21 Feb 2024 09:54:30
Apparently Liverpool have turned their attention to Florent Ghisoff the sporting director of Nice, for that job at LIverpool does that translate as Steidten staying at WH, looks that way? Just thought I'd mention it

1.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 11:19:11
And Bayern are parting ways with Thomas Tuchel at the end of the season. Things could be falling into place. If so, I sincerely hope this doesn’t mean Tuchel has been identified as Moyes’ replacement. Tuchel caused problems at Chelsea and now at Bayern. Somehow, I can’t see him fitting in at the London Stadium under Sullivan. Don’t get me wrong, I want Steidten to stay, and Moyes to go, but there are more suitable coaches out there for WHU. I hope I’ve misread the runes!

2.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 17:42:22
I was thinking exactly the same thing Tinny when I saw that another dinosaur

3.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 18:40:15
Just need Kretinsky to buy a controlling stake and give power to Stiedten. Sulli hasn't a clue probably never kicked a football in his life

4.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 19:17:55
One can dream

5.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 20:13:24
Apparently, it’s Brady who is getting in Sullivan’s ear to keep Moyes and prevent Steidten from doing his job. Kretinsky wants Moyes gone and Steidten to hire a coach to replace him. Brady knows as much about football as I know about the air spedd velocitt of a swallow. FA.

6.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 22:37:45
African or European?

7.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 13:23:41
With Dan Ashworth going to Man u, Newcastle will be looking for a new director of football. Wouldn't be surprised if they looked at stiedten

8.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 15:30:00
If the latest rumours are to be believed, Steidten is really pissed off with the way things are at WHU. Apparently, the terms he agreed when hired have now been altered by Sullivan who is weak and listening too much to Karen Brady and others who have their own agendas. Don't be fooled by the hiring of Max Hahn and Steidten's brother. They too can just as easily leave a sinking ship and go with Tim as a package. It will be unforgivable if we lose Tim Steidten through Sullivan's stupidity and the influence of Brady, who has as much interest in football and WHU fans as Liberace had in coal mining. For this club to survive and move up a gear, Moyes must go, Brady must shut up and Sullivan must sell his controlling interest.

9.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 01:53:18
If we feck up the best thing to happen at west ham in years for a DINOSAUR like MOYES then I'm sorry then SULLY and co ain't great business people, then flip it they are as MOYES is going to keep you in the premiership but if and it's a big if he stays which imo he will walk at the end of the season and we only have to have a terrible start to a season under him then he imo isn't the type of manager in the way he sets up and his lack of attacking football, when you need 3 points rather than a point here and there to get you creeping up the table imo we could be bang in trouble but that's a guessing game and it could happen either ways.⚒⚒⚒