09 Feb 2024 20:10:12
Any truth in the rumours Tim Steidten could leave in the summer if moyes is still in charge? If so, I reckon that could be why the board may be looking at a replacement for moyes, never mind this rubbish about fans being unhappy with quality of football. Moyes has done well, but, with this squad would another decent manager have done as good, if not better? I suspect they might!

{Ed002's Note - Tim Steidten (DoF) Has a working relationship with Alonso who is most likely to join Liverpool in the summer as the new coach and I am sure Steidten would be interested in the Director of Football role at Liverpool if offered. Liverpool did have him as an option last summer but apponted Jorg Schmadtke. However, working previously with Alonso is not a good reason to make an appointment and he would be down the list of options for Liverpool. It is understood that his struggles with David Moyes are very much based on how Moyes utilises the players he has rather than over specific transfers. I would expect West Ham to move Moyes on before letting Steidten depart.}

1.) 10 Feb 2024
10 Feb 2024 15:21:45
???????? One would hope so.

2.) 10 Feb 2024
10 Feb 2024 19:01:01
Think we'll definitely be needing Steiden here to weave his magic in the summer.

With the best will in the world, I just don't believe we'll be qualifying for European football next season. It's just too big an ask with the squad that Moyes has whittled us down to.

Without European football, how are we realistically going to be able to keep the likes of Paqueta, Kudus, Bowen, Alvarez and maybe even Emerson and Areola when the silly money bids start coming in and Sully's eyes go $$kerchinngg$$?

I literally shudder to think how the starting XI would look at the start of the 2024/25 season, should we be Steiden-less and Moyes is left to his own devices.

3.) 10 Feb 2024
10 Feb 2024 19:23:12
Fonseca maybe? But could they prize him from lille

4.) 13 Feb 2024
13 Feb 2024 17:52:19
Billy i think the squad is good its the Manager who tells the players what type of football we play DM is the only manager that tells our player not to cross the half way line and to past the ball backwoulds
He destryed Benrahma. Big Sam didn't know what the WH way was and DM is too negative about attacking
Perhaps the 6.0 was what was needed to get rid of Moyes and judgeing by how many fans left at half time will now listen to what fans have been saying for a long time

5.) 14 Feb 2024
14 Feb 2024 10:54:23
Sullivan won't sack Moyes as a new manager might come in and actually get us playing decent stuff that the players might like.

The cynic in me has a suspicion that there will be a fire sale this summer, asset stripping most of the value from the squad. We may be looking at the beginnings of certain people's endgames in regard to the club.

6.) 14 Feb 2024
14 Feb 2024 11:01:46
I fear the latest statement from Tim Steidten is not good reading for WHU fans. Whilst stating he is "generally happy" at WHU, he says he has not heard from Liverpool regarding their interest in him. He also says "Let's see what happens at the end of the season". If this is not "I could be tempted away, so come on, make me an offer. I'm f*cked off with all this bullsh*tting around here over the manager, " then I am Bob Hope. Thank you, David Sullivan, for alienating the best thing that has happened to WHU for many years. Now why don't you just pack your suitcase with your ridiculous coats, jackets and hats, and f*ck off back under the rock from whence you came, and take that self-opinionated incompetent coach with you? You can play at being a general without doing any harm. ENOUGH!

7.) 15 Feb 2024
15 Feb 2024 12:42:06
Rest assured if Moyes goes and Sullivan stays, it now transpires we could get Steve Cooper as Moyes’ replacement. This gets better and better. Who next? Roy ‘Mr Charisma’ Hodgson? Sam Allardyce even? The mind boggles.

8.) 16 Feb 2024
16 Feb 2024 06:08:36
With Palace appointing Oliver Glasner as their new coach, that torpedoes the option of Moyes’ last opportunity to move to another Prem club. If Sullivan doesn’t grow a spine and sack Moyes, it looks like we might be stuck with him. I can’t see Moyes doing the decent thing now because he knows he wouldn’t get another big club appointment. He still believes he’s good enough for the Prem, and all those TV pundits who encourage him in this misguided belief, don’t help. So it’s over to you Mr Sullivan. God help us.

9.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 11:26:50
SULLIVAN will opt for the cheapest option possible I guarantee it. Forget which manager can take us forward. I'd personally like Potter. His style of footie is easy on the eye, he would work well with Tim Steidten, believes in bringing youth through and he knows the Premier league, the managers and the tactics they deploy. Forget fonseca and gaultier

10.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 17:27:52
I truly understand sustainability in a football club but don't come out with statements like the reason we are leaving the BOELYN to go to the London stadium was to increase numbers who came through the gates, therefore creating bigger turnover and then we can be challenging the top so called big four take that as what it deserves a load of bollocks all the change of stadium was to line SULLYS pockets I mean look at VILLA it wasnt working under GERRARD so they changed manager and brought in EMERY and look at the change in the football club but SULLY hasn't the minerals to do this and replace DD who has taken us as far as he's capable of.⚒⚒⚒