29 Apr 2024 16:03:44
It seems The West Ham Hierarchy have reservations about flick and fonseca as they have no managerial experience in the Premier league whereas lopetegui has!

1.) 29 Apr 2024
29 Apr 2024 17:33:30
Pep, klopp, Mourinho, De Zerbi, Uni Emery, are just a few that didn’t have prem experience, although Lopetegui has he didn’t really do that well, but what do I know ?

2.) 29 Apr 2024
29 Apr 2024 19:00:22
Yeah we went through this before when we chased Unai Emry and look how that's turned out. Personally I think it's just another BS Excuse from the board so when we don't get them and moyes stays on, we will all say "never mind, we tried"!

3.) 29 Apr 2024
29 Apr 2024 21:49:55
Lopetegui's experience of the prem was a 37% win rate at wolves.

Let's be honest he's probably the cheaper option. That's why Sulli wants him, he's basically the Spanish Moyes with a more exotic sounding name. Sulli probably thinks we are daft enough to fall for it.

What I don't get is he penny pinches and doesn't like buying managers out of their contact, but if you get someone in that can develop youngsters and use the full squad we'd be a lot better off financially.

4.) 30 Apr 2024
30 Apr 2024 06:27:27
Sullivan doesn;t work by common sense and what's the best going forward, its what's the best deal he can get. Exactly the same with players. Its not who we want but who he can get the best deal for every time, hence the scatter gun approach during every window