13 Jun 2022 08:55:14
Lets put Lingard to bed its plain to see he is looking for the offer do we need a 30 year player like that that puts money before club i think not.
Lets see who we get but for me not Lingard

1.) 13 Jun 2022
13 Jun 2022 19:37:55
Totally agree John, if he wanted to come it would be done, he wants a pay day at Newcastle so let him have it. It’s a no from me

2.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 07:52:19
If you only want players who will put the club before money our first team will be a small squad lol, noble was the last of the loyal one club man types, facts are that players are controlled by agents who will always look for the best financial deal it's the way of the world we haven't won anything for 40 years so it's not like we can offer the chance to win things either, just a go at playing in 3rd tier European football which is hardly that attractive

3.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 11:12:20
Bissouma to SPURS £25m

4.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 12:20:22
Robbo, bang on mate? Loyalty as rare as Hens teeth unfortunately!⚒⚒⚒

5.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 15:20:58
i do agree with what your saying but to bring in a 30 year old millionaire who is looking to blow our wage structure is not on, ask yourself is he worth more in wages than most of our squard i think not.

6.) 15 Jun 2022
15 Jun 2022 22:52:26
if he really wanted to come to whu he would be here money is tight for most clubs at the moment wages etc if you pay some1 a large wage others players will want parity