13 Oct 2023 14:25:07
Rumour has it that WHU are having a fire sale in January. The six players mooted to be on offer are:
Danny Ings
Pablo Fornals
Thilo Kehrer
Maxwel Cornet
Aaron Cresswell
Ben Johnson.
Added to these is the possibility of Kurt Zooma moving on.
I don't have a real problem with losing any of these. Zooma has a long term knee problem and could easily turn into another 'Ledley King'. Now would be a good time to cash in on him. The sooner Fornals, Ings and Cresswell go, the better for the players and the club. Cornet and Johnson should attract interest. My only reservation is Kehrer, who I believe could turn into a better player if settled into his correct playing position.

1.) 13 Oct 2023
13 Oct 2023 16:00:57
Who in their right mind is going to buy Ings? He’s league one level at best, he’s going to want a settlement to leave for sure, or we are going to be paying his ridiculous wages elsewhere Just To send him out on loan, not a lot going to be re -couped from the others on that list, wages saved for sure, but it is six players needed in, minimum / looking forward money wise we have funds for possibly two, in January, but will have sufficient funds for another three / four at seasons end , so yes we could be saying goodbye to that lot , AND Fabianski from what I understand who is already asking for further years extension don’t forget Ogbonna, is also waving cheerio so many new faces will be required that’s for sure but this could be exiting times if handled properly

2.) 13 Oct 2023
13 Oct 2023 19:00:57
Zouma just been made Captain. Makes no sense for him to move on Jan.
Creswell and Johnson will stay also as we need cover in Europe and they both have good experience.
Fornals will stay for the season all due to Europe.

Only player I can see moving on is Cornet.

3.) 13 Oct 2023
13 Oct 2023 19:28:08
One of the near relegated or going for championship top 3 may go for Ings, he's not worked out but imagine Ant gets injured tomoro! Fornals etc don't add much, i agree Kehrer sometimes looks decent but then like Aguerd has a clanger

4.) 13 Oct 2023
13 Oct 2023 20:05:32
According to reports, there’s no money in January unless we sell.

5.) 14 Oct 2023
14 Oct 2023 12:06:51
Zouma is attracting interest from the Saudis and allegedly Sullivan is refusing to give him a lengthy contract due to his knee problem, so it’s very feasible that he might go. As for the captaincy - I’ve never really seen him as a captain and that has never prevented a player from going if he wants to. Recent history shows that. Besides, we have a more suitable candidate waiting in the wings. I think these names are likely to move if offers come in, but it must be early in January to enable replacements to be brought in. We all know how protracted that can be!

6.) 14 Oct 2023
14 Oct 2023 15:31:52
Hmmmmm am sure I read that TIM STEIDTEN has already lined up 2 or 3 players to come in during the JANUARY window. Unless of course we have another MOYES/STEIDTEN stand off for another month of the window!

7.) 14 Oct 2023
14 Oct 2023 22:02:02
Tinlegs, I don’t agree with you on this 1 fella. To me what you are suggesting makes little logic.

8.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 00:27:23
That’s OK mate. I’m only passing on news. I think (can’t be sure) that the source was Claret and Hugh. The rest is just an opinion.

9.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 00:38:06
I think it's the idea of planning first before getting the money in the kitty first. Putting the cart before the horse we called it in my day lol

10.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 12:26:54
Before anyone suggests we do have money left over from the sale of Rice, Scamacca and Vlasic - I understand that some of that revenue went towards repaying a loan the club had. Could be mistaken, but it does explain why we have to sell to raise funds for further purchases. Who knows?

11.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 21:40:04
If Zouma were to leave due to Saudi interest and his knee problem, then the interest in Maguire makes perfect sense.

12.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 21:54:04
Anyone but Maguire. ??

13.) 22 Oct 2023
22 Oct 2023 17:10:05
Maguire is a class act that can't get in the United first 11 but easily good enough for us. He thinks?

14.) 23 Oct 2023
23 Oct 2023 13:03:03
Thats ok, when Jan comes I'm sure MOYES will turn to MAN UTD players AGAIN because he knows nothing else. Its comical and with a few more losses MOYES will be under severe pressure. Should've got WILL STILL last year when we had the chance, but no

15.) 25 Oct 2023
25 Oct 2023 14:13:07
And those who said we were lucky not to have Michael Carrick after 4 games of the season are looking pretty stupid now. Boro’ are up to 7th and improving all the time.