07 Jan 2024 15:49:07
What a load of crap this has been. Fornals is done, Mubama is not good enough. We look terrible after the two forced subs. Bristol the better team. And Moyes waits until 75 mins to put a right back on. Wtf. Moyes and his one tactic is infuriating.

1.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 16:22:54
Only listened to Radio Commentary, sounded like s—- to me, usual Moyes tactics, go up then ————- sits back on defensive??, makes you pewk???Both my Daughters went with their families, be interested to hear their opinions! Mubama sounds nowhere near ready despite all the hype by some posters, no excuses!
IIngs, Cornet, what a load of rubbish subs they are??⚒⚒⚒⚒

2.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 16:30:09
But let’s not forget this is the guy that’s being considered for Manager of the Month and should be offered a 2 and a half year extension to his contract so we can put up with this crap until 2026. What a sh*t show.

3.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 16:44:58
Mubama isn’t up to scratch because his development has been mismanaged. It’s obvious.

4.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 16:45:47
First half we were ok. Second half Bristol City on top. Those of you obsessed with Mubama. I’m glad you are not the manager. He is average, at best!

5.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 17:04:18
Not obsessed with him. Just think he should have been given a decent chance, and thank God you have no input in the club Mark.

6.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 17:09:03
You didn't even watch the game Chelmsford and know exactly what happend sums up how predictable we are under Moyes,

Soon as we scored we dropped deeper and deeper, gave Bristol all the encouragement they needed.

Even agaisnt a championship side we don't look great on the ball.

As for Mubama I won't be critical, him like many strikers before him have struggled in Moyes's set up, Antonio hit the nail on the head when he said as a striker under Moyes you're feeding on scraps.

As for Fornals he would be one of many that would benefit from a move away or a new manager.

7.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 17:51:54
Not sure it’s so much obsessed with Mubama rather than anybody but Ings….

8.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 18:02:06
Mubama, go round to Tinlegs, he’ll coach you correctly???.

9.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 18:42:21
Seriously? Surely even you, Mark, can’t be that immature? If you read what I’ve said, you can see that I agree Mubama underperformed, but I suggested a reasonable reason. Still, I suppose we can’t expect sensible discussion from the level of Janet and John books! ?

10.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 20:32:53
FYI Tinlegs I hold the UEFA A badge for coaching, and coached at a professional level for 20 years.

11.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 21:34:24
"I'm glad you're not the manager" yet your Moyessiah that you won't hear a bad word about seen fit to play him for 80 minutes today.

No ones obsessed with him mate they just want to see youth get an opportunity, it's great experience for the lad and we can see where he's at, I mean the fact that he looked average in a horrible team performance for a lad just turned 19 and isn't even fully developed. Isn't even that bad, he's not even playing the game he's suited to as our youth academy actually play football and create chances for him. We have one of the best batches of youngsters coming through in a long time i'd like to think them seeing Mubama getting a chance will motivate them.

12.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 22:08:00
And what makes you think that qualifies you to coach a Premiership side in this day and age. Did the team you coached go bankrupt? It’s like saying “My dad’s bigger than your dad”.

I suggest you watch “Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen Revolution” on YouTube and then talk about your experience in today’s modern game. No? OK, you prefer to stay in the past. Good luck with that.

13.) 07 Jan 2024
07 Jan 2024 23:00:32
MUBAMA is being asked to feed off scraps and is better in a 2 I don't mean to sound aggressive MARKWHU but you are exactly like MOYES sounding out players a 19 year old lad who has been coached to play proper football not this dross go and listen to claret and booze and if you like stats they will give you stats, I cannot believe you are ripping the rubbish out of a young lad of 19 on not even 3 hours first team football, it is pointless in putting MUBAMA in as he ain't ANTONIO as this is what DD does, if and he is injured let's mould BOWEN into ANTONIO as I did it with ARNAUTOVIC as well so we will do it with MUBAMA you've got BENNY, FORNALS, PAQUETA, KUDUS imo all 10s and he tries to turn them into wingers I'm ecstatic we have got STEIDTEN as he doesn't fit square pegs in round holes and buys players that will fit into WHUFC and this is why imo DD won't be at west ham next season and I know your answer we are 6th in the league and have won a europa cup, if your happy playing like this then you are only interested in results well for me it's about the performance as well.⚒⚒⚒

14.) 08 Jan 2024
08 Jan 2024 11:40:09
Mubama does not appear to be up to it for the time being. He had 3/4 of the game to make some sort of impression, but there wasn’t much there. His runs weren’t dynamic enough to trouble the Bristol defence and his first touch was poor. He was also knocked off the ball by players who were far more physical. He was outclassed in the air too.

If the club, coaches etc still think there’s something worthwhile about him, he should be loaned out to the Championship, or League one to get regular playing time. I’d also let Coventry go elsewhere now. Either loan, or sell. The lad is 23 now, I think and not getting any game time at all.

Strangely, Ings had his best few minutes for us. He looked lively, with a decent first touch and made some great turns, but it looks like he may well be on up his way according to reports.

With Kudus away for weeks, Antonio re-injured, Paqueta possibly injured, Mubama not yet up to it and Ings probably leaving - we are desperate for a striker this window.

I really hope Steidten (and Moyse) can get something positive sorted this month.

15.) 08 Jan 2024
08 Jan 2024 14:06:21
Mmpr, agree with you mate I’m not in the mismanaged camp, for which I will get some flak, like I will lots of sleep over??No I ain’t a big fan of Moyes, but I don’t blame Moyes for everything that goes on at the club like some would!
Mubama might look decent playing at his own level, but does he perform the same when he steps up to first team level, seems not? The Radio Commentary co commentator, an ex ⚒player was very critical of his distribution and crossing of the ball and general ability on the pitch. But of course we have quite a few seasoned professionals who are below PL quality, but that’s down to Moyes and the Board.

If you’re that good you stand out straight away at any level, Sport, Entertainment, anything, maybe he will excel later, but not ready yet it seems?

16.) 09 Jan 2024
09 Jan 2024 16:21:45
To suggest that Mubama’s development hasn’t been mismanaged is beyond belief! Especially when one considers the bigger picture of how the 1st team substitutes have been treated under the current regime. If you are not a member of the favoured ‘inner circle’ you don’t get into a starting XI, or you only get a couple of minutes, or you get zero minutes. Just imagine what that does to your confidence or your enthusiasm. Any young player would naturally be frustrated. We are now faced with an injury situation, exacerbated by the ACoN tournament, where we have to rely on players Moyes has ignored and now wishes to sell. Are they going to die in a ditch for such a manager? Now tell us player development hasn’t been mismanaged.

17.) 10 Jan 2024
09 Jan 2024 23:05:41
Mubama positional play was way off against Bristol city, WH had to rearrange the formation to suit Mubama in the 1st half. I wouldn’t blame the coaches at WH for miss management, that’s total BS.
Mubama needs to take his chance when given, 1st team is a different ball game to Prem 2.

18.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 02:31:34
Nobody is suggesting it's not a different ball game! Whatever happened to integrating a player into first team football? After all, Moyes has used that excuse time and time again! You can't have it both ways.

19.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 14:48:06
Tinlegs what might be easier is too understand what you want Moyes and the staff at WH to do with regards of integrating Mubama? IMO I think there isn’t much more staff can do.

20.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 17:22:37
That’s probably why you weren’t successful as a professional coach! ?

21.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 19:17:23
Sorry, I’m obviously getting you confused with Mark! Probably because your points are very similar, but more likely because I’m in my mid-70s. Apologies again. ?

22.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 21:36:24
I gather from you texts that you are of age yes.
Please if you don’t mind to answer my question please.

23.) 11 Jan 2024
11 Jan 2024 07:46:53
Well, meaningful integration doesn’t include months of sitting on the subs bench devoid of game time, followed by suddenly throwing him into the deep end and expecting him to be a miracle worker. A gradual increase in game time combined with quality coaching in striker tactics on and off the ball. By all accounts from his previous teams, Moyes prioritises fitness over strategy. Although strength and conditioning is extremely important, it should be combined with tactical coaching. Reports from Everton and Man Utd indicate Moyes lacks the ability to coach and develop talented attackers, instead prioritising defensive strategy.

24.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 20:51:45
They way the u-23s play to DD crap is chalk and cheese and all the posters really get my back up with saying players ain't up to it after in MUBAMAS case about 3 hours of football and SCAMACCA 27 games I mean do me a favour you need to give someone a full season but MUBAMA theses people want to rip the rubbish out of a young lad but not a 60 odd year old manager that is stuck in the dark ages funny that.⚒⚒⚒

25.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 21:03:58
So chelms you expect a young lad of 19 years of age who has been asked to come in and be the next MICHEAL OWEN how do you think he got where he was ability yes but coaching was part of that and a manager that plays a constant low block and counter attacking football well that suits ANTONIO but might not suit MUBAMA but your not in the mismanaged hype but your not a MOYES lover but like it or not your a wind up merchant who only slags players off when they are at the lowest sorry fella but that's a fact.⚒⚒⚒