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14 Jul 2019 08:25:34
According to Football London Today online, we are about to offer massive pay rise and fee to BRENFORD for Neal Maupay? 🤭🤭 Anyone know much about him, apparently Villa and other clubs sniffing around him?


1.) 14 Jul 2019 10:48:47
Just YouTubed him. He’s 5’7”.

I’d sum him up as Chicha-like poacher with more energy. You have to remember though, that all the video is against Championship defences.

2.) 14 Jul 2019 12:13:53
Maupay along with haller I'd be happy but not as our main summer striker.

3.) 14 Jul 2019 14:35:40
Hope we get haller just read insider saying man utd could hijack our deal.

4.) 14 Jul 2019 21:45:30
And Frankfurt supposedly haven’t agreed the fee and want to keep Haller and offer him higher salary. Think we will be looking in the bargain bin soon.

5.) 14 Jul 2019 23:58:08
I will say now that if HALLER joins us i'd be staggered frankfurt don't want to sell and UTD are sniffing so on to other targets that will get us excited drag on and no signature at the end typical west ham transfer buisness i'm afraid. COYI.

6.) 15 Jul 2019 00:35:56
Don’t think Utd are a worry unless someone pays silly money for Lukaku.

7.) 15 Jul 2019 18:53:07
If and a big IF we sign MAUPAY and HALLER I'd be ecstatic then a holding midfielder to play with RICE as no disrespect but NOBLE and SNODGRASS do not close down anywhere near quick enough for the demands of the premier league and then we need a L/ B and if WILSHIRE can stay fit things will look very good at WEST HAM . COYI.



14 Jun 2019 07:29:49
Good luck Slav at WBA, wish him all the best, 👍 Also good to hear Kevin Keen returning to coach Academy youngsters, always a good underrated dedicated professional imo. 👍👍.


1.) 14 Jun 2019 21:18:03
Me too, hope slaves does well. The snake let him down and he never recovered. Such a shame as liked him.

2.) 15 Jun 2019 07:16:29
Glen, I really thought when we appointed Slav he would take us up to a different level in the Premiership with his National managerial and overseas experience, I was quite surprised he didn’t target some of his countrymen who are nearly all warriors? I read a quote after he was sacked reportedly said by Noble “He was to soft on us” that can be interpreted several ways, but that said to me, there were players taking the p—s, whether that was shirking, training, injuries or whatever, but to me that reflected badly on the the whole team being unprofessional! As the old saying goes “give some people an inch, then they take a mile” even when they are on £4m per year, but more than that they were in some ways deceiving the fans that are paupers by their standards and were cheating them!



29 Jan 2019 16:03:15
Hate speculation and online rumours but just read online Hernandez's agent filmed at our Stadium, only stumbling block is valuation. take anything around the £10m surely, then get rid of his stupid £140k wage burden, he's done nothing, won't do anything, so doesn't even matter surely if we don't replace!


1.) 29 Jan 2019 21:50:51
Sad thing is with Arnie now injured, Gomez not wanting to come, I think JH May be our first choice starter for the coming weeks.

2.) 30 Jan 2019 02:23:32
I mentioned he's a possibility to go he’s taken over the mantle of MR SULK just recently, with Arnie injured better off playing DJU and SILVA up front at least we will get some movement and honesty. IRONMIKE.

3.) 30 Jan 2019 03:50:09
Agreed but can you see that happening? I think we will hold onto JH as the Gomez deal slips away and JH has the backing of MP it seems so would guess he will start him on the weekend.

4.) 30 Jan 2019 09:50:37
any sign of good news regarding players mike? lords knows we need it after that shambles last night.

5.) 30 Jan 2019 10:14:07
What a bloody shambles indeed, WE seem to make one step forward and then two steps back. And Dear Lord have we got some players to shift, it’s a long long list. IRONMIKE.



14 Dec 2018 07:31:42
Great to read Hernandez talking so positively about playing and scoring goals for us, then looking to capitalise on our winning streak against Fulham on Saturday👍⚒ I am quite happy or admit that I have been a massive anti Hernandez critic on here, previously, simply because of his previous lack of enthusiasm and lack of effort on the pitch, no matter what his past statistics on goal scoring said!

But now WOW, completely reversed my opinion now having been given the chance by MP to play from the start in the last few games and scoring some good goals! I don't feel guilty over my previous remarks as to me any player should commit 100% for the sake of the paying fans and for himself👍He says " He. now feels the same excitement putting the WH shirt on and playing as he feels playing for Mexico" 👍👍⚒⚒.


1.) 14 Dec 2018 11:08:21
Everyone is entitled to their opinions Chelms, its great when a player performs well enough to change our minds! let's hope JW does the same, as we all know your thoughts on him. Snodds is a great example, as I am sure all of us wouldn't have complained had he left in the summer. I am sure there are better players out there, but he is a player we can all be proud to see wearing the shirt, much like Nobes. Proper professional.
Chica's career stats always warranted his salary, as he is a proven player who has CONSISTENTLY scored more goals at the top level than anyone we have ever had. I do not begrudge the salary he is on. The fact is he has not done it for us so far, which is why many feel this way about him. HOWEVER, Chica needs a certain style of football to flourish, and that has not been provided by our teams under Slav and Moyes. MP is changing that though, and i really hope that this new style and confidence provides the platform for Chica to really flourish and score lots of goals for us. His effort on the pitch has always been there.

{Ed001's Note - I am confused, how is a player who was, by his own admittance, too fat to play well for more than a year a proper professional? I get Noble is, to a degree anyway, but Snodgrass only has himself to blame for his poor form.}

2.) 14 Dec 2018 14:12:30
He was always that weight and played very well for other teams, those previous managers never required/ told him to loose the weight to perform better, so its a bit unfair to say he was un-professional, he was just never coached properly in order to get even MORE out of him. Turned out that the level he was at was not good enough for West Ham, and eventually a good manager came in (Pellegrini) and told him what he needed to do in order to improve, and he did it when he could have easily thrown his toys out of the pram and left (especially after the owners comments last year) . He is also great at the non-football stuff around the club. IMO that is a great attitude and a proper professional.

3.) 14 Dec 2018 15:20:07
How did this go from Chicha to Snodgrass?

4.) 15 Dec 2018 10:44:25
I, too have been very sceltical about Hernandez, who always seems to react sulkily if things don’t go his way. His turnaround in form is very welcome, though.

Let’s see if the Fulham game is hot or cold for him - if it’s the latter, I’m betting he will be caught offside consistently as he scowls and stares at the ground.

If it’s the former and he bangs in a couple, I’ll take it!

5.) 15 Dec 2018 22:09:43
Make Ed right on this matter totally I know I go on far too much about astronomical wages but to be overweight is mostly his fault and the club for allowing to happen total lack of professionalism and duty to the football club and fans at least he's starting to earn his money and show us die hard SUPPORTERS some effort and commitment to the football club and lastly To CHELMSFORD it one thing to say what you think regarding CHIQUARITO saying you are anti the player but to then admit you may have been slightly wrong is nice to read so well done chelms it's all about opinion this game but to admit you could be wrong is not always forthcoming hope you andon't family are all good mate. COYI.

{Ed001's Note - and, by the way, he was never that weight previously by his own admittance. He has actually come out publicly and said so. I think Nickinho is living in some kind of dream world where Snodgrass was anything but a poor winger, prior to losing weight and improving his fitness. He did have fitness issues and was not training hard enough in the past and was overweight for a footballer, but not to the extent he was recently. The lad has never been a good pro at all. He has never put in the time on the training ground nor looked after himself properly away from the pitch in the past.

Fair play to him for realising it and working on it, but he should have been doing it ten years ago. That is partially on him and partially on previous clubs and managers.}

6.) 17 Dec 2018 09:08:51
Well said Ed, cannot believe the change in him, a player I thought a poor signing and a worse squad player.
Makes you wonder what Allardici and Bilic were doing fitness wise.
On another note, Caroll looked the leanest I have ever seen him on Saturday, reckon MP is working them all very hard, hope it all works well for us.

{Ed001's Note - you have to give a lot of credit to Pellegrini, he has got through to players that other managers couldn't get through to. It is something he has done throughout his career and why he has been at the highest level. It is also good to see him succeed because he is a nice guy.}

7.) 17 Dec 2018 16:50:29
I don't pretend to know Snodders' weight fluctuations prior to West Ham. You can only succeed at the tasks put in front of you, and he had succeeded at all his previous clubs (relative to their level) . When he arrived after Payet's departure, the team as a whole was not performing at all in the wake of the move to the OS and all the negativity surrounding the club. The manager did not have the ability to get a performance out of the team let alone Snods (I say that as a fan of Slav) and our owner was then completely out of order with his public comments which would ruin any player's motivation and commitment. Were it me at my job (regardless of money i was earning), if my manager or CEO made those re-marks publicly I would lose motivation also. He went away to Villa and was once again a success.
You are right, Pellegrini deserves the bulk of the credit for giving him the opportunity again at this level, and the direction on what to do in order to improve his game. But in my personal opinion I do not see the un-professional side to his story, and what he does now for the club is commendable.

{Ed001's Note - if you can't see what is unprofessional about being overweight as a professional athlete then I am wasting my time even talking to you.}

8.) 18 Dec 2018 14:10:49
Not every player is Ronaldo esq when it comes to their own physique, that's precisely why clubs have dieticians and fitness trainers in order to manage their levels so that they can perform to the levels their manager demands. A player's professionalism regards how they look after themselves is therefore dependant on whether they can physically perform to the level their manager demands, and i have highlighted how Snods has looked after himself professionally enough throughout his career to have been successful at all his previous clubs.

He did not put on weight at West Ham United, that was not the reason he did not succeed at first. He came into a team that was performing terribly during a negative period after leaving Upton Park, he was played out of position, and was unforgivably slated publicly by his owner because he could not fill the boots of a world class player in Payet. His comment stated that he lost some condition while at Villa in the Championship, where the physical demands are different. But he was still in good enough physical condition to exceed his managers demands and be one of the best players in that league that season.

He has simply come back to a league that demands more, and to work under a manager who prefers all his technical players to be much leaner than other managers do. You can see it in all of our players this season, they have all gotten leaner, and could all therefore say they were previously "overweight", simply because this manager demands more. Snodds has responded to meet those demands yet again.

Professionalism in any profession is ensuring you are able to perform to the level that meets the demands set out for you by those higher up. Snodgrass imo has done exactly that with regards his condition, and has exceeded it in regards to his non footballing duties at WHU. Just because a player is not as fit as Ronaldo does not mean you question their professionalism.



07 Dec 2018 08:13:56
Apparently MP is interested in Valencia at ManU to replace Zabaletta, another younger oldie to replace another oldie? Not quite sure about that but has been really decent in the past! Also has given Carroll a contract warning that he needs to play more often to win a new contract, well hopefully that's dead in the water! Pity he didn't think to say that to Wilshere before he signed him!


1.) 07 Dec 2018 10:29:00
I see that about Valencia as well Chelmsford, I don't know how long Fredericks is out for but once fit we need to give him a few minutes on the pitch to get him up to speed and give him confidence, I also see Nasri is set to sign on wages believed to be £80-£100k a week, what must Rice be thinking, I would rather get in a couple of loans in January and concentrate on Rice's contract.

2.) 07 Dec 2018 13:23:48
The paramount thing that WH should do is get Rice on a new contract NOW. paying above average wages to has beens does not give a good impression to Rice, he must wonder what is going on around him. If we lose Rice it would be devastating to the supporters.

3.) 07 Dec 2018 14:08:55
Hammer man, it wouldn't just be devastating, I think there would be a bloody riot, you will get banners at home games saying BOARD OUT, and we don't really want all that to start up again, let's hope it is all being sorted out behind the scenes?

4.) 07 Dec 2018 18:11:52
So what can the problem be by not getting Rice on a long term contract. Its about time we were told the truth, or is it just our board being stubborn. It can't be that the club can't afford it as we are paying squad players drastically over the odds.

5.) 07 Dec 2018 20:40:32
As I said above, and playing devils advocate above, maybe it’s his agent and Rice who don’t want to negotiate yet?




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22 Aug 2019 07:41:40
I hope MP starts with our strongest line up on Tuesday against Newport, then maybe make substitutions if we look safe, to suffer a similar embarrassment as we did at Wimbledon would be disastrous and we would look a laughing stock yet again! Newport are no mugs and have a history of turning over big clubs, please don't let us be another! Especially when the game is on live TV 🤞🤞But we have Watford to face first, so let's hope to get our first win and 3 points on the board. ⚒⚒🤞🤞.


1.) 22 Aug 2019 19:05:05
Reports are that Deeney is out injured. With Haller back, I really want to see how we can get the best out of him with decent service and inter-play.

2.) 22 Aug 2019 21:03:05
Markro, yes thank goodness Deeney out for a few weeks after an ankle op👍 I rate Deeney and would have been more than happy a couple of windows ago to see us get him, my type of aggressive front man that can dish it out and score goals👍⚒⚒.

3.) 23 Aug 2019 10:38:12
Not sure it will be our strongest line up against Newport, I would think he would want to give game time to Ajeti, Cardoso, Johnson, zabaletta, Noble and probably start Yarmolenko and a back up keeper at a minimum.

4.) 23 Aug 2019 16:59:08
Sdl, Sadly, yes I just know that will happen, lots of clubs do that in competitions, especially if they have no hope of winning anyway, that’s ok when you’re a top 6 club competing in Europe, winning or at least nearly winning some silverware or competing for it! But we really need to have something to cheer about, those you’ve mentioned are all due playing time I agree, but don’t leave it late if we’re struggling and need to bring normal first choices on, MP owes it to travelling supporters spending money and giving up lots of time to follow our team, they deserve some results in return at least against teams that we should walk over!



04 Aug 2019 15:32:03
Interesting article by Simon Mullock in the "People" on Sunday. Sean Dyche over the last 3 years has a "net" spend of £70m but still managed to achieve in 2018 a place for Euro football!


1.) 04 Aug 2019 15:56:29
Canny, old school manager, who doesn’t take any nonsense from anybody.

2.) 04 Aug 2019 19:51:06
Entirely agree, think he’s done fantastic at Burnley, love his motto which should be on our dressing room walls and written all around the Stadium, “ Minimum required is Maximum effort” can think of some past and present that wouldn’t attain that standard⚒⚒⚒.



20 Jul 2019 08:14:09
Looking at "Football London" today (Sat) showing several of our options with our squad👍⚒ They all look really good to me, quite a side to push on, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-4-2, 4-4-2. All look really exciting on paper🤞🤞 There will be goals in our attacking front players, just hope our confidence isn't dented by a bad result in our first home game, but it is against the best side around by miles! Don't want to get too carried away but looking at what we already have, providing no real serious injuries when the season is under way, if we don't add to the squad it hopefully won't affect us? COYI👍⚒⚒⚒⚒.




14 Jul 2019 08:37:53
Looking at Neal Maupay stats for Brentford, played 43 games, scored 25, 9 assists, all in Championship of course, it they all have to start somewhere obviously, French, 22 years old, we are going to offer a " Mammoth" fee whatever that amount is, to sign within the next 4 weeks, if that's true are we going to pursue other rumours, i. e. Haller, Rondon, or whoever or go for "frees" as usual for another addition? ⚒⚒⚒.


1.) 14 Jul 2019 10:14:31
The main target MUST be Haller, who is already proven at the highest level. I don’t think it’s an either, or. Maupay’s problem will be that even if Chicha leaves, he will not be the automatic starter if we do buy Haller.

I read the “mammoth” reference in terms of wages, not transfer fee, but we’ll see.

2.) 14 Jul 2019 11:33:40
I like the look of Maupay got to remember Pellegrini does like to play 2 up top. With the signing of Fornals and Wilshere looking good we might be able to dominate possession with just a 4 man midfield. Rice and Wilshere holding, Anderson and fornals left and right attacking mids.

We would have a lot of options from the bench too Antonio, Yarmo, Snod, Noble, Diangana, Lanzini all of these players can offer of us something different and gives us great depth.

We just need a couple cherries on top and I think we will sign 2 strikers possibly 3. Then we will look at some defensive cover but I feel the emergence of Johnson and Alese has eased some concerns there also have Reid coming back. So maripan and the other defenders we have been linked to can wait we need strikers!

3.) 14 Jul 2019 23:52:27
Is it true Ed that MAN UTD have joined the race to sign HALLER. COYI.

{Ed002's Note - Sebastien Haller (S) OGS has had SH watched as a potential replacement for Lukaku if he is not priced out of a move - it makes little sense to me.}

4.) 15 Jul 2019 18:57:46
Thanks you Ed for the update mate.



02 Jul 2019 12:49:20
Delighted to read Snoddy's signed an extra years contract with a further years option, he says "something special is happening at the club" really pleased that MP appreciated his professionalism and dedication, well deserved imo👍👍⚒⚒⚒⚒.


1.) 02 Jul 2019 13:03:52
Yes. I imagine he might be slipping down the order for the starting XI, but he would always be a decent, reliable option from the bench.

2.) 02 Jul 2019 21:33:01
Good solid pro who can get stuck if a game becomes a battle. Like him.




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06 Aug 2019 20:01:54
COYI164, we are reading off the same sheet mate, what a shame, but money talks at that age especially, that’s his last big pay day so at 32 not knowing what’s in front of him, good luck Ad, really wish him well👍👍⚒⚒⚒.




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06 Aug 2019 16:26:42
What about the signing on fee Adrian would have also got, must have been an influence😂£😂Premiership experience although erratic at times
decent number 2 for Klopp👍👍.




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26 Jul 2019 16:54:46
Stubbo, hmmm sounds ominous if he may be challenging it, why I wonder would he do that unless he wants away? Looking for a big money payoff maybe before his opportunities start running out? ⚒⚒⚒⚒.




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23 Jul 2019 07:32:16
Guyser, it’s easy to give examples of players that have overcome bad injuries, also just as easy to so the same with those that haven’t overcome them! I am not saying write Lanzini off, I said Rarely do players come back as good or consistent to previous standards, how many examples have we already had at WH, you don’t need me to name them! It’s too early at the moment to criticise even The supposedly fit players when it’s pre season, but a lot so much comes down to personality and dedication overcoming serious injury, also how long they have left on their contracts to have a prolonged holiday!




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22 Jul 2019 20:00:57
Agree with BillProsser/ Markwhu, players rarely come back after such a serious injury to the standard they were before, have a feeling Yarmalenko may be a passenger as well? if somebody came in with £15m offer, i’d Let him go, but can’t see that offer happening? ⚒⚒.





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23 Aug 2019 16:59:08
Sdl, Sadly, yes I just know that will happen, lots of clubs do that in competitions, especially if they have no hope of winning anyway, that’s ok when you’re a top 6 club competing in Europe, winning or at least nearly winning some silverware or competing for it! But we really need to have something to cheer about, those you’ve mentioned are all due playing time I agree, but don’t leave it late if we’re struggling and need to bring normal first choices on, MP owes it to travelling supporters spending money and giving up lots of time to follow our team, they deserve some results in return at least against teams that we should walk over!




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22 Aug 2019 21:03:05
Markro, yes thank goodness Deeney out for a few weeks after an ankle op👍 I rate Deeney and would have been more than happy a couple of windows ago to see us get him, my type of aggressive front man that can dish it out and score goals👍⚒⚒.




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21 Aug 2019 07:22:41
Maddison wouldn’t have been a bad buy either, but MP or the board seem to prefer overseas who then either may not settle, or have to take time to bed in, considering we are desperate in defence/ midfield what a great buy he would have been, but again we dithered after apparently registering an interest, his value has escalated since, ironic when sell on values and ages are often the keyword! IMO for the £150 / £160m we have spent, I would have preferred fewer players with Premiership knowledge and no known injury problems, although we all know of exceptions especially at our club😂🤣 Hoping for massive improvement against Watford⚒⚒⚒⚒.




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18 Aug 2019 11:48:38
Mac3, agree entirely mate on JW, well documented on this site by me ever since I knew we were thinking of recruiting him! Taking into consideration we have spent £150m since MP took over, we look a shadow of what we should be looking at. Brighton paid £15m for Trossard, Teemo Pukki On a free from Brondby for Norwich, what a couple of signings they could turn out to be, how come we can’t find these signings? Also criticism of Fab imo completely unjustified although we are all entitled to our opinion, But as MikesIron says, he could get into almost any team as first choice👍👍⚒⚒.




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15 Aug 2019 08:08:15
Agree entirely but so pleased for Adrian👍 Absolute professional and a dedicated, loyal person, unlike others we all know to well have been at our club😂😂 Well done Klopp for such a shrewd move to get him, just wish we had managed to keep him happy enough as such an experienced standby! I can only think that Klopp suggested he would get more playing time with Liverpool as they are always going to be involved in many competitions when Allison would have been rested? So great move Adrian👍Well pleased for you, our loss certainly reds gain and you’re already paying them back for their faith in you👍👍.