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04 Jul 2020 08:15:40
i would like to ask WH fans a question is VAR improving the game for me the answer is NO its not.
We all argued with ref decisions but that was part of the game and at the end of the day good or bad decisions were debated at the pub over a pint. VAR is fast becoming a destroyer of the premiership. All other leagues in the uk don't use VAR its the human error people will accept not a machine that take 4 minutes to see if its a goal or not.
What do u think am i right or wrong?


1.) 04 Jul 2020 10:17:23
In itself VAR is completely objective - it simply gives you incontrovertible, visual facts. The problem is the scope for interpretation and the time it takes.

In its present form, I would bin it.

2.) 04 Jul 2020 14:09:47
Bideford/ Markro, When decisions become so microscopical, offside by a toe or an elbow, absolutely destroying the game, ours was an outrage, Spurs disallowed goal was a disgrace as well, man shoved from behind, no foul, then falling and touching the ball and calling it handball, beyond ridiculous👎Get rid all together, a lot thought a good idea to rectify poor decisions but now become a complete game spoiler that’s happening far to often👎Get rid of it imo👎👎Hope we can get something from the game tomorrow👍👍⚒⚒⚒.

3.) 04 Jul 2020 22:48:38
I said before the season began it will be awful. That was based on the fact I had seen two seasons of it in Australia and it hasn’t really improved things a great deal as while it helps with some decisions the humans looking at it still get things wrong. I must say the time taken in England is far longer than here and that is making it worse. In Australian footy (AFL) they use video ref only for score reviews and that still gets some wrong but it’s quick and unless there is obvious error they go with the on ground call. The minor handballs where it isn’t a deliberate control, the three minutes to decide if Antonio was offside, they are human issues not the technology. They shouldn’t scrap it, they need to review the implementation and the rules on how it’s used.

4.) 05 Jul 2020 09:23:43
sdl hope all is well in Oz. Totally agree with you the technology does not get it wrong the human interpretation does.

I would much prefer the on field Ref looks at a monitor having been alerted by Stockley Park. Instead of having a Ref looking at the screens let's have ex players doing that job.

5.) 05 Jul 2020 17:48:20
NO look how it works in rugby very rarely any issues I think there should to the monitor and some on a situation he may missed.



18 Jun 2020 06:46:11
Well mates its time now for our team to shine, and shine they will, We have a team now with energy and pace which we have lacked for many a year.
We now have a player that runs all 90mins which we havnt had before i'm very optimistic that Thomas Soucek will be the key to our survival i hope I've got it right.
On paper we have a strong team providing they all perform.
We can all see the difference Moyes has done to our team Pel. nearly destoyed us let's move on and get behind our club. COME ON YOU IRONS.


1.) 18 Jun 2020 11:14:56
I reckon our four most important players for the rest of the season are:


I’m sure the others will make some great contributions, but those four are key to our survival.

2.) 18 Jun 2020 15:16:38
I would include Antonio in there as well Markro providing he remains fit, gives the opposition plenty to worry about with his power and pace, still think Snoddy can make a good contribution with his grafting and crosses up front as well, not everybody’s choice but I like a grafter and a battler, as a jock he’s up for it, I also believe he loves the club for giving him another chance in the Premiership. ⚒⚒⚒.



04 Jun 2020 14:13:57
Just read some WH fans want Dimitri Payet to sign for WH. Sorry once a player goes on strike to leave the our club do we need a 33 year old has been a right to come back for his pension.
He was wonderful player but turned his back on our club and caused a lot of problems who decided he didn't want to play for WH.
You made your bed mate now sleep in it.


1.) 06 Jun 2020 08:42:06
Not for me either. The past is done and dusted. Having said that, I will support any player in West Ham colours, so if he were to return.



03 Jun 2020 13:58:20
anyone, any news. Isolating at home for nearly 10 weeks now. Someone must have something to say about WH.


1.) 04 Jun 2020 08:31:40
Hello Bideford👍 I can’t imagine there can be much to say? This June restart to me is a disgrace! Body contact sport when we are still being told to social distance, I just hope nobody in the F. A. or anywhere else that controls Football rules criticises it’s Government over the handling of this virus!

We all want to return to normality but that that is madness and irresponsible beyond words for me! The players are being forced to return if it goes ahead, that cannot morally be right, will they play to their full usual capacity, I don’t think so personally when you know you could catch the virus playing? Disrespectful to all the NHS workers and those that have already lost relatives or friends!

2.) 04 Jun 2020 14:09:36
Hi chaps, it also becomes a different competition, no home support to get behind the team, there’s going to be 5 subs allowed, when you look at our last fixture against Aston Villa that could be massive, we had to play Villa at their ground full of supporters, and people will say well we come away with a draw but we might’ve won had they not had the home support, and now we’ve got to play Villa at home with no home support, so it will feel like a home game to them as well, or even worse we could be playing at neutral grounds, that’s just one example and I know it’s the same for all teams but the teams at the bottom do rely on the home support to give them a lift to try and get them out of a bad situation, I’ve always said a competition should finish how it started, and if that’s not possible then it shouldn’t be allowed to continue until safe to do so, but that’s just my opinion.

3.) 05 Jun 2020 16:58:49
Stevie, yes I agree with what you say as much as it could be like “ sour grapes” if it’s detrimental to the team you support! But It cannot be fair to change the rules any time midstream no matter what the situation is, that just stinks of “money” where is the “Fair Play” ruling in that?



20 May 2020 15:28:08
Nathan Clyne from Liverpool? do we need more medical problems, i think not.





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23 Jun 2020 09:20:44
Thinking about it i ask myself is Haller up for a battle. Snody would What do u think.


1.) 23 Jun 2020 11:23:51
Haller needs a second striker. His career in Germany highlights that. I don’t think he’ll be fit for the Spurs game, but I would play him if he is, or have him on the bench to make a 2nd half contribution if he’s not up for a full game.

Anderson should not start - even last season’s frilly bits from him are a thing of the past. With no end product and a recent habit of not contesting to regain possession when he loses it, he has masses of work to do to regain any real trust and support.

I like Snoddy’s graft at times, but for me, he is too similar to Noble - some skill, but no pace. There’s no place for both in the team and perhaps, for this game, space for neither.

The major issue against Wolves was our lack of intent and invention. I know loads on here are anti Wilshere, but, if he’s fit, he is our most creative player. Lanzini is a shadow since that terrible injury, but I still have some hope for him. What else have we got?

Controversial, I know, but I would go for this line up if all are fit:

Diop, Rice, Ogbonna
Yarmolenko, Soucek, Wilshere, Lanzini, Antonio
Bowen, Haller.

2.) 23 Jun 2020 22:56:37
NOBLE has played for 2years too long for WEST HAM he is absolutely devoid of any pace and stamina and a midfielder has to have both if and when we go down the club will be decimated with all the big time Charlie's who are too good for us and too good to be playing in the championship how dare WEST HAM expect them to play in that league well it's you 2bob clowns that will be putting us in that predicament and I'll tell you what will happen is this will be right up NOBLES alley as he will be first name on the sheet at 35 years of age and I know why experience Well they can **** off as far away from WEST HAM next season because if he's still there I won't be renewing my ticket and he can take CRESSWELL with him because them 2 are championship class at the very best I'm so angry . COYI.



16 May 2020 12:09:32
Well it seems like the prem. league could be decided by office dim-lows who know nothing about What fans want.
Fans want football to decide who goes up and who goes down. Not some bean counter.
If this does happen surly the FA will be taken to court
1. Do they have the right to change the rules on who goes up or down.
2, Is this what fans paid for when purchasing their season ticket.
I don't think so.
Will fans get their money back as fans paid to see football not some bean counter deciding who goes up or down.


1.) 16 May 2020 13:08:13
It looks to me like these office idiots are trying to blackmail the players into playing, as we’ve heard, a lot of players are not happy about returning too quickly, so these people are more or less saying you either finish the season or we will decide who is relegated, basically you might as well toss a coin.



01 May 2020 03:48:41
Hi Whitby i'm sure your right we have a lot of Dross to get rid of.
I do like what Moyes is doing giveing our talented youth a chance, its been such a long time in coming.
Other than dec i have to go back a long way since this last happened at WH.
We have a crop of young talent now coming through and this was always THE WEST HAM WAY.




29 Apr 2020 22:34:28
i do believe our club has gone backwards with the development of young players. Our youth policy has been a shambles with no young players comming through or given the chance I think Moyes is the man to change this, We have good young strong exciting players yes he will make mistakes but we can absorb those but not 25+ Mil player on 3-4 yr contracts. i do think we are going in the right direction.
This is only my opinion What do you think.?


1.) 30 Apr 2020 13:20:55
Hi Bideford as a great believer in clubs developing young players I don't fully agree with you.

Sins the great days of the late 90s when Harry had a great team bringing youth through we lost it for a long while with only a handful coming through, Noble. Stanilas Tompkins and Collinson of those only Noble is still with us Stanilas and Tompkins were sold and Collinsons injuries cut his career short. I thought Dan Potts was hard done by as well.

In the last few years things have started to improve. Rice coming on plus some great guys currently on Loan Diangana, Cullen. Holland to name a few and then the 2 full backs Ngakia and Johnson having done well when they have been given the chance. We seem to have a plethera of good youmg keepers as well.

2.) 02 May 2020 08:43:54
Maybe the answer is that none are that good enough to be playing in the Premier league at whatever age they are, the exceptions are always there, such as Rice and one or two others if they are given long enough outings? Even avoiding relegation is a success with the huge sums involved, so clubs try to buy there way out of trouble, they cannot afford to wait until their youngsters are ready! Look back and they stand out at different clubs how quickly you know, Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney and many more, yes they may have been extra special, but it shows from very young how they can be thrust into first team football even if used carefully? For a youngster he has to be special, not just good to play first team Premiership football!

3.) 03 May 2020 09:31:23
Spot on chelms you hit the nail right on the head those players mentioned only RICE was any good and he came from Chelsea I think there is a few that might make the grade but only a couple at best mind not a lot of clubs get youngsters coming through the ranks and turn out to really make the first team on a regular basis correct me if I'm wrong please. COYI.



23 Apr 2020 13:09:00
anyone have any news on Red Bull back in for WH.


1.) 23 Apr 2020 13:34:09
Apparently there’s nothing in it mate.




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05 Jul 2020 23:36:52
i don't think Haller is strong enough for the Premiership we need a good strong centre forward who has played in the Premiership or Championship someone who gives and takes a knock. Wiltshire i think we are stuck with as who is going to pay the wages he's on when he hasn't played for almost 2 years, perhaps he will come good but i can't see any club paying his wages. The rest i agree with although Cresswells stats were good tonight.
im happy with a draw today although a win would have been better.




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03 Jul 2020 06:55:44
Perhaps i was looking at the wrong player Lanzini did little to impress me.




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02 Jul 2020 17:13:09
Well said Markro and Chelmsford completely agree TRUE GIT Lanzini is a shadow of himself but Noble still has a future at WH but not so much as a player.




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22 Jun 2020 16:54:59
Come on lad we are not down yet, yes we were P. Poor but if we take Noble out [he did have a bad game] and put our regular back four in place, move Dec back in the middle. Replace Anderson with Haller would surly strengthen our team.
Noble still has a lot to offer WH but i do think its time for him to step back and ask himself is he now a prem player.




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18 Jun 2020 08:51:06
Hey Steve what's the good of VAR if they can't see a goal like yesterday, it cost Sheffield united 2 points and a possible Champions league spot. It could cost us our premiership status.





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