sorts, how are the average family even going to survive that are dependent on a regular PAYE income if their particular company struggles to generate income, wow frightening! The Premier league players are isolated from financial hardship, so apart from health will be on a paid extended rest, go further down the leagues and they are as much at risk financially as the average worker? Does the World have an answer? NO, It is limbo at the moment! I wish all the posters and their families here and everywhere the best of luck in the coming future with health firstly, then all that comes with every day living!

14 Mar 2020 08:16:37
I think the season is over mate, there’s talk of giving Liverpool the title not relegating anyone and promoting Leeds and West Brom to make it a 22 team league next season with 4 teams being relegated next season and the season after to get it back to 20 teams, but as things are not mathematically achieved I don’t see how they can, Liverpool can still be caught but that would need a miracle, and Leeds and west Brom can still be caught, like to know everyone’s thoughts on this, Ed’s what is your gut feeling, what do you think will happen.

{Ed002's Note - The other clubs would need to vote to give Liverpool the title but they may well be asked to. The issue would be those who Liverpool have screwed around would support it or not. That is not really the issue right now. The issue on the table is the “Bundesliga” proposal which would indeed see two promoted with no relegation for next season. The season or season after would then see five relegated or two lots of four - it is detail. This for now is only a Plan B but it does make some sense and might well be the way it goes.}

14 Mar 2020 17:14:28
The Bundesliga proposal sounds like the best option and probably the fairest one.

{Ed002's Note - I agree.}

16 Mar 2020 19:26:28
Cannot say I am the greatest Liverpool fan but I think it would be harsh to deny them the title.
They have been streets ahead of everyone else this year.

17 Mar 2020 22:05:34
That for me what ED is quoting would be for me the fairest and only solution well said Ed as usual mate. COYI.

Listen With Mother

13 Mar 2020 18:32:53
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Listen With Mother

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12 Mar 2020 08:13:55
Well what can we say about poor Adrian last night? He always had that in his locker to be erratic at times, but last night probably was his worst night ever in Football game surely? I am not a Liverpool fan at all, so I wasn't to displeased at the result! I was however really disappointed for Adrian as I always thought he was decent, but still only a decent sub keeper, which showed last night! Why oh why some keepers play these short passing game amazes me, I as a Manager was insist the ball goes in the opponents half every time it's thrown or kicked out!

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12 Mar 2020 10:49:42
Oh then read that Klopp said Atletico won because “they didn’t play proper football” wtf is that all about? Football is Football, so perhaps he should suggest FIFA re-arrange the rules to suit him, I’m even more pleased after reading that quote that they lost👍⚒⚒⚒.

11 Mar 2020 11:23:07
Hi chaps, so Arsenals game against city has been postponed due to coronavirus as some Arsenal players met with the Olympiakos owner on the 27th February, so what about the teams that have played Arsenal since then?

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Ask The Ed

10 Mar 2020 16:53:11
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Alexander Isak

10 Mar 2020 14:14:25
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09 Mar 2020 09:08:30
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08 Mar 2020 14:45:54
Yet another much better performance, but no points to show for it.
I am getting a bit worried we are not going to stay the course and stay up now.
Normally I am quite optimistic but aside from much better team showing, especially at the back, we still not scoring easy chances.

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08 Mar 2020 20:59:48
Hey Steve

I think everyone have their fears, but if we keep performing like that then I am pretty sure we will be fine.
It has taken its time but the team are now showing effort which is half the battle, show character and spirit and results will come and then if they don’t then as long as the team show fight then fans will be behind the team.
1-0 to the Arsenal at emirates shows we are on the right track and let’s be honest we had the better chances.

08 Mar 2020 07:39:54
a good performance yesterday Leno made a couple of decent saves and we missed a couple of great chances we just didn't have a killer instinct, the defence and midfield were solid and we did manage to push Arsenal back, I know it is said decisions even themselves out but omg VAR has done us no favours at all.

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