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07 Feb 2018 14:47:34
Is there anything nice going on at West Ham at the moment, I mean let's look at what everyone is talking about, firstly the sacking of head of player recruitment due to racist comments, then we have a player banned for spitting at an opponent, and now we've signed a player that kicks his own supporters, and talk of the manager leaving, I just want this season to end, (hopefully in the prem) have a clear out and start again!

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07 Feb 2018 08:46:59
Sorry to keep harping on about this everybody, but, is this the way that our board think they are going to take us to the next level? They had an entire window where they had plenty of chances to bring in players that would have made a difference but they thought to play it safe because we had a few good results and didn't invest in new players. We've now got a few injuries (an issue which should have been addressed in the window), a manager who clearly sounds unhappy due to lack of investment, they've not taken us to the next level despite the fact that we sell more season tickets than moist other clubs and the solution is to panic and bring in ageing free players. Again, at the sound of repeating myself, we should have paid what clubs were asking for instead of enquiring after a player, finding out its more than we are willing to spend and then moving on to the next and so on and so on until we end up with a player that costs very little and doesn't offer any improvement on the current playing staff. Just look at the Man Utd's, Arsenal, Chelsea etc who invest in 1 or 2 quality players per window and gradually build. We need to start by employing a director of football who can take charge of footballing matters.

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07 Feb 2018 10:58:28
Be patient. DGS will take us to the next level. The problem is, it's the one below our current level.

07 Feb 2018 12:28:28
Hi Phil

I think quite a few of us have been banging on about a DOF for quite a while as its clear Sullivan is as much use as a Chocolate Teapot in the window.

The problem I see is he still thinks he is negotiating selling bulk top shelf mags to the local newsagent and does not understand that clubs can sell else where if not to WH, so when a player is said to be worth £10m no point going in at £9.99p to start the bidding, its not an Egyptian Suk!

Also I Honesty do not think he likes to trust anyone with any financial outlay, such as transfers as his controlled business mind would be " I could have done better" . but that the problem, why we never get much done because his always after a bargain, This will not change until he goes and unfortunately the way it is. even if he did appoint a DOF I guarantee he would still want to control everything .

Unfortunately mate until he sells or pops his clogs what ever comes first were stuck with all this crap, As he seems like a pigheaded, I know best kind of person, even the planned protests will only make him dig his heels in deeper I feel, he will go when his ready to go and not before I fear.

07 Feb 2018 08:22:32
No good moaning who should we have or shouldn't have signed, we know the boards spending history😠 Think we should all try to move on and deal with the here and now! Moyes has to make do and mend unfortunately, he has worked with Evra previously, so knows the man and his ability although he's knocking on a bit, better a seasoned player you have worked with previously, than one that you have not much knowledge about other than being available. All new Managers like any employer prefer to work with those they know, it's common sense! The simple fact is he prefers an old "war horse" to a youngster doing "work experience" and I entirely agree if that's his thoughts!

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07 Feb 2018 09:59:35
Hi Chelmsford, for me personally the point is the bigger picture, how many windows do we have to go through with the same old crap, IMO Moyes will leave in the summer regardless because of the way the board act in windows and maybe not keeping there word.

Another Manager will come in probably from abroad and someone desperate to Manage in the Prem, and the cycle starts again.

The board need to realise the contempt of a lot of fans is not a fad and will not go away unless they sell or change how they deal with things. There is enough room to keep the fans happy with signings and to make a profit for themselves, we all know there are keeping finances tight for their own gains for when there ready to sell, the problem is the greed in all of this,

They can make a healthy living running the club and gradually build and keep the fans happy at the same time, for such wealthy business men it should not be rocket science to balance out, but I just think they are a pair of greedy people who have no idea how to manage a football club, i'm sure they look at things as us being punters ( customers as they call us is a nicer word) and not fans.

Grab what you can when you can, spend the minimum in outlay as possible and sell at the right time for shed loads, great as a business plan. but not the way a club should be run, although football now days is a big business, it should also be a passion for the owners not just the fans.

I personally hate the way football is governed by how much money is involved, once a working mans sport has been taken over by corporate and when it implodes which I think eventually it will a lot of clubs may no longer be around as the investors will find some other toy to play with!

07 Feb 2018 10:41:55
Evra is washed up and the man should take up karate and the man he attacked gave him stick because he's finished and putting in poor performances his agent must have thought I've tried nearly everywhere to get him a club bar a few I know WEST HAM take on finished footballers ill try there. COYI.

07 Feb 2018 08:17:49
What is going on with moyes? I for one am confused is he going to stay come end of the season? Cause they would be stuipd not to keep him I mean what he has done in short space of time is amazing in my view and I believe given the time he can take us to levels he had had Everton, just can someone please shed some light for me please.

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09 Feb 2018 19:01:33
After his comments about EVRA I personally hope MOYES doesn't stay on because if EVRA'S attributes are his PROFESSIONALISM then I'm the pope, COYI.

Review Of The Day 7th February 2018

07 Feb 2018 05:39:23
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 7th February 2018

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07 Feb 2018 00:18:08
Song here he's train at arsenal
Russian team did pay wages
Plays dm pretty well before could do a job.

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06 Feb 2018 21:51:46
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06 Feb 2018 20:16:58
HI fellas YES its getting difficult now to establish 3 teams worse than us I think 38 points May well be enough Can we get another 11 yes I think we can THERE are only two important things at the bottom First is how many points you already have and second your form WBA need 18 points that's a big ask of course it's possible is it likely not for me HUDDERSFIELD I just don't see them getting 14 points the way there playing which leaves one space take your pick of the rest it's likely that this Saturdays game will tell the story IRONMIKE.

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07 Feb 2018 10:42:41
Totally agree.

Typically it's the teams that struggle to score goals since they can't win games and draws aren't enough.

Of those around us, that sounds most like Brighton (except when playing us) and Newcastle (although Slimani might change that) .

Am not convinced Lambert has enough about him to turn Stoke around either, plus Sako and Zaha being out for Palace is a big loss.

We're not the only side struggling so can take some heart.

Would love us to go get Song. When fit he was the best central mid I've seen us have in recent times, he's only 30 and was brilliant presence and ball retention. Would be a suitable short term fix for the loss of Obiang. Understand he fell into the category of causing "African Mayhem" though so guess it won't happen.

06 Feb 2018 18:27:44
Just read we're going to sign Evra on a free for the rest of the season Why when he is banned till June and Sullivan said he wouldn't sign players over 30! Sooner Board go the better they're taking the Mickey out of us COYI.

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06 Feb 2018 19:20:36
Doesn't his ban only apply to French league?

06 Feb 2018 20:12:40
You could well be right REDROBBO2.

06 Feb 2018 21:29:33
And once again we become even more of
a laughing stock! Frigging Evra are gold and
Sullivan that mad.

07 Feb 2018 10:43:58
His ban doesn't apply to english football. COYI.

{Ed002's Note - The ban relates to UEFA competitions.}

06 Feb 2018 16:24:54
I'm dreading the worst against Watford
They av so much pace going forward and
our midfield and defence as we all know is extremely slow, this could well be another
team that does the double over us.

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