31 Jan 2024 20:39:05
Not sure if this is common knowledge but just seen that Liverpool are considering moving in for Tim Steidten as their head of recruitment.
If true it is very worrying

1.) 01 Feb 2024
31 Jan 2024 23:06:31
Discussed below.

2.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 07:04:46
They've agreed a deal with XABI ALONSO tot ake over at the end of the season when KLOPP goes so guess who is next on the hit list especially as the DIRECTOR of FOOTBALL is also leaving? If our let lose him because of our sheer incompetence during transfer windows, then am done with these clowns

3.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 07:50:36
I get what you mean Daisy, it's incredible. What do we reckon Paqueta has the same mysterious long term calf injury that cornet had. All these poor signings who moyes wanted!

4.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 11:44:56
Cheers Tinny I didn’t notice that ?

5.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:14:37
No problem. We’re all guilty of missing stuff. ??