04 Mar 2018 04:11:16
HI fellas WELL Sullivan has been busy not looking at players BUT gathering his allies including MR Smith to make preparation to buy the stadium THIS will go down like a lead weight with the fans because it's going to take the impetus away from improving the team two ways financially and effort wise it's going to be very complicated so when I Have gathered. More information on this will
Post on it They want to buy the stadium irregardless of league status SO WH could be in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons and now the reason is revealed why overtures from people like Roadtown associates was snubbed they don't want any more shareholders! IRONMIKE.

1.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 08:10:25
Hi Mike, do we know how much it will cost to buy the stadium, could we get it at next to nothing as it’s costing the current owners too much, I think the Mayor of London just wants shot of it, and what would it cost to convert to a football stadium?

2.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 08:29:38
I don’t know stevie but I know that it will be not cheap to buy, gov eta will have to save face . Too knock down and rebuild? 500m +? To play with it a bit and remodel? 250m +? Who knows mate but I garantee that chelsea wil be in there new ground before ours has even got by the lawyers lol oh and then there is had the board got the money to do it?

3.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 08:42:56
Could we end up ground sharing while development work is done, if so, who with, as I think most clubs hate us as it’s been the tax payer that’s payed for the stadium in the first place only to see it knocked down and start again, wouldn’t it be easier to build another stadium somewhere from scratch rather than knock down and rebuild?

4.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 10:29:56
The cost of any work on the stadium will depend on what is done

The cheapest option would be to copy what city did at the Etihad I. E. Take away the staging remove the running track and dig out the area of the pitch and rebuild the inner part of the stadium. This would allow more lounges and the possibility of a tiered standing area adjacent to the pitch it would also allow the closeness to the game that the Boleyn gave us.

Moving from Stratford would entail a longer gestation time before we occupied any new ground it may also mean going back to having poor transport access that Stratford has improved over Upton Park

It will also mean much higher construction costs. No doubt the debate will go on and on.

My local club Maidenhead United have been at their ground longer than any other team on the world but it is only this year after all the time of their existence that they have made the fifth tear of football if they managed the fourth tear they are going to have to move to improve

my point is if you want to get on you improve your lot the bigger the family gets the bigger the home needed

These are just my thoughts without any emotion of history and a feel of belonging to the old family home and the cold hard facts of football today.

5.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 10:52:03
I'm sorry, but any thought of knocking down the Stadium is deluded.

They don't want to even invest £1m in a player who may enable them to retain their PL status, there is utterly no way they will do anything to turn the toilet bowl into a football stadium.

They just want to get the Freehold as it does push up the value of West Ham, for when they want to sell it.