16 Jan 2023 19:23:25
Betfair stopped taking bets on Rafa the next boss.

1.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 07:02:54
Personally I'd like Tedesco but hey, christmas has just gone LOL

2.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 07:45:58
Benitez would be the most uninspiring manager signing, more boring football to look forward to will probably scrape keeping us up earn a 3 year deal finish 10th next year everyone will get excited ghen will be back in relegation fight year after and so the cycle will continue with him sacked and the next underwhelming manager coming in

3.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 09:12:09
I would sooner have Scot Parker than Benitez at least he knows the West Ham way, Not long ball kick and chase

4.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 12:36:50
When all is said and done, there is no disputing that MOYES can no longer get the group of players we have to perform to the best of their ability. For one reason or another he insists on playing players who are simnply either out of form or just no longer fit for the premier legue. We know who they all are, and so should MOYES and that's key. Whether we Like Benitez or Nuno or Pch don't really matter anymore. What does matter is that whoever comes in, identifies those who should be selected week in week out are the right 11 to keep us in the premier league. Bring Downes in instead of SOUCEK, change formation, play two up front, play back 5, whatever, but a new manager will get them playing for him unlike MOYES. Make no mistake, this is nothing new, our form over the past 12 months as gradually been getting worse and should have been addressed by the board during the world cup break when we were not in the bottom 3. The job at that time may have been more appealing and we may well have enticed POCH or TUCHEL, but we didn't, and the Board have nobody else to blame but themselves. Even now, they are dragging it out to get as much press coverage as they can. And if we we beat EVERTON is everything alright again because we beat a very poor EVERTON SIDE. Of course it isn't, however, the board will make it seem so. Who ever takes over has to get the best 11 on the pitch and forget this "I don't like him and he is not my favourite so he don't get played".

5.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 14:41:34
Well, Daisy, I call that a positive post. Well said. We are now in desperate straights, caused by the incompetent management of David Moyes and the reluctance, for whatever reason, to get rid of him. The decline is not sudden. It started a year ago and was recognised by several on this forum, let alone those that should have known better. My fear is that we have left it too late to get shot of the cause in order to reverse the fortunes of the club. Whoever replaces Moyes cannot be blamed. The guilty parties will be sitting in the boardroom, while Moyes will be still trying to convince his dwindling party of fans that he's been hard done by.

6.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 14:51:11
Apparently Antonio is one of the players who have developed a bad attitude. Again, only a new manager can sort this out

7.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 16:11:23
Agreed with all the above but I have to say that the board (sullivan) did back moyes with money. He just bought players that he can't motivate. The oldest squad in the league and it shows.

8.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 18:40:54
I’m a Liverpool fan (I come in peace!). I might be bias but find it fascinating you would turn your nose up at a Benitez as manager.

He’s won La Liga with an underdog Valencia twice, the champs league with an average Liverpool side, 2x europa leagues and some other honours amongst it.

The football isn’t the most entertaining at times, but the man is a very good manager and could have done much more at Newcastle had he the backing Howe is getting now.

Just saying you could do a lot worse

9.) 17 Jan 2023
17 Jan 2023 20:23:01
We’re already doing a log worse.

10.) 18 Jan 2023
18 Jan 2023 12:25:42
LMAO TIN. Thanks for your contribution IRONS87. Quite right, his football isn't the most glamorous but, he has won trophies all over Europe and Real Madrid would not have wanted him if he was a bad manager, let's be honest. More importantly he will play players on merits, not leave them on the bench because he don't like them. And another thing, we were interested in ALVAREZ and Alex Grimaldo in the summer, but MOYES and his shrewd judgement said NO! Is this the way forward? No, of course it isn't