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Review Of The Day 12th November 2018

12 Nov 2018 07:29:12
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Pablo Zabaleta

11 Nov 2018 15:33:46
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13 Nov 2018 00:14:07
Good read cheers eds.

{Ed001's Note - glad you liked mate. Sorry it took a while to get round to it after you asked.}

Would sacking Mark Hughes as Manager of Southampton FC be a mistake at this moment in time

11 Nov 2018 15:09:59
{Ed's Note - figodasilva has posted a new article entitled, Would sacking Mark Hughes as Manager of Southampton FC be a mistake at this moment in time

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Premier League Games Previews 11 November 2018

11 Nov 2018 09:39:19
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11 Nov 2018 09:28:22
If Pelle is really that keen on Nasri, make the following humble financial suggestion.

As he could come on a free, but wants a
£5m wages, do it as follows:

One year contract with a signing on fee of £5m payable in 52 weekly instalments. Give him a weekly wage of £1 so that he appears on the payroll. Renewable renegotiated contract by mutual agreement at the end of the year.

That won’t damage our wages bill form a FFP perspective.

{Ed025's Note - im sure nasri and his advisers would jump at that markro(not), so good luck with that mate.. :)

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11 Nov 2018 18:38:52
You may have guessed, I’m not keen on him coming at all, Ed. It will be interesting to see if any other side wants him for that sort of wage after an 18 month ban and at his age. I’ve read that he is an egocentric so and so and a negative presence off the field.

My tongue in cheek suggestion above would give him the cash he wants for the first year, be good for our FFP and make him prove himself if he wants an extension.

My preference is that he comes nowhere near our club.

{Ed025's Note - i think that would be the best thing markro mate..

12 Nov 2018 15:37:12
So much for my preferences!

Six month contract at £80k a week reportedly being discussed, even though he can’t play till January.

Review Of The Day 11th November 2018

11 Nov 2018 07:29:13
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 11th November 2018

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10 Nov 2018 18:09:28
A VERY WET MIKE, here. Rice makes mistake 0-1 Fab made some great saves during game but in my view should have kept this shot out We were the better side throughout, but shoulders slumped a bit after conceding / / a bit later Antonio had two shots one was twenty yards over the bar the other one about 30, he's bloody useless, good well taken goal by Andersen cool man in a scramble, OBIANG did not look fit to me, we deserved ar least adraw In Reality we should have got all three. IRONMIKE.

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10 Nov 2018 18:52:51
Well done Mike, thanks for the wet update🤣 think we can forgive Fabianski that error, great keeper for us, like your complimentary input on Antonio🤣🤣hoping for 3 points but not unhappy with the one point👍 Looking forward to MOTD⚒⚒⚒⚒.

10 Nov 2018 21:15:24
Fab was totally wrong footed and the post made a great save from the freak cross come shot later in the half, though game but we had more than enough class on the pitch to win today, but didn't. Anderson was poor before the goal Mike but well done to him for the finish . Antonio omg what do we do with him? Didn't even thank the fans at the end, just walked off down the tunnel.

10 Nov 2018 21:44:36
Shouted at the TV when Antonio took his shots. He shoots running across goal and off balance no hope of hitting the target. Thought Obiang was pretty good but Pellegrini obviously looking to attack. Rice made an error for the goal but so did Diop passing to a tightly marked Anderson running towards his own goal which put them all under pressure.

Thought we deserved the point but thought the goal wouldn’t come. Then thought Huddersfield were going to nick it st the end. All in all good to come away with a point and hopefully lift for the Man City game so we go into the run of winnable games after that still with confidence.

11 Nov 2018 09:11:24
Strange game really. Pelle should have prepared us better for their pressing, which we clearly found hard to counter. I felt sorry for Arnie, who was consequently isolated at times, which meant he went wider and wider to look for space.

Unfortunate that Rice and Diop had below par games at the same time.

It will be interesting to see how Pelle manages the availability of Carroll and Wilshere for the City game. Both owe us performances.

I know it’s a long way off, but Lanzini’s return can’t come quickly enough for me.

10 Nov 2018 17:28:37
We are so frustrating, we have to beat teams like this.

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10 Nov 2018 17:36:53
Totally agree very scrappy game and back to giving away too many balls again. Forwards got to take their chances as well.

10 Nov 2018 18:03:54
I always think 1 point away from home is good, as long as we win the so called easier games at home, no easy games to be honest in the Premiership, it’s a real dog fight for the lesser teams, but I feel we are a lot better than quite a few teams, so I don’t honestly foresee any relegation worries, but it’s nice to get the points in the bag sooner rather than later, we’ve done enough looking over our shoulder and relying on other teams losing getting towards the end of the season.

10 Nov 2018 20:53:31
Like we all agree on Chelmsford we seem to perform so much better against better teams and teams like Huddersfield we seem to sort of struggle and lack professionalism but we were the better team today it ain't good enough with a draw and we have to learn to beat these teams I truly believe we think we are entitled to just turn up and win I am probably wrong but can't help my views Chelmsford what do you think on this matter mate and hope your good and family is well mate. COYI.

10 Nov 2018 21:46:52
I watched Huddersfield v Fulham and while Fulham were dire Huddersfield worked, scrapped and pressured high up the field. They are a bit better than their league position presently and will scrape out points against some better teams than us.

11 Nov 2018 13:49:49
Whorya, it seems always the WH way to lose our way a lot against the so called lesser teams, maybe they try harder for our scalp, i really don’t know mate? Awful ball from Diop that helped them to the goal, putting 3 players under unnecessary pressure, get the ball in the opponents half! Thought Snoddy did great for the cross for Anderson to eventually score a good goal, think Snoddy is really trying hard to impress, love his work rate👍Can’t understand the Nasri thing, hope we steer clear, think he could be trouble?
Juan Mata may be available, I would be more than happy with him short term, providing we don’t do stupid wages to upset others? All well in Chelmsford as hope your family are? 👍👍⚒⚒⚒⚒.

12 Nov 2018 13:54:57
Good shout for Mata I think he will go home to Spain to finish his career and please please no to nasri he will ruin our team he's a control freak and not needed all good here mate. COYI.

Premier League Previews 10 November 2018

10 Nov 2018 10:35:20
{Ed's Note - Reid the Red has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Previews 10 November 2018

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10 Nov 2018 09:17:33
Hi guys read an interview with Declan rice last night about his international dilemma, the kid seems to be really struggling with his decision, it's a lot for a19 old to have especially with millions of fans wanting it either way. One he was saying was about West Ham, how he loves it here the fans the club everything, when asked about a contract his words were I only want to sign for West Ham this is where I want to be and that's that. For god sake THE BOARD sort it out, non of this Nasri crap, put that to bed right away we don't want another old bum on the books. When will they see sense, Nasri would be a shockingly bad signing, start closer home before the window opens and make the future priority, get these deals done, Nasri has no right to demand that much, I wouldn't pay him what I used to get in the Sunday league games back home when I was 14, a bag of seebrook crisps and a pint of coke. COYI.

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10 Nov 2018 13:53:16
Whitby. 👍👍👍 ⚒⚒⚒⚒ COYI.

10 Nov 2018 17:51:48
This boy needs to be looked after by the club. especially after those comments.


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