11 Feb 2024 18:16:22
It doesn't matter what we say or what we think as long as the stadium fills! We won't be in Europe next year guaranteed unless we get a new manager with a fresh ideas and a fresh approach. Sullivan will let the last 4 months of moyes contract run down, then waste the entire summer unable to decide who they want to replace him!

1.) 11 Feb 2024
11 Feb 2024 19:51:24
After being quoted £200 for my seadon ticket seat for the Europa League, Mrs Brady, you need to think again. Season Ticket holders should be paying no more than the average of the season ticket. Especially if you're serving up that dross.

2.) 11 Feb 2024
11 Feb 2024 20:03:24
Yep. Should put an interim manager in now. Put the work in to get a decent manager in ready for the summer and use the next 4 months to identify targets read to bed in.

3.) 12 Feb 2024
11 Feb 2024 22:29:38
Hi mike your comments on this 6-0 drubbing I'm embarrassed to be a west ham supporter and left after 60 minutes with the majority of others.⚒⚒⚒

4.) 12 Feb 2024
11 Feb 2024 22:51:00
What a masterstroke from GUARDIOLA getting west ham to pay £5-6 million to get him fit and send him back to CITY ??????

5.) 12 Feb 2024
11 Feb 2024 22:53:18
I cannot work out why JOHNSON was asked to play left wing when we had a proper left winger on the bench in CORNET well done DD trying to play another square peg in a round hole.⚒⚒⚒

6.) 12 Feb 2024
12 Feb 2024 00:02:06
This has to be the end of MOYES ⚒⚒⚒

7.) 12 Feb 2024
12 Feb 2024 02:10:27
I see HALLER scored the winner in the AFCON final well done to him.⚒⚒⚒

8.) 12 Feb 2024
12 Feb 2024 02:23:14
Fecking MERSON saying you've got to feel for MOYES as this isn't a MOYES side well he don't watch us every week and MOYES is the one ruining players by his tactics and what is he on about as MOYES has always played the same low block rubbish I watched him yesterday and all he kept demanding was for players to get back and BOWEN was just getting balls pumped up to him around his neck with SALIBA marking him he must be pissed off with this he's a winger not a striker and this is the only way DD can play and ROONEY cannot stand MOYES rumour has it.⚒⚒⚒

9.) 12 Feb 2024
12 Feb 2024 12:06:36
Whos Mike whorya48?

10.) 13 Feb 2024
13 Feb 2024 05:20:11
He’s referring to Mikesiron, otherwise Norisekim.

11.) 13 Feb 2024
13 Feb 2024 07:55:16
I notice Norisekim hasn't had much to say since the Arsenal humiliation or is he at home in his armchair licking his wounds? Please come on here and tell us all how Moyes has done so well and deserves to be given a new contract, and then watch the uproar!