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20 May 2024 13:12:10
Lukus Paqueta to leave WH for M/City. What about taking Jack Grealish as part of the deal.
What do u lads think?

Devon John

1.) 20 May 2024 15:37:54
Nahhhhhh he is always on the floor. Spurs have released Ryan Sessegnon so he is available on a free which for me is a no brainer and surely even as a squad member would be worth a punt

2.) 20 May 2024 19:42:52
Cresswell offered 12 month extension I don't believe it? .

3.) 20 May 2024 21:24:28
Does that include his nurse?

4.) 20 May 2024 21:31:29
Why oh why are they wanting to keep him on he’s done. They will extend zoumas contract next

5.) 20 May 2024 21:31:56
I’d take grealish but can’t see that happening.

6.) 21 May 2024 07:50:48
That just about sums up this clubs ambition by offering CRESSWELL a further 12 months. I think we can see already this could be a calamity

7.) 22 May 2024 03:43:21
If cresswell is used on very rare occasions.im ok with it . Like the early rounds of the cups . Beyond that it's asking for trouble.



07 May 2024 23:33:09
anyone knows who else will leave West Ham with DM?

Devon John

1.) 08 May 2024 06:20:05
From the rumours theer seems to be a new name every day. If they want to leave, let them leave, as long as we get a decent price for those we can sell. The rest can go. No loyalty in football anymore

2.) 08 May 2024 08:49:55
Devon, all new Managers being their own entourage of yes men with them, hopefully those with strong connections to our club e.g. ex players will stay?
I have never seen much communication between Kevin Nolan and DM so I hope K.N. Stays?
I still hope DM gets a rousing reception come the final whistle on Saturday, I want him gone but that can’t detract from the job he’s done! He’s a very professional man that has conducted himself very well, but time for a new manager!
Like to see Paqueta go, a bloody liability and dirty player at times, also the very obvious so-called forwards that have been a complete waste that were DM signings if we can offload them?



13 Jun 2022 08:55:14
Lets put Lingard to bed its plain to see he is looking for the offer do we need a 30 year player like that that puts money before club i think not.
Lets see who we get but for me not Lingard

Devon John

1.) 13 Jun 2022 19:37:55
Totally agree John, if he wanted to come it would be done, he wants a pay day at Newcastle so let him have it. It’s a no from me

2.) 14 Jun 2022 07:52:19
If you only want players who will put the club before money our first team will be a small squad lol, noble was the last of the loyal one club man types, facts are that players are controlled by agents who will always look for the best financial deal it's the way of the world we haven't won anything for 40 years so it's not like we can offer the chance to win things either, just a go at playing in 3rd tier European football which is hardly that attractive

3.) 14 Jun 2022 11:12:20
Bissouma to SPURS £25m

4.) 14 Jun 2022 12:20:22
Robbo, bang on mate? Loyalty as rare as Hens teeth unfortunately!⚒⚒⚒

5.) 14 Jun 2022 15:20:58
i do agree with what your saying but to bring in a 30 year old millionaire who is looking to blow our wage structure is not on, ask yourself is he worth more in wages than most of our squard i think not.

6.) 15 Jun 2022 22:52:26
if he really wanted to come to whu he would be here money is tight for most clubs at the moment wages etc if you pay some1 a large wage others players will want parity



31 Jan 2022 22:28:34
Well it looks like no player in. Moyes and the team certainly seems to have tried but its always difficult to prise players away unless you a mega rich like Newcastle and put Salary ahead of ambition. Muyes has always said he would only go for player who he believes will strengthen the team. Man U are scared to let Lingard go for obvious reasons.
We will continue to support our team but also the chance of Champions league rests in WH winning the Europa cup. We must continue to support Moyes and his backroom staff

Devon John

1.) 01 Feb 2022 00:06:11
Agree, but the lack of ambition…

2.) 01 Feb 2022 09:43:16
Moyes' greatest ambition was for ANOTHER defensive midfielder - the boy from Leeds.Only point would be is Soucek then pushed up to no 8 or 10 role as second striker / AM. Now we will never know.

3.) 01 Feb 2022 13:29:25
Devon John, I don’t get involved with we should get this one or that one, we should all be knowledgeable enough to know it’s not as easy as that, or should be knowledgeable enough, it’s like writing to ?? Santa Claus!

All I will say is that no matter how much we support DM and all the staff, it doesn’t help with players injured to replace them with PL quality players when we don’t have them?

4.) 08 Mar 2022 10:10:40
Yarmo will be needed soon the way it's going.sorry, nice man, great country (Ukraine) but he cannot cut it for West Ham.




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04 May 2024 14:13:10
i have seen a lot of Championship games on sky this year and i can't beleive that West Han are getting rid of Flyn Downes.
I think its a big mistake every time he plaid for WH it was again playing players in not the right positon he looks mustard to me and whoever takes him is getting a decent Premiership player

Devon John

1.) 05 May 2024 10:28:04
I wonder if a new manager would want rid. I doubt it.and on that note it seems (if you believe what you read), it's down to 3. Fonseca who we've not even spoken to, amorim, who will cost a lot so sullivan won't go for him, although Mark Noble and Tim Steidten want him and then there is the Sullivan choice (the Sullivan choice because he is cheaper than the others) .lopetegui. a petition is being put together against the appointment of lopetegui, whether the board listen or not is a different matter, but I doubt it. Sullivan loves a bargain.

2.) 05 May 2024 11:00:57
Little surprise Osh that it will be LOPETEGUI that we end up with. Not the best fit for the club but SULLIVAN doesn;t care about that as long as he saves a few quid. Lopetegui doesn;t fill me with confidence after he walked out on Wolves. We need a man who has fresh ideas and brings proper football back to the ACADEMY. For me, he should be offering blank cheque to the next manager if its Fonseca or AMORIM, but I guarantee this will be another story (just like transfers) where they say, we tried hard, but unfortunately in the end we had to settle for the cheap option. Well, what's the point in that? Moyes is going cause we are fed up with him, his egotistical behaviour, refusal to play youth, banishing players he can;t get on with and of course, the tactical naivity and terrible defensive football (remembering we have the 4th worst defense in the league) . We don;t want another manager who does the same. Its PELEGRINI all over again. Have we not learned

3.) 05 May 2024 11:34:31
Bravo Daisy, just a shame for Sullivan it's all about the bargain deal, not necessarily the best fit for the team

4.) 05 May 2024 11:44:41
Like most people I am not enthusiastic about an appointment of JL, but one thing I would take issue with is that I don’t think he comes on the cheap. He was on 8 million at wolves before walking out on them. I’m not sure if that was a one-off season, but I can see him wanting similar money. I think 8 million is double Moyes wage. Like what other people have mentioned apparently mark Noble and TS have no say in who is brought in. If this is true If I would up and leave and expose the board for the sham organisation they are. That’s if it’s true….



24 Apr 2024 15:27:12
There is a lot of Managers in the Premiership and Championship who wouldlove to be WH Manager, i watch a lot of Championship games and the entertainment value is great. We have tried overseas Managers but unless they have premiership or championship experience its a hit or miss call

Devon John

1.) 24 Apr 2024 19:05:23
I am not sure I agree with that. The last overseas manager we had wasn’t too hot and he had won the premier league. There are many managers UK and foreign who have both been an immediate success or failure who have no premier league success. My feeling we have to be bold and hope TS has a potential up and coming manager in mind. But most importantly we need to give a new man time for his ideas to start to work. The new Bournemouth manager looked like a complete disaster after the first 8 matches but they stuck with him and he has done a great job with limited time and resources. Think how Wenger completely changed the old Arsenal set when he first arrived.



27 Feb 2024 03:11:56
Big Sam Alladice wonce asked the west ham way wHAT IS THAT well at 74 years old i will now tell him its football like last night, good attacking football WIN or Loose last night was a plessure to watch, 2 teams playing footaball that supporters love to watch Win or Loose, either team could have won and i'm sure every WH supporter loved to see what a joy it was, wH could have lost and Brenford could have won and imm sure both sets of Supporters enjoyed the ent=rtainment its been a long time sice I've herd WH surporters talking about how well we played

Devon John

1.) 27 Feb 2024 03:31:37
Couldn’t have put it better John. A pleasure to watch.

2.) 27 Feb 2024 07:30:33
I couldn;t agree more guys and therein lies the rub. We as fans want to be entertained and last night it was worth every penny and we were entertained royally. If we had lost however say 5-4, would we have been happy?

3.) 27 Feb 2024 09:49:31
Maybe not ‘happy’, but certainly satisfied.

4.) 27 Feb 2024 10:34:18
Exactly right I have never understood the argument it's only the result that matters.
If that was the case we might as well stop watching the games and just listen to the result at the end.
On a more worrying note it was no coincidence how paqueta got the whole team playing and if he was to leave he is going to be a huge loss. COYI.

5.) 27 Feb 2024 14:31:03
And by all reports a deal has already been agreed with City. This comes as no surprise as MAN CITY are very good at identifying Key players from Clubs and grabbing them at bargain prices. Just look at Haaland and De bruyne for instance!

6.) 27 Feb 2024 15:19:12
Yeah great entertainment for a change coupled with 3 points as a massive plus??Never saw the result coming as didn’t a lot of us? That’s what happens DM when you play attacking Football as if you need to be told, its insulting to say that towards a Manager with such vast experience behind him in Management!
I worry when Areola throws it out to Zouma 10 yards out with opposition breathing down his neck, he’s too slow because of his knees!
Delighted for the team as whole, well done Bowen on your first Hat ? Trick and great hedge hammer strike from Emerson worthy of winning any match!
COYI ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

7.) 28 Feb 2024 00:35:52
Is it a contributing fact that SOUTHAMPTONS run of poor performances and results is since DOWNES has been out injured, I understand one player doesn't make a team but these are cold hard facts and he imo has a massive career at WHUFC given the right coach and man manager to guide him forward as some players need this and he definitely will not get this from MOYES that I do know.⚒⚒⚒

8.) 28 Feb 2024 01:32:08
Good win but this wasn't a Brentford who were playing with any confidence was it? I'll wait till 5pm on Saturday to see if we've turned things around and pulled out two positive results in back to back games against another club in relegation trouble.



07 Feb 2024 09:59:49
Already clubs are being linked with possible transfer targets in the summer window
I sugest WHams first prority is to replace DM so whoever comes in gets to know STeidten as he is our man of the future, and whever comes in as Manager must form a close relationship with ST.

Devon John

1.) 07 Feb 2024 11:40:42
That is, if he's still here. One wouldn't blame him for jumping ship, given the chaotic nature of West Ham transfer dealings and the board's reluctance to get rid of the one obvious thing that is preventing the club from building on the current squad and moving up a gear.

2.) 07 Feb 2024 16:26:21
Unlikely as he has now brought his brother in as chief scout!

3.) 07 Feb 2024 20:21:08
But Osh, there’s nothing stopping Steidten from taking his brother and Max Hahn along with him as a package deal if necessary. Nothing is safe with Sullivan in charge.

4.) 07 Feb 2024 20:37:39
It seems “In terms of Moyes and Steidten, there is no love lost, ” yhe pair are not exactly the best of friends

5.) 07 Feb 2024 23:36:24
I’ll repeat my belief quoted some weeks back -
I think the board will offer Moyes a contract which will include performance indicators and will take away his control over transfers. Moyes is an old fashioned football manager who insists on full control, so I don’t think he’ll ever accept those terms and he might even walk. Fingers crossed.
Also sounds like Michael Carrick is once again drifting into the WHU radar.

6.) 08 Feb 2024 14:43:00
Carrick on a shoe string has done really well at boro but its a big step up. He's not been a manager long but, he has worked for some great managers so pedigree is definitely there!

7.) 08 Feb 2024 16:56:39
I personally think Kieran MacKenna has done a far better job at Ipswich than Carrick has at Boro.

8.) 08 Feb 2024 17:12:53
What about Liam Manning at Bristol City, they shamed us and were really unlucky losing to Forest on Pens! If we do get rid of Moyes????Don’t think they will go for a rookie, must have some Premiership experience! ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

9.) 08 Feb 2024 19:35:48
Paolo fonseca name is gathering momentum. Likes to play with fast strikers, wide men and in behind striker. Prefers back 3

10.) 09 Feb 2024 14:59:04
He'd have to rebuild the squad since we don't have any fast strikers, only 2 CBs mobile enough to play in a 3 and no wingbacks at the club.

11.) 08 Feb 2024 19:35:48
Paolo fonseca name is gathering momentum. Likes to play with fast strikers, wide men and in behind striker. Prefers back 3

{Ed002's Note - don’t hold your breath.}

12.) 10 Feb 2024 15:23:36
Bristol City are 2 up against Carrick’s Boro after 20 mins!



04 Feb 2024 19:52:16
Well as most of the talk is the mid field players we have and we all agree on paper its one of the best mid fields in the Prem but what about a centre forward We plaid well against Man U but get rid of Ings and bring in a centre forward Ings must go he's got no pace at all hs a box player which is not our style oris it me have i got it wrong.

Devon John

1.) 06 Feb 2024 05:08:53
INGS didn't feature against UTD devon but had his best game in a west ham shirt when he was played in his best position just behind a front man in the SHEFF UTD game, the problem with west ham is 100 moyes I'll give you an example JWP had loads of assists and goals from set pieces in the PREMIERSHIP with SOUTHAMPTON how many assists and free kick wonder goals has he scored under MOYES not 1 free kick and 2 assists if that he's been MOYESED 100% and I ain't having where we are in the league and won a 2 bob Europa conference cup not beating a good team they beat AZ and FIORENTINA 2 half decent teams but not very good or for me even warrenting a good side we will drop down the table we couldn't even score a goal against a terrible UTD side that AFC BOURNEMOUTH put 3 past at old trafford and wolves scored 3 everybody bar us and everytime the camera went on MOYES he was constantly telling players to get back, when we meet a decent side in the europa league we will be knocked out trust me I for one am sick to death of MOYES and if all you people that love the man are blinded by results not performances with a decent man manager and coach with the players we have and a few or 3 more decent players in the summer this club will move on and the reason SULLY loves MOYES is MONEY as moyes will keep you in the PREMIERSHIP and SULLY loves it, don't believe the old bollocks about when we move to the london stadium we will challenge the top 4 no it will improve bums on seats compared to UPTON PARK as long as he's got 50,000 season tickets but he doesn't even want that as he can make more money from day visitors who only have to show a scarf that you are a west ham supporter SULLY couldn't give a rubbish about true WEST HAM SUPPORTERS only fecking money in his pocket granted he's spent money but if you way up the ins and outgoings he's barely broke into premiership payments and that's a fact.⚒⚒⚒

2.) 06 Feb 2024 12:15:48
Succinctly put, Whorya48.

3.) 06 Feb 2024 12:19:04
I also noticed that 57% of season ticket holders who replied to a survey by Sean Whetstone declared they would not renew their season tickets if Moyes was given a new contract. If that doesn't make Sullivan sit up and listen, I don't know what will!

4.) 06 Feb 2024 16:44:18
Yup I saw the same TIN. 57% is quite worrying and equivalent to 35,000 of our crowd. I have friends who have gradually lost interest and refuse to pay good money and travel to see the rubbish Moyes has us playing. No matter what ya viewpoint, if more and more fans are staying away it tells a story in itself!

5.) 06 Feb 2024 17:50:59
That is assuming everyone took part in the survey. I didn’t take part, I would renew my season tickets regardless of who is the manager. I support the club, not the manager.

6.) 06 Feb 2024 21:38:59
It has prompted Hammers Chat, Hammers Fan TV and Claret and Booze to carry out a separate survey. It’ll be interesting to see the result.

7.) 09 Feb 2024 02:00:54
Mike: “That is assuming everyone took part in the survey. I didn’t take part, I would renew my season tickets regardless of who is the manager.”
Apparently, a selection of season ticket holders, numbering 5000, replied. The result came as a bit of a shock to senior people at the club. There is now a rumour that the board is not so keen on offering Moyes a new contract, citing supporter unrest as the reason. Possibly, Sullivan might take notice of the crowd boos which were heard after the last two home games?

8.) 08 Feb 2024 19:57:07
Mike: "That is assuming everyone took part in the survey. I didn’t take part, I would renew my season tickets regardless of who is the manager."
It was a sample of season ticket holders on Twitter. Apparently, 5000 responded. Anyway, it's possible the result made the board sit up and take notice because the last rumour was that the board has pulled back from the offer of a new contract "as a result of supporter unrest". This is only a rumour, but it does sound a lot like Sullivan who allegedly was shocked by the result. Strange; he must have thought the booing after the last two home games was the wind!

9.) 10 Feb 2024 11:46:53
Sorry about the duplication. When my original post hadn’t appeared after 6 hours, I thought I’d made a cock up and reposted it. ?

{Ed001's Note - one was just locked up. It happens sometimes when an editor logs in at the exact time a post (or more sometimes) is sent in. The posts don't quite come in so that the editor can read them, but the system thinks they are reading them, so locks them up to stop another editor double posting by accident. It is only when they are locked up for a while that we can see they are locked away there rather than just an editor typing a long reply or checking something before posting it.}

10.) 10 Feb 2024 12:18:02
Thank you Ed for that explanation.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}




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13 Feb 2024 17:52:19
Billy i think the squad is good its the Manager who tells the players what type of football we play DM is the only manager that tells our player not to cross the half way line and to past the ball backwoulds
He destryed Benrahma. Big Sam didn't know what the WH way was and DM is too negative about attacking
Perhaps the 6.0 was what was needed to get rid of Moyes and judgeing by how many fans left at half time will now listen to what fans have been saying for a long time

Devon John



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17 Jan 2024 18:38:08
i would let Ings go for free just get him off the books. Moyes i read likes INGS but he is too slow for the premiership and I've never seen hin have a decent game for WH
Cresswell has been good for WH but needs to find another club and i wish him weLL

Devon John



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01 Jan 2024 22:56:16
Kib with what u write is ok but i still don't think Moyes is who we need yes on paper he looks the real deal but if u watch WH our brand
of football has been terrible, we got results but WH are in the entertanment business and let's be frank some of our victories have been rubbish and very lucky. i'm glad to see if he gets a new contract he has no say on who is purchased yes he can recommend and perhaps this is the way to go

Devon John



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29 Nov 2023 21:28:59
yup, we're no good just keep playing poorly and fans keep paying.

Devon John



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22 Nov 2023 19:08:16
I do agree with most of the above but let's look at the realy problem which stats at the top, our style of fooball is terrible which is down to the Manager, I've been supporting thee Irons for 70years and the style of football we are turning out is total rubbish, Benrahma was exciteing young player Now all he is a shadow of himself the skill has been replace by the fearfactor Just look how many our backroom staff has left which i beleave started with SPeace and untill we get rid of DM we will always struggle ITS TIME FOR HIM TO GO.
Ive seen good and bad teams at WH but the type of football we are playing now is worse the BI SAM and that was bad

Devon John




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19 Aug 2023 21:53:27
Surly our main problems are a left back and a centre forward
Oh and another Manager

Devon John



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19 Aug 2023 21:45:06
It just shows you how the man thinks or doesn't think

Devon John