09 Jan 2021 14:46:56
I've read one report saying that we have been in preliminary talks to sign Josh king?

1.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 16:11:25
I hope not. He’s not a long time solution to our problem. He’s not ripping up trees in the championship at the moment either. His injury history also worries me.
He’s really a winger and although Moyes has converted both Arnautovic and Antonio into strikers doesn’t mean he’ll be 3rd time lucky.
Josh King would be a great third choice striker for us but isn’t the answer to our current requirements.

2.) 09 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 16:40:10
Not for me either. Haller’s departure is an opportunity to push forward with a striker who is going to be a major upgrade. That’s not King.

3.) 10 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021 23:39:29
Boulaye dia.

4.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 01:27:43
But in the January transfer window normally difficult to get deals over the line and teams tend to bump the price up given our current league position and the next 2/ 3 games could see us on 30 plus points and not even the end of Jan like iron al said don’t rest on our laurels so if DM decided to bring in a free transfer or loan and promoted one of the youngsters to the 1st team like you said markro about the poor quality of striker we have bought in the past so if dm want to wait till the summer to get the right it’s good we me.

5.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 09:56:06
I think king would be a decent addition got great pace which we need and can also play out wide, won't break the bank either.

6.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 13:37:00
I can't shake the feeling that after Moyes false #9 comments we're not going to sign a striker this window. Madness. We're not Man City. Just because they can do it does not mean we should. To compare us to them is laughable and asking for a lot of trouble.

7.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 14:10:25
Moving first Arnautovic, then Antonio, to central striker, worked because of their speed, power and work rate.

We do not have anyone of that ilk in the rest of the squad.

8.) 10 Jan 2021
10 Jan 2021 14:36:16
Take Antonio and masuaku out the team and we have no raw pace. That needs to be addressed.

Agree Billy its alarming Moyes is trying to play it down we need a striker its simple as that. The wealth of attacking talent at mancity is ridiculous they are one of the most successful passing teams on the planet under pep, where we regularly concede possession and let the other team have the ball, Moyes needs to calm down with any comparisons there.

Just buy boulaye dia, sima or king and get let's enjoy the rest of the season. The door is definitely open on dia and King. Personally think we could get both and that would give us all types of options.