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19 Jan 2019 11:09:42
AFTER all the hoo ha with GENOA having a deal with MILAN rubber stamped etc, For PIATEK it now turns out the player himself wants to stay at GENOA at least till seasons end, that's football, No doubt WH will continue to watch the outcome. Depending on how the striker situation resolves itself. IRONMIKE.


1.) 19 Jan 2019 19:18:23
That’s just rude Ed and no need for
It - football changes very quickly as you know and everybody wants information on their team - some information isn’t always totally correct but you can always put correct people without being rude! ⚒.

2.) 19 Jan 2019 19:39:54
Both of your info is appreciated! hope this isn't the reason for Mike not wanting to post the majority reason I come to this site is for his posts as I'm sure that is the case with most west ham fans that come on here and have followed this page for years.

3.) 19 Jan 2019 19:41:19
Thanks ed, hard too hear for many but you did state this earlier in the week and was rode over, but still hell of a shame you two have fallen this far out, but it is what it is ( as I always say at work ) we move on .

4.) 19 Jan 2019 21:50:08
Tbf I don’t think Mike rode over what Ed002 said I think it was just misconstrued. Happens a lot with short written messages or even emails where someone reads something into things that aren’t there. In any case it’s a rumours site and posters can post the rumour they hear even if it opposes what someone else heard. No ones information is 100% right and even when right things change anyway as we know.

5.) 20 Jan 2019 11:02:20
What was said? Seems to have been deleted. Ed02 been posting while on the sauce?

{Ed002's Note - My responses have been deleted - basically Iron Mike took a shot at whilst dribbling all of his BS after I explained exactly what happened last week in Geneva. I am sure he will be back with the dozen or so "bid gone in" that West Ham supposedly make everyday. It is true that the club are seem as complete amateurs in the business but quite frankly they are not that bad.}

6.) 20 Jan 2019 11:24:20
Haha cheers this is better than the rumours.

7.) 20 Jan 2019 11:26:54
Although I did not hang on every word Ironmike posted on here most of which was internet based and was nothing that anybody couldn't look up at the click of a mouse I did think he was a genuine guy who gave his opinions on issues as he saw it, which at the end of the day is primarily what this site is about. Ed could probably of worded his replies better but I suspect they were typed out of frustration due to Ironmike contradicting information that Ed had better and more informed information on. This is a shame I hope both parties can sort it out and we can have both parties input and posts in the future. I Personally have replied to posts in a manner that I have in hindsight probably regretted to posts with differing views to mine but that's what makes this game great it stirs emotion and a wide range of opinions and debate.

{Ed002's Note - I just don't want to see the West Ham fans constantly being misled - and all of this nonsense about MIlan and staying at Genoa is just crap from Twitter or whatever - I explained what happened in Geneva, I could also explain what happened last night and what is planned for Tuesday - but I would be wasting my time.}

8.) 20 Jan 2019 11:33:52
Morning ed :)

9.) 20 Jan 2019 11:48:22
It is never a waste of time if we stop posting what we think or know we have no debate which would be boring.

{Ed002's Note - Apparently I know nothing, so it is a waste of time - and in that case nothing to do with WHU.}

10.) 20 Jan 2019 13:39:03
ed don't worry mate the vast majority of us trust your info

so come on what's happening?

11.) 20 Jan 2019 13:46:05
Great post ed most of rumours are from twitter or bull sites 🛠.



18 Jan 2019 21:17:21
COMFIRMED Torino HAVE turned down a 43 m euro bid for Adrienne Belotti from WH EARLIER this evening. IRONMIKE.


1.) 19 Jan 2019 05:52:18
Read that they want €60-€70m which is crazy money for us to splash on a single player.

Going to be an interesting couple of window this one and the summer.

2.) 19 Jan 2019 06:29:32
How many more silly-million players are we going to be linked with in the next few days?

3.) 19 Jan 2019 12:45:06
Markro, agree entirely, I think all the wishing and hoping ain’t going to make it happen, many on here tend to get over excited about possible conjecture? Think it’s good to air views on recent game results, players performance or non performance, injuries, but I personally take no notice as you say of “silly” million £ or € transfer amounts especially when it’s players currently abroad, prefer fact to fiction or dreams🤣🤣⚒⚒interesting today, Bournemouth are a tough side to beat, so we’ll do well not to lose, good to draw, great to win obviously⚒⚒COYI.



18 Jan 2019 17:12:28
NOT TWO but possibly three clubs now for Arnautovic AS not only Evergrande BUT Dalian Yifang could be interested IF they part company with CARASCO. IRONMIKE.


1.) 18 Jan 2019 17:37:04
It could end up being s bidding war, (which is good for us) as long as the bidding starts at £50m?

2.) 18 Jan 2019 19:55:36
carraco swap.

{Ed002's Note - No, that is not going to happen.}

3.) 18 Jan 2019 19:57:37
Timo Werner, Edin Dzeko, Krzysztof Piatek, Maxi Gomez all quality forwards linked to Westham. Heard talks are ongoing with Gomez, is it a case of having to sell before a new forward can be brought in, as this business with Arnie looks like it could drag on and nobody wants that to happen. Are any other positions being targeted this window? Holding midfielder, LB, RB?

{Ed002's Note - The the search engine.}

4.) 18 Jan 2019 22:27:59
after all the talk i can't see arnie leaving now. think he may have to swallow his pride and suck it up till summer.

5.) 18 Jan 2019 23:23:32
Hello ed, I know that the speculation circus is off and running and the stories (real or not ) are circulating but honestly do you think whu have the pulling power yet for the likes of Gomez to sign? Or should we just see what madness the money men and agents produce? It is a mad world my man.

{Ed002's Note - just perhaps.}

6.) 19 Jan 2019 06:33:11
Recruiting MP has made a huge difference. Ha has international respect.



18 Jan 2019 16:51:18
PIATEK NOT as straight forward, as we all previously thought AC Milan manager Gattuso prefers. Batyuashi to Piatek AND because of FFP rules Milan want to loan him for 15 m euros THEN buy him at seasons end for another 25 m euros, to get around the rules WH are still watching. Incidentally. DEFFREL now looks to Newcastle, not WH ON BALLOTELLI. This is a difficult purchase anyway, difficult to persuade player, and then do we want another troublesome player, PAYET prefers to stay at Marseille, IRONMIKE.




17 Jan 2019 14:53:18
OK just to update the situation as I said to Stevie the other day. ITS ALL ABOUT TIME And as the days of this window tick by WH are keeping DZEKO situation very quiet , and whilst the Arnie situation tos and fros It obviously gives less time to get in a new big money buy In January to replace our striker ; And WH know their targets SO IF SHANGHAI up their bid Down the line Say in 7 / 10 days time WH will then quickly look to Dzeko, as a last minute replacement Then revisit the situation at seasons end for a new man ; Should Arnie stay on then In any case THIS SUMMER will either see him leave or sign a new contract, making him the highest paid player IRONMIKE.


1.) 17 Jan 2019 15:33:31
Not a bad back up plan. I read that the bid for Piatek has been rejected because as someone already said on here A C Milan have first option due to previous agreement. At least we met asking price this time and never balls around offering less than asking price. So some progress from the owners in how they conduct themselves.

2.) 17 Jan 2019 16:23:07
we may have met asking price but they may have offered 1 million a year over 31 years haha.

3.) 17 Jan 2019 18:10:53
I'd give Shanghai and Arnie until the 25th to agree a deal or not. We can't mess around at the tail end of the window. Hernandez looks gone
, so let's get Dzeko anyway, we need reinforcements up front, Perez may go too.

4.) 17 Jan 2019 23:54:30
If Dzeco comes in during this window there will another big spend for a striker in the summer?

5.) 18 Jan 2019 08:54:31
Dave, there has to be a decent striker brought in come summer. Hernandez or Perez will probably be gone in this window with Carroll and presumably Arnie following in the summer.
On wages you are looking around £400k+ saved. IronMike has said previously that funds are not the problem, it is more on FFP and wages. Can see us getting in a decent striker for around 40/ 50m and a back up on a cheap deal with Antonio and Silva as back ups.

6.) 18 Jan 2019 10:57:05
Thanks, Glen. I'd like to see Silva get more of a run out with the senior team. That's one of the many things I like about Pellegrini he plays the youngsters. What he has dome with Rice playing him as a defensive midfielder has made him World class at barely 20 years old.




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19 Jan 2019 13:23:05
ALL the best everybody on this site and goodbye for now, Switching to a different location, IRONMIKE.


1.) 19 Jan 2019 13:49:46
Pity Mike, where can we keep the contact with you?

2.) 19 Jan 2019 13:58:14
I hope this is a temporary absence!

3.) 19 Jan 2019 14:04:54
Thanks Mike, I. can the reason for your departure, all the best to you and hope you may return at a later dare, would like to know your new location if that’s possible👍👍👍⚒⚒.

4.) 19 Jan 2019 14:06:04
Mike, all the posters on this site really appreciate all your knowledge and input, you are always a step ahead of every other site, I just hope you and Ed002 can resolve any differences and draw a line under it and start again, we're getting to the end of this window and we would all love to know who is coming and going at our club, and your the only one that can do that, so I hope you will reconsider and stay with us, cheers mate.

5.) 19 Jan 2019 15:13:55
Don't do an aurnotovic.

6.) 19 Jan 2019 15:24:41
He's gone to China.

7.) 19 Jan 2019 17:03:02
You posting on a different site? Always look foward to reading your info Mike. All the best.

8.) 19 Jan 2019 23:57:39
I think a lot of people here would be sad that you are leaving, mike. This is a rumour site, and that is what you are providing us. All the best from Norway. Hope you will reconsider.



18 Jan 2019 17:27:22
NOW keep your Arms legs and fingers crossed that Arnie go's And MAXI comes in , this would be a mega move for WH, you will love this guy, he's rough tough Aerial and two feet he's got the lot, he's not the fastest but quick enough this is the type of player that can make a difference and the type of man we have always wanted and young enough, GO WEST HAM. IRONMIKE.


1.) 18 Jan 2019 18:03:39
All crossed Mike.

2.) 18 Jan 2019 18:24:59
We could finally be a team that could be taken seriously with signings like this.

3.) 18 Jan 2019 18:39:53
Easy stevie lol but wow it would be a massive statement.

4.) 18 Jan 2019 19:34:21
Really hard to type with fingers and arms crossed!

5.) 18 Jan 2019 19:59:12
seen arnie got pulled from squad and tryin to push a move. standard. v. disappointing if that is the truth but what do you expect now ay.

6.) 18 Jan 2019 20:48:18
Get rid of carroll, arnautovic and Hernandez and get gomez and dzeko.

7.) 18 Jan 2019 23:45:32
ARNAUTOVIC has done us the biggest favour ever if we get the GOMEZ deal done because he's a better player and probably a better person than him now I know nothing about GOMEZ but if he's 1% a human with morals then there's your answer as ARNAUTOVIC is so far up his own arse hole it's frightening good riddance too him. COYI.

8.) 18 Jan 2019 23:48:29
Philmac, sounds like a plan.



14 Jan 2019 21:40:03
IBRAHIMOVIC is keeping cards close to chest but is is CHELSEA NOT WH who are in talks. , we shall see. IRONMIKE.


{Ed002's Note - Who is he taliking to Mike? Currently I am in Geneva with the powers that be?}

1.) 14 Jan 2019 23:34:39
Hope it’s Teresa May deals with EU not great, regards mike.

{Ed033's Note - I think Ed002 means he's with May's bosses (those bankers) who work at the Bank of International Settlements. :)



12 Jan 2019 16:27:10
In my own view with the likely exit of Arnie, we should look to our original targets GOMEZ or MAREGA Both are hard players up front with a prescence , with Gomez the five year younger man. IRONMIKE.


1.) 12 Jan 2019 17:10:02
Marega definitely.

2.) 12 Jan 2019 17:47:57
Essentially we aren’t replacing Arnie are we? He wasn’t signed as a forward but became one under Moyes. We’ve replaced Arnie with Anderson so have probably already upgraded.

We are still replacing Sakho at this point. Well Ashton really. Forwards have been our issue for years and we must get it right in this occasion.

It will be sad to see Arnie go but fans must remember they were slating him at the start as he was utter garbage in their eyes.

It’s not a big drama when he goes. This is football. He’s not from East London. He doesn’t have ties with the club, people must surely not expect more from him. The sooner fans grow up and just accept it and not take it personally then the better for all concerned really.



12 Jan 2019 14:24:06
GREAT performance! Rice 10 Everybody else 9 Does the Heart good. IRONMIKE.


1.) 12 Jan 2019 15:31:54
Great to see. Superb from Rice (as usual) but Anderson had one of his best games for us - he covered so much territory and such good feet.




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17 Jan 2019 23:30:43
Possibly IRONMIKE.




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16 Jan 2019 18:26:49
That’s your call, I understand you have done the same on Spurs site Perhaps be more humble NOBODY on this earth kniows everything. MIKE.


{Ed002's Note - What have I done on theSpurs. This sort of stuff really annoys me.}



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16 Jan 2019 18:24:04
Yesterday. IRONMIKE.




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16 Jan 2019 17:59:19
Yes I understand completely it’s not a joke what I have said is non the less true, Milan will figuratively outbid WH, wether he comes to WH or not is another matter, AND. If you look at backwards. Posts I have already said he’s not coming to WH, so I don’t realy see what point you are making, other than long previous discussions have taken place. With Milan MIKE.


{Ed002's Note - I was there yesterday- I know exactly what happened. I will continue to try and avoiding posting on the WHU site again if I am just intruding.}



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16 Jan 2019 12:36:26
Spurs can’t oay him the money he wants, that’s a no for a start, LOOKS like money is more important than football to. Arnautovic. IRONMIKE.





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19 Jan 2019 10:42:23
Yes this is an anomaly that should be legally addressed in my view. IRONMIKE.




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17 Jan 2019 14:25:11
ITS simply the fact that Shanghai havnt risen to the price WH want if they do he can go, WH are quite rightly looking to not get caught between two stools with a last ditch #shanghai bid end of month. Giving the club no time to replace him. IRONMIKE.




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17 Jan 2019 10:31:03
Milan are in the driving seat it’s the players preferred choice. And Milan’s preffered player so WH are waiting and watching post bid, but are on the sidelines here. Hope that explains it. IRONMIKE.




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16 Jan 2019 22:41:51
A reasonable chance. IRONMIKE.




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16 Jan 2019 16:26:22
I think it’s a possibility He was the principle target before, and remains so, I don’t think either Piatek Or Werner would come, but Marega might. IRONMIKE.