02 Jun 2019 21:41:23
What is this bizarre Sun report that Barcelona might accept a £15m offer from us for Gomes, having turned down our £18m offer?

1.) 02 Jun 2019
02 Jun 2019 23:17:08
Has their been any confirmation that we bid £18 million? No. It’s just a rumour same as The Sun story is a rumour and same as everything is a rumour until it’s confirmed by the club or a reliable source linked with the club, player or football in general. We cannot judge the workings of our club based on senseless rumour, especially where it concerns newspapers as they haven’t a clue.

I would take every single rumour with a pinch of salt, it would preserve your sanity.

2.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 00:14:09
I’m a West Ham supporter - my sanity’s long gone.

3.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 06:42:59

4.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 08:17:17
I know the feeling mark.

5.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 11:14:41
I´d be astonished if Everton haven´t got first refusal on Gomes as part of the loan agreement!
I´d be shocked if we sign him over Everton and also bemused as to why they didn´t sign him, after all he was quite an influential player for them last season!

Does he have any underlying injury problems?

{Ed002's Note - There is no "first refusal".}

6.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 12:55:59
I imagine any deal would have to be agreeable to Barcelona, Everton, the player, the player’s agent and the player’s family. So there is a lot to consider and no deal is ever straight forward. It may be that one of the relevant parties are on holiday. If I was Gomes I’d be on the beach with my phone in the safe. The window isn’t even open yet is it? Perhaps Everton are very interested but are in no rush.

7.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 12:31:39
Hi Ed, understand the first refusal bit.
However, when a club gets and "option" on a player after a loan spell. What does this mean?
Does an "option" have to come with a set transfer price for it to be an "option", and if this is taken up by the loaning club, does this mean that NO OTHER club can come in and buy the player? Because surely the player has a say as to whether they want to go to that club, in which case other clubs would have the "option" as well, albeit they may have to pay more for the player than the original loaning club had agreed at the start of the loan.

This has no relevance to the Gomez and Everton relationship, as i understand they had no such deal in place on the loan, it was simply a loan for £2.2m plus Everton paid his wages.

{Ed002's Note - The "option" is for the club to buy the player at a pre-agreed price if the player agrees to the move, so a club might exercise the option but the player might decide he doesn't want the move.}

8.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 16:55:27
so they have first option on him then. or is it first come first served as long as player agrees. '

i will be astonished if Everton don´t sign him!

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has an option on the player. He will consider the options available.}

9.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 19:57:36
Going back to Everton would be the easy option for him. He played plenty of football and was a fan favourite.

10.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 21:32:08
An Everton season ticket holder and a goog friened has informed me that Gomes has agreed to sign for Everton and he is very happy to join Everton.