17 Oct 2018 12:30:22
Rumour that we may want Dzeko in January?

1.) 17 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018 17:16:14
This apparently was the subject of discussion last Friday, the owners whilst wanting to back Pellegrini. Are not wildly excited about spending big money on a player who will be 33 this season with obviously no sell on, fee it’s totally dead money two year deal would cost 27 m in all without added fees, good player but we can spend money on younger players surely. IRONMIKE.

2.) 18 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018 10:22:27
£27m for a 2 year deal for Dzeko, yes really decent player but how do they arrive at these silly amounts of money, we know it’s supply and demand and goalscoring players are at a premium but that’s excessive for a 33 year old, we’re not that desperate are we? Some of the other possibles need to step up to the plate and start weighing in with some goals instead of relying on Arnie to much!

3.) 18 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018 12:44:08
Think it will be the end of Carroll if we signed Dzeko as they've both got similar playing styles, (a target man with no pace and good in the air), just can't see how we could accommodate both of them.

4.) 18 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018 13:05:27
Considering the policy that IronMike has suggested we are planning to adopt I find this to be a non-runner. If they can make it work with these contract terms in place then well done, it doesn’t hurt to ask after all. But, even getting shot of Carroll I don’t see them changing a policy for one footballer to the detriment of the rest of the squad’s morale.

5.) 18 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018 17:16:25
To buy Dzeko would cost 20 m euros plus the charges and taxes we now have 27 m euros PLUS 7 m euros wages equals 34 m euros (29 million pounds ) nuts for a 33 year old in my opinion I don’t care who they are, there’s Aton of people far better value than that, IRONMIKE.

6.) 19 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018 06:30:06
Oh I totally agree. I meant if they can get it done with the contract terms they are attempting to sign Rice up to then I’m all for it. As in a lower base wage then performance and appearance bonuses. They cannot keep giving these older players a massive payday as it has a negative effect on the mentality of the side, which I’m sure we all know is a huge problem as it is.

7.) 19 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018 09:05:52
I would like us to look at yussef poulson at rb Leipzig, he's a target man with loads a pace and is still quite young.

8.) 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 08:41:54
I would say our priority is LB, CM, and a Striker first!

9.) 25 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018 00:19:16
I know it's early in his career but IMO Declan rice is a better footballer than Jordan Henderson and it won't be long until RICE is called into the full England squad I am utterly amazed at the difference and improvement since the Liverpool game at the start of the season I was the first to slag him off for his performance but he must have really put a tremendous amount of work and coaching to get him to a level at which he is now he's unrecognisable as a midfielder since that Liverpool game and even from last season his movement awareness and range of passing is fantastic I thought his best position was C/ B how wrong I was I'm not saying he can't play there if needed but he's more than needed in midfield and is our best midfielder by far I don't want to temp date but he for me has the ability to become a £100 million pound player given the right progression and luck injury wise and that's not me being over enthusiastic but IMO in today's market and inflation that's my views and we are going to find it difficult to keep hold of him but we must if we have got lofty ambitions what is it with CHELSEA letting theses players go LUKAKU DE BRUYNE AKE RICE . COYI.