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13 Jan 2018 14:14:51
Only six subs for today's game, with all the youngsters with got, there's no Martinez or Quina on the bench, and no Carroll is he injured or is he going, but they could at least put one more youngster on the bench just to get him around the first team?

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13 Jan 2018 15:45:14
Apparently they all played last night so didn't wanna make em travel today.

13 Jan 2018 15:46:21
More importantly, what the hell is wrong with Carroll now. Injured again. Moaned after the west Brom game about not starting, then injured again.

{Ed0333's Note - or leaving?

13 Jan 2018 16:00:33
Thing is Carroll was moaning about being a sub and not starting, well, what's he going to do if he goes to Chelsea, he will be on the bench?

13 Jan 2018 16:23:14
Is there some real truth in the Chelsea rumours then Ed?

{Ed0333's Note - I don’t have a clue mate. I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. He’s an expensive injury prone liability.

13 Jan 2018 17:33:01
I agree.

13 Jan 2018 22:12:31
That's why I'd b happy to c the back of for a fee😄.

13 Jan 2018 17:34:35
I truly believe ED Carroll will be leaving for CHELSEA he's odds on with bookies I think that's why he never traveled today any news MIKE. COYI. P. S I was wrong on ARNAUTOVIC he's better than I thought but his attitude when signed was all wrong I'm glad his attitude and form has drastically improved that's when I love being proved wrong. COYI.

{Ed0333's Note - I don’t know wether AC is staying or going but I’m astounded he’s being linked to Chelsea. The scouts at Chelsea need their heads looking at. What a gargantuan mistake that will be.

15 Jan 2018 10:59:50
I'm with you on this one ED very suprised and I'm not sure if I want him to go as he's plan b when plan a ain't working.

{Ed0333's Note - he’s a very expensive plan B mate. There’s better plan B’s out there who won’t be injured for most of the season and are proper professional.

13 Jan 2018 12:57:06
etc. etc I wonder, what/ who is the source of these RUMOURS
Now the reality, reserve players from Newcastle Liverpool or stars from the relegated Middlesboro/ sunderland squads
Looks like Andy is out AGAIN and who would sign Sakho/ Hernandes
How many of current squad have an escape from the Championships clause in thier contract?

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13 Jan 2018 13:59:21
Exactly it's all talk. We will probably try and get loans like schurrle and ings and that will be it. I hope we stay up and moyes has a clear out but, we are clearly weak. in midfield so I how there are 3 teams worse than us otherwise we may pay the ultimate price.

13 Jan 2018 14:22:51
To all the people on this site who think it's a good idea to get rid of CHIQUARITO let me just say this when you are down the bottom u need a few things and the most important one is a goalscorer which he DEFINITELY IS it would be a monumental mistake to sell him now and it WONT HAPPEN NO CHANCE. COYI.

14 Jan 2018 17:51:12
Gkg, and when will Chicha start to scoring? He didn't came as some prospect but as proven goalscore, but till now he is more waving hands and yelling at everybody then scoring goals. Also his impact for game is minimal.
maybe he is a good guy and only didn't fit in our system, but still, do we need to pay as much money for somebody who is not fitting in our system?

15 Jan 2018 11:06:17
Hi TULEN your totally missing the point mate he's not nowhere near fit and we are asking him to play an ANDY CARROLL role, When we signed him we should have known that he's better playing with a strike partner and if we ain't going to play this way WHY OH WHY did we sign him in the first place, look at the saints game the last finish was total instinct and he's the FIFTH BEST goal per game average in the current premiership stats put him in the area give him the chance and he WILL DELIVER MOYES CLEARLY doesn't RATE HIM AND WASNT HIS SIGNING. COYI.

13 Jan 2018 07:32:49
just want to say thanks mike for your contributions, I may not like them, the truth is like that, but it saves me wading thru the papers.

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13 Jan 2018 10:43:11
Your welcome IRONMIKE.

13 Jan 2018 14:24:14
Hiya MIKE what's your view on the rumoured departure of CHIQUARITO I can't see it happening.

13 Jan 2018 15:57:32
He’s not Moyes type of player, BUt he could get us a priceless goal somewhere, it’s a risky time to get rid without adequate replacement IRONMIKE.

15 Jan 2018 11:08:16
SPOT ON MIKE he ain't fit yet and he's the exact type of player that will keep us up PRICELESS and would be a huge mistake selling him now. COYI.

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13 Jan 2018 05:26:26
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Saturday 13th January 2018

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12 Jan 2018 10:14:06
I think Moyers is playing it all down the transfer talk in case nothing happens. Which maybe is the way to go instead of all the claptrap from the DGS.

At the end of the day survival is all we want this season, Moyes will probably get the job and overhaul in the summer BUT. let's not forget how many fans hated the way Allardyce played, I personally see Moyes in the same mould even after the overhaul. We will be hard to beat but in a style not dissimilar to how Big Sam played. than what?

Realistically we cannot compete with the top 6 financially unless serious serious investment is made which under the current regime will not happen, so in turn we float about playing the transfer game with derisory bids knowing full well we won't get the player and as only a show of intent to appease the fans,
OK maybe now and then we may hit the jackpot with a decent player at maybe £40m, but in todays football namely the top 6 that's peanuts, that's a fee they pay for a squad player not a main player. And then what about the other 10 positions on the pitch?

Unfortunately for those who can remember ( i'm 51) the good old days in the early 80,s where maybe just Liverpool dominated but all teams were more financially on par, and was more even, have gone for ever, unless every owner of a club is a billionaire ready to invest as much as each other the gap will get bigger and bigger.

I would like to see a solution where a club can only spend a certain amount of money each year on transfers, whether it be 1 or 20 players, which may bring things a little closer together, but that has to be rolled out all over Europe not just in the UK, and will not happen, the multi billionaire owners will not allow it.
So there we have it, each season the best we can hope for in excitement is a cup run or to win our mini league and finish in 7 place. Still all good fun in the transfer windows and you never know.

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12 Jan 2018 15:23:31
Wasn't the whole point of the move to the LS touted as a way to enable the club to compete financially with the top 6?

As it is we just end up paying top dollar for poor players. Obviously some money IS available, it's just our lot aren't particularly good at spending it wisely.

12 Jan 2018 17:12:03
BillyDWhizz you have as much idea what's going on as do the rest of us. To be truthful I give up with the way our board do business. We ponder, millions, consider and talk about who we need. Then when we've finally made our minds up and we've enquired we always bid below the asking price trying to force a better deal and it don't work. I give up 😢😭.

11 Jan 2018 08:08:40
So guys n gals. let's have a good long look at what's going on! Sakho to Palace. Chicharito to LA. Carroll to Chelsea. Obiang to Fiorentina. Oxford to Borussia Moenchengladbach. Lanzini to Liverpool all conjecture of course however, if all of this comes off it will be interesting to see who we go for?

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11 Jan 2018 11:27:02
Hi Phil

We would probably go for everyone who can walk, and end up with a loan from South America.

11 Jan 2018 11:44:22
We are selling CHIQUARITO because we have too many strikers AYEW (NOT), ANTONIO (NOT) ARNAUTOVIC (NOT) SAKHO ( NOT INTERESTED) my calculations that leaves 2 strikers CARROLL, MARTINEZ who's not ready yet and by the way the three players I quoted NOT means they ain't strikers and AYEW ain't good enough great work again WEST HAM. P. S I hope they have deals waiting to happen.

11 Jan 2018 12:20:25
Hi Gkg66. I agree. At this rate MOYES appears to have decided that this lot really are not good enough and its just what we've all been saying for quite a long time. IRONMIKE says every window that we need a clear out and it never happens. Its well overdue and I'm glad that we're finally looking to get rid of the hangers on. let's get players in that want to be here but remembering not to leave it so late that we don't have enough time to get replacements.

11 Jan 2018 13:26:03
Hiya philmac what's your views on CHIQUARITO as I think he's being asked to perform a no 9 role and he ain't CARROLL look at the saints game he was lethal in the box MOYES and west ham are brain-dead he's always performed better with a strike partner which that hasn't happened keep pumping balls up In the air ain't his game he's obviously not 100% fit and I think we are making a big mistake you've only got to look at his record percentage wise he's the fifth best premiership striker so far what's your views as well MIKE. COYI.

11 Jan 2018 14:01:21
I reckon the problem is that he isn't going to get the supply he wants whilst we have the midfield that we have. No real creativity and passers of the ball that can cut open a defence. We also need wingers that can take players on and bring him into the game. He can only score if he is given the ball to put away and playing him with AYEW against Shrewsbury was a massive mistake. Ayew isn't interested and spends the game like Kouyate waving his arms around. On the Kouyate subject can someone tell me WHY he has his arm still bandaged and its been like that for about 2 years?

12 Jan 2018 11:58:26
He's after KEITH LEMONS ROLE Phil I'd swap him for KOUYATE both similar a couple of HEADLESS CHICKENS. COYI.

12 Jan 2018 17:42:14
How’s your mate getting on in the championship phil?

12 Jan 2018 18:56:21
He scores last week.

10 Jan 2018 20:47:53
Smolov, dendocker and the Swiss lad people raving about would be incredible signings right though the spine of the team 60m outlay with shipping out sakho and Hernandez for 25m ish sounds like great business get it done Dave's.

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10 Jan 2018 22:59:09
add shelvey to that list too rather ayew than Hernandez! but no one will take him. perhaps if we got rid of both we could afford to get schurrler aswell. always wanted us to take a punt on Hakim ziyeck too.

11 Jan 2018 11:47:12
Hiya MISTLEY AKANJI won't be moving to WEST HAM that I'm 99% certain.

11 Jan 2018 12:27:46
what makes you so certain?

11 Jan 2018 13:31:29
Hiya Noel all the top clubs in EUROPE are tracking him apparently his preference is Germany so MUNICH, DORTMUND, and Spanish clubs or west ham and we are rumoured to value him at 18 mill and BASEL are looking at DOUBLE and some, he's very highly rated so we will probably bid 15 mill or a loan LOL I get your enthusiasm Noel but we are WEST HAM and why I'm passionate about this great club we are owned by MUPPETS mate.

11 Jan 2018 20:28:30

10 Jan 2018 14:43:45
Couple of weeks ago Mike mentioned West Ham United were looking at Aiden Flint I queried this looking at his history and couldn't understand why we were looking

Have to say having watched him a couple of times over last couple of weeks think he has something so I am holding my hands up and saying maybe we should be having a deeper look

Anybody else got an opinion?

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10 Jan 2018 15:39:18
Fully agree and the championship is where a bit of value can be had Luke Moore as well looks good let's get back to proper defending hardened pros that's what mites is all about. I think life will be good under moyes.

11 Jan 2018 09:43:12
Players from the championship in my opinion will not improve our team the difference is staggering the only one I was partly wrong was WOOD I said SNODGRASS was a championship player and was slaughtered and that's what he was.

11 Jan 2018 12:06:32
GKG66 - Antonio was a Championship player pal, now one of our best players.

11 Jan 2018 13:33:58
That says it all mate ANTONIO one of our BEST PLAYERS and overweight inconsistent waste of time but it's all opinions mate and that's mine not being funny could you only think of one.

11 Jan 2018 13:39:55
Hi glen any top championship player for sale is staggeringly overpriced SCOT HOGAN springs to mind we got away with one there mate you got more value abroad and all that about they've no ENGLISH EXPERIENCE I'm not one of those believers if they are good enough they will settle RIYAD MAHREZ 500'000 what's he worth ANELKA 750,000 I could go on all I'm saying is in my opinion the championship players are way overpriced and a gamble like Europe but they are cheaper glen. COYI.

12 Jan 2018 07:55:01
Yes there is overpriced players in championship but a few gems as well
We got cresswell for 3 mil Antonio for 7 mil to sell now in an inflated market maybe 40 mil for both we need to understand where we are shopping man city go harrods we go Romford market we can't and won't compete.

09 Jan 2018 13:17:12
like all Hammers fans I read this site several times a day waiting for updates from Ironmike - whilst reading other sites thinking of all the names we are mentioned with only when Ironmike mentions do I begin to think its a go! on that front how many Irons would now consider how lucky we were not to get Kelechi Iheanacho after the moans flooded various sites at the time - for big money he has hardly terrorised prem defences!
so come on IronMike shake a stick at DGS to get their purses out!

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10 Jan 2018 10:09:29
I agree. I hold my hands up and say I was a big moaner for not getting ianaecho. What a load of old pony he's turned out to be 😂.

09 Jan 2018 13:02:37
Ineacho has been made available from Leicester . we should sign him all dat.

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09 Jan 2018 15:44:08
Won’t happen I doubt due to the same reasons that stopped the pursuit in the summer .


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