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Manchester United v West Brom 15 April 2018 Review

16 Apr 2018 20:43:50
{Ed's Note - Danny Lancs has posted a new article entitled, Manchester United v West Brom 15 April 2018 Review

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16 Apr 2018 21:11:01
I don't care who I offend but KOUYATE has to go at the end of season he can't pass to a teamate got the touch of and elephant the only thing he's got is an engine full stop.

16 Apr 2018 22:07:50
Mate he totally shocking, makes me feel sick every time gets the ball, his touch terrible, he can’t read a game, I don’t think he’s got an eninge he is a headless chicken it’s horrible to watch him, cut him off, sell him or give him away I don’t care. Feel sorry for joe hart but he should have done better, simple as. Great finish by Carroll, result just means got some serious work to do against better teams now, fingers crossed.

16 Apr 2018 22:11:16
my brother just said Gary neville has said for their goal was our midfield was putting zero pressure on shaquiri for the goal and we should have played two up top we should have won that game and in my earlier post I said shaquiri wasnt pressurised when he had the ball and that's what happened.

Premier League Match Preview Monday 16th April 2018

16 Apr 2018 06:49:19
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Monday 16th April 2018

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16 Apr 2018 14:35:38
Another player who's head will be turned, a friend of mine who's a season tickit holder of spurs says the interest in MASUAKU is valid as i think LANZINIS head was turned by reported from Liverpool.

16 Apr 2018 16:53:20
Kram, to me the answer is simple, the Manager knows who will want to be moved on whoever it is, speak to them indidually, if they want to go, start playing without them as soon as we may be safe! No good if a player doesn’t want to play for a club, the days of any loyalty with most players have long gone, they are all travellers! For any manager to try to hold on to a sought after player from a top 6 club isn’t going to happen if you’re playing for a bottom 6 club. As long as we get the going rate for whoever it is from whatever club, we have to deal with it as other clubs in a similar situation to us have to! Unfortunately all the previous trouble and discontent among fans towards the club in general may be a big hinderance in trying to get the signings we may be interested in!

16 Apr 2018 20:45:07
our midfield defensively is so static you can't let shaquiri time to brING it down have two looks up and pick his man because we are going to get done by it.

16 Apr 2018 22:28:40
MOYES has just said he didn't need to make subs as we were playing well he only made the subs because we went behind that's why he can't be our next permanent manager because you have to have a bit more about you than that and i'm waiting for the I'm so negative but that's my opinion and I'm sticking with it I thought we were powder puff up front tonight and although I ain't a massive CARROLL fan he's very much needed at this momentry but if we hadnt equalised I'd be a bit nervy so in the end its a point and stopped a rival two points.

Review Of The Day 16th April 2018

16 Apr 2018 06:43:53
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 16th April 2018

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15 Apr 2018 12:07:25
I would like to congratulate Wolves on their return to the PL

Assuming we do stay up it means we no longer start next season bottom of the league.

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15 Apr 2018 14:02:50
2 teams today playing 2 up front why can't we because CHIQUARITO needs a strike partner 100%.

16 Apr 2018 09:35:59
Agreed Gkg, but with a weak defence and Dm midfield then every man and dog is needed to cover, it seems that this leaves the guy unsopported and flogging a dead horse . I feel for him as due to team weakness we can’t just let him do what he dos and score goals .

16 Apr 2018 12:20:25
agree Jason but he can't play up front on his own something MOYES hasn't worked out I believe he doesn't rate him because it was the same in his short tenure at united, me personally if we need a player to take a chance to keep us up its him.

16 Apr 2018 17:55:44
It seems that the modern striker had to be all things to the manager and not just a goal scorer, just think of all the past great strikers who would not be in any prem squad these days,

16 Apr 2018 22:01:12
I know mate we just look a bether team with two up front mate.

Review Of The Day 15th April 2018

15 Apr 2018 06:56:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th April 2018

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Premier League Match Preview Sunday 15th April 2018

15 Apr 2018 05:10:58
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Sunday 15th April 2018

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14 Apr 2018 16:57:00
We have to win on Monday after the palace and Huddersfield results, I still can't get the palace away game out of my mind when Antonio threw away two points.

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14 Apr 2018 17:04:32
spot on stevie if we beat stoke Monday mate I think we'd be ok as swansea have still to play stoke and Southampton a big advantage mate I don't think Brighton are safe just yet but let's all hope and prey we get a performance and 3 points as a draw wouldn't be disasterous but not ideal mate. COYI.

14 Apr 2018 17:41:40
We have to take care of our own games as long as the team play well n the fans get behind them we need an intense atomosphere if we win this game and I think we we will 1-0 stoke have been defensively quite good over the last couple of weeks making it difficult for the boomers n the spuds.

14 Apr 2018 19:35:00
Should have said gooners.

15 Apr 2018 08:05:09
Stevie, Antonio made a mistake at Palace but there were 10 other players in the team, you could argue that maybe if there hadn’t been other players in the opposing area at that time in the game he wouldn’t have had anybody else to aim his attempted cross too. Yes maybe inexperience helped cost us 2 points, but there could have been several players yelling at him to take it into the corner, can’t remember any player close to him at the time to help out. I’m sure he felt bad enough by the publicity given to that mistake, but I don’t think Joe Hart’s comment on TV after about being unprofessional was in itself professional towards a fellow team mate! In my view he’s always a willing runner and grafter in the team!

15 Apr 2018 12:33:14
Totally agree Antonio is a grafter and has won us games but with 20 seconds left you just don't do that, but let's hope we can win a couple more games to stay up.

16 Apr 2018 12:21:58
your spot on stevie and ifs and buts don't win games.

16 Apr 2018 12:24:31
we know we have to take care of our own games but merely stateing that it's a massive plus that teams down the bottom have to play each other and that is a major plus.

Review Of The Day 14th April 2018

14 Apr 2018 07:25:23
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 14th April 2018

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14 Apr 2018 16:57:40
results bar SAINTS game haven't been great I think if we beat stoke Monday we should be safe but STOKE have been playing ok of late without getting results so let's all pray they don't get lucky against us a defeat would be a no no but although we have got difficult run in possibley the worst of all teams fighting but should it go to the wire we WILL beat everton who are not playing well and although drawing which is good for us they were shocking by all means. COYI.

Premier League Match Preview Saturday 14th April 2018

14 Apr 2018 05:53:03
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Saturday 14th April 2018

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14 Apr 2018 13:09:28
my exact point about Chelsea being vulnerable it's an early shout yes look at the time because certain people do not get it because the point we had last week will not keep us up three might of we will never know unless some people do? ps ALAN SMITHS WORDS CHELSEA ARE VULNERABLE AT THE MOMENT SOUND FAMILIAR.

13 Apr 2018 16:24:30
would anyone be happy to cash in on lanzini to fund a complete squad overhaul? I'd love him to stay but I don't think the board will spend the huge sum I think would be required if 6-7 players in and out? who would be on your list of players out?

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13 Apr 2018 18:49:17
I've been thinking about his performances this season and he has been injured a fair bit so it's difficult to be accurate.

My worry is that he is great on his day but is a bit lightweight and gets bullied off the ball quite a bit as well I am beginning to think he would be a great player in a real quality team where he would be another player rather than the star in an ordinary team.

14 Apr 2018 13:10:20
I would because LANZINIS heart is elsewhere that's my opinion.

14 Apr 2018 16:59:50
our saving grace if I'm correct SWANSEA have to play stoke.

15 Apr 2018 01:21:18
last game of the season that kram will go right down to the wire. stoke games massive but knowing west ham we will probably do it the hard way and have to get something out of the remaining fixtures we arguably have the toughest run in.

16 Apr 2018 12:26:50
spot on iron. a1 I think 37 points will be safe I wouldn't rule out BRIGHTON downwards it's more exciting than the title race lol.


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