03 Feb 2024 13:09:18
Talk about misguided and blatant pushing.
Jason Pettigrove - Caughtoffisde:
'The last thing the club board need is to be scrabbling around in the summer for a new man to take charge, but it seems as though they won't actually have to now after Moyes confirmed that he intends to get a new contract signed as soon as possible.That might not go down well with every West Ham fan, though the vast majority are likely to be happy with the man whose teams are always in the upper echelons of the Premier League and have consistently qualified for Europe under his tenure.
"We'll get back on it (his contract discussions) now the transfer window is shut. We're well down the line and moving on with it, " he was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. "We'll pick that up again in the next few weeks."'
Out of touch with the vast majority of West Ham fans? Every website I've visited, every discussion forum, every conversation I've had with other WHU fans, in fact every contact with other WHU fans, the vast majority have declared their thanks to Moyes, but they want him gone. As a body, only the so-called "pundits" (who all have agents, just like David Moyes) are saying how wonderful he is and how lucky we are to have him! Get in the real world.

1.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 15:09:15
The irony is clearly lost of you. ‘Get in the real world’, proceeds to reference every online outlet he looks at. You couldn’t make it up.

2.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 15:29:16
We all knew it was coming Tin? The board are blind and Football is terrible. We all see it and uts getting worse. But, what does our opinion matter?

3.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 17:14:05
Only ones that want to see Moyes get a new contract are teletext supporters and pundits that don't have to sit and watch us everyweek.

They'll push the big six narrative and criticise fans that dream of more or at least want to be entertained.

4.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 17:02:40
Norisekim: “ The irony is clearly lost of you. ‘Get in the real world’, proceeds to reference every online outlet he looks at. You couldn’t make it up.”
Clearly as the English language is lost on you! ?

5.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 20:29:42
In relation to the Moyes debate I have been a bit of a floating voter. I haven’t consistently hated him but have had many reservations to the way we set up and play especially the last 2 years. Having read the recent article on C&H it seems that he will be reappointed, which is a complete disaster. I was hoping they would want to move on to a new manager at the end of the year. If this is the case I will probably not renew my season ticket as I can’t pay circa £600 a year and have the hassle and expense of trying to get to the ground from the north Essex coast to watch the sort of dross I had to endure on Thursday and too many games to mention over the last two seasons.
I grew up in Manor Park so am a local but don’t come from a West Ham family. My dad was a spurs fan my sister is Arsenal but growing up in the 70s I loved the style of football my local team played which is why I chose to support them. I will continue to support them but give the club my money I am not so sure. Football is not all about winning or partisan and tribal, it’s about being entertained. Let’s face it if you like a particular band you generally know when you go to see them you are going to like it. Watching West Ham at the moment is like me going to see Coldplay, pretty boring ?

6.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 21:02:55
Tinlegs, you post vague, unsubstantiated claims. Start to provide evidence. You come across a rather bitter individual.

I think you think you are above people, ironically. What does your previous post achieve? Nothing, except being nasty. I’m amazed you are allowed to post. To be fair, since you started using this website the numbers of posters have dropped significantly.

7.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 22:13:06
Norisekim, most fans are fed up with Moyes, because whomever, whenever , and wether it’s home and away, we set up in defensive style, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 1 forward, 1 second striker or winger Bournemouth.game Was typical, We have been outplayed in many games because of this, but we have been very lucky so far, the board unlike the fans , don’t care about style, they want the revenue, Spurs game was typical we could and should have been 4/5 down by HT, we where 1 down got two lucky breaks score twice win game with about 18% possession, is that what you want to see? Personally I don’t, but we are all entitled to our views

8.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 22:33:08
Well, for a start, my post prompted a reply from you, and several others. Therefore, to suggest it achieved absolutely nothing is not only wrong, but a little ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree?
A bitter individual? You bet I am! I’m bitter that the club I love has been turned into the sad excuse of a club that it is today.
My claims are substantiated for all to see of their own volition. It appears that if anyone disagrees with your opinions, you believe they should be prevented from voicing their own opinion. Now where else have we heard that before?

9.) 03 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 23:05:16
I agree with you and obviously my post above was in answer to that of Norisekim.

10.) 04 Feb 2024
03 Feb 2024 22:49:17
In addition, it was not your content which prompted my response. Just the irony which appears to have still gone over your head.

I’m still laughing now.

11.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 01:40:01
You’re laughing at yourself! You say it’s ironic I use online sites, yet you yourself are answering my comments on one. ?
Funny how you latch onto my online comment yet ignore my other communication methods I quoted. Oh, and try and tell me the boos heard in the London Stadium are unsubstantiated and vague.
While we’re on the subject, try watching Nick from Claret and Booze on YouTube “Insidious - Moyes Close to New Contract? ” If you can bring yourself to use social media again that is. Or would that be too ironic for you? ?

{Ed001's Note - you are taking this too seriously and missing his point completely. He was just pointing out the irony in your post talking about reality and then going on about online sites. What happened to being able to take a joke?}

12.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 05:14:22
With the greatest respect Ed, I believe he wasn’t joking. He made that quite clear in his follow up replies, even suggesting I shouldn’t be allowed to post my opinions without sanction!

{Ed001's Note - I think your antagonistic responses to his attempt at humour are the cause of that to be honest. If you are going to respond like that, you can't expect anything else.}

13.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 08:26:25
Thank you Ed001. You are exactly right. Myself and a few others, probably, have just about had enough of this man behaving is this way.

14.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 08:27:59
While we’re on the subject, get in the real world and watch this online video. Hilarious!

15.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 08:46:34
It’s a frustration thing, Ed001.

I wonder how many others who post here, look forward to West Ham’s next game (in hope), get depressed watching it and pray for an early final whistle if we’re hanging on to a draw, or somehow fluking a win. Always wanting to see something and then, nine times out of ten, wanting it to be over as quickly as possible wears you down.

For me Moyse does not prepare the side to win, he tries to prepare it not to lose.

We have several outstanding players who would walk into any other side’s starting XI, yet we do not play exciting/entertaining football.

Being a West Ham fan should not be the exercise in self-flagelation it has become under Moyse. Yet we continue.

{Ed001's Note - I have to say I do not understand why Moyes is still there, he is not very West Ham. I grew up with the Hammers always being one you want to watch as a neutral, because they would always be entertaining. Moyes does not get it and does not fit. But the biggest issue at the club is Sullivan imo.}

16.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 08:52:35
“ Myself and a few others, probably, have just about had enough of this man behaving is this way.”
Thank you, Norisekim, you just confirmed my suggestion that your intention was not meant in a jovial way. Keep it up.

17.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 09:11:35
Sounds like I have ruined your social time. Any videos for me to watch?

I will keep an eye out for those banners at every home game. You keep watching YouTube.

18.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 10:15:11
Personally I'm getting sick of people that don't live and breath West ham sticking their twopence in.

It's ironic to me that when you have differnt pundits or commentators on talking about us they say the same thing time and time again, "West ham haven't created anything at all" "they haven't woken up" "they can't seem to pass the ball forward" honestly could go on but they see the league table and West hams name and think we should be oh so grateful to Moyes and it's all down to him.

We have stayed in games by being camped in our own half extremely lucky to not be 3-4 down then moments of brilliance from Paq kudus bowen or set pieces have somehow managed to nick us points. It's diabolical to watch and if we continue to perform the way we have been there is no way we can continue to be so lucky.

19.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 10:31:57
Absolutely agree Ed001. As long as we pay our money, sullivan doesn't care. What he does isn't in the best interests of the fans in my opinion, but hey, as long as we pay and turn up, why should he care. Whatever way you look at it and no matter what club you support, football is about entertaining the fans. Fans pay good money to be entertained. Is this brand of football entertaining? I don't think so personally. One win THIS YEAR bearing in mind our fixtures haven't been to tough. Beaten by a very average Bristol City team, played off the park by Bournemouth.AT HOME!

20.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 12:01:22
We haven't won this year. Not sure that'll change until about March if we're lucky.

Mind you, it'd be so us to go to Old Trafford today and win with 8% possession and 1 shot on target after Man U miss 3 pens, have 5 VARs not go their way and an errant pigeon stop a goal bound shot on the line.

Well, either that or we get trounced.

21.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 12:10:42
Sorry, but what kind of a reply is that by saying that you and others have had enough of tinlegs “behaving this way”?
The guys a West Ham fan with an opinion that thousands of fans have. A hell of a lot of us are sick of what we are seeing, the guy wasn’t giving an antagonistic response at all he’s saying how we feel. I for one tin agree with a hell of a lot that you say, I don’t know you, I don’t know none of you, but we all have our opinions wether we like them or not, but 80% of us can agree that the football we are playing is shocking, the tactics from the manger are shocking and the decisions from the board to keep this guy are shocking. I have a season ticket and travel from North Yorkshire to see them but for what? crap football across a back line with no signs of an attacking out it’s crap. I think I will have to have serious thought about renewing I’m not going to lie. For what it’s worth tin I appreciate your thoughts, and I’ve agreed with so much that you have posted on here, I like the way you say how it is because it’s exactly how most of us feel, and especially when your their amongst the crowd it’s how they feel. Something has to change within our club for the sake of the fans and all the money they spend on their club but get nothing back, I’ve said it before…. Yeah we’ve had a couple of good spells in Europe and yeah we won our first trophy for 40 years which I am buzzing about, yeah we are 6th now… but how I do not know because our manger is lost in world of tactics where he only knows and plays one, which was found out last season by every team yet it is still being played, we’ve had a shocking window, and yeah I know know one has really spent but we have made our squad less effective, you can not make it up. It’s heartbreaking as a fan and so so infuriating at the same time but the club do not listen one bit. We will not stay in the position we are for much longer and that’s a fact. If we turn up like we did against the cherries, united will batter us, and united are one of the worst teams I’ve seen for a while. This site won’t let me use the words I want to say about how I feel as regards the situation our club is going through.

22.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 12:50:58
Great post Whitby I spend a lot of money £2500 for my season ticket because I'm old and on a pension I can just about afford it I have to say. I am unhappy at the way I am not being entertained these days. All of us on this site have 2 things in common we support West Ham and we want them to win everything else is N opinion and is posted as the page is called BANTER. For what it's worth I'm in the Moyes out camp and have been for a long time. As far as tactics go I just remember Villa and Fulham this season. PS I won't begoing to the Europa game on the 14tb March because I can't justify £200 for my seat

23.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 13:18:27
Thank you Whitby for a great post which sums it up beautifully. Mike is entitled to his opinion under any username, as is everybody, but not at the cost of everyone else’s.

24.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 13:34:07
I'm sick to death of people who go to games and think that people that can't afford or are in ill health can't voice their opinions it's not on and on today's game we've signed PHILLIPS on loan for a few months and he needs game time so what does DD he benches him all because he CANNOT find it in himself ro drop SOUCEK and if this isn't a team to play for a draw then I'm a chinaman.⚒⚒⚒

25.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 13:34:54
To sum all this up, for an example look where Newcastle and villa were 3 or 4 seasons ago. We could have hired unai emry but sullivan APPARENTLY didn't want him cause he didn't speak English? He's doing ok now! It's always one BS excuse after another just to take the easy way out and save money, which we pay by watching this crap. Watch the football Newcastle amd villa play? It's a breath of fresh air compared to the junk we play. Look at the football Brighton were playing under potter (Brighton became one of our bogey teams) . The point here is that we have some good players but it's the manager that's subduing the potential of this team.AND naturally, as long as its not costing sullivan to much, he will take the cheap option every time. It clearly shows that sullivan and co care nothing for what the fans want as long as we keep buying our season tickets. The only time they listen is if and when we don't turn up. And as for Tin and Mikesiron. I fully support what Tin has to say. Might not always be right but at least he is honest and not deluded and he clearly has the footballing fans interests at heart. Not quite sure what football Mike is watching but it's not west ham?

26.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 13:36:31
Pot, kettle, black springs to mind.??

27.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 14:00:04
Well said whitby! Hope I'm wrong but I can't see this being a good watch from our perspective. Aguerd straight back in can see lots of long diagonals to Kudus and Soucek.

28.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 15:10:25
We're not actually playing too badly, but we've all seen us play like this and still lose by 4.

Phillips for Soucek would be my shout, but it's exactly this type of game where Soucek will pop up with a goal. The yellow makes my mind up though. Not sure what else DD can do in all honesty apart from stick on Ings. Oh no matter 2-0 game over. And why's he take Areola off? Injury?

29.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 15:40:41
Dare I say it, we need a striker! Oh, hang on a minute, we could have just bought one but didn't!

30.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 15:45:29
So moyes choice, Calvin Phillips, plays two, gets robbed twice and two goals conceded. Inspired transfer choice

31.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 16:04:31
I said that we will soon drop out of the top ten as this clown in charge hasn't a fecking clue INGS has his best game in a west ham shirt against SHEFF UTD but hasn't had a look in he's ideal to play in a 2 or 3 up front we haven't won a game in 2024 and it will continue as I know we are missing PAQUETA but get use to it as when this betting investigation is all sorted he will be gone so let's hope DD following him and hopefully SULLY.⚒⚒⚒

32.) 04 Feb 2024
04 Feb 2024 17:23:59
Sullivan needs to be gone

33.) 06 Feb 2024
06 Feb 2024 06:22:56
Hi Ed on the views on tin legs he ain't wide of the mark he's a passionate west ham supporter just because he doesn't go to games MIKE thinks your not allowed to have your opinion and I've heard MIKE being extremely rude to tinny so pot, kettle, black comes to mind and he's had sly digs at me which I've reacted to but all I'm trying to say is because you don't go to games through I'll health or cost of living you are entitled to opinions and for me a true west ham supporter is being entertained and can see when a man is destroying decent players with his zero tactical nous or totally lacking in man management skills because from time to time players need an arm around them but go on CLARET and BOOZE mike and tell me what you think as they are season ticket holders it will be quite interesting or totally lost on you as you might have been MOYESED.

34.) 06 Feb 2024
06 Feb 2024 07:27:06
Mike who can you say that tinny thinks he is above people come on fella you have ripped the rubbish out of people who voice opinions that don't go to games to basically shut the feck up and you've done it to me because I mentioned watching MIKE SMALL at the old den a few times as if to say I'm living off that moment for 20 years I went everywhere with west ham but I can only go to certain games as I'm not a season ticket holder and I ain't paying £75.00 to watch that style of football I'm sorry I can't justify that and that doesn't mean i only want to watch us attack on mass and win 4-3 every game but if you can say you are happy with the style of football you are watching then I'm sorry MIKE that doesn't mean your a true hammer mate go and view claret and booze they have nearly 7,000 members and i can truly say i have seen about 10 people who are fronting MOYES getting a new contract that tells me everything and they listen to both sides of the coin but there is 4 people who front it and only mickey that isn't a season ticket holder and they have said if MOYES gets another year they won't renew and I believe them MOYES and SULLY will ruin this club that I've SUPPORTED for 50 years and its going to be ruined is anyone forgetting that we wasnt a million miles from getting relegated last season no short memories.