04 May 2024 14:13:10
i have seen a lot of Championship games on sky this year and i can't beleive that West Han are getting rid of Flyn Downes.
I think its a big mistake every time he plaid for WH it was again playing players in not the right positon he looks mustard to me and whoever takes him is getting a decent Premiership player

1.) 05 May 2024
05 May 2024 10:28:04
I wonder if a new manager would want rid. I doubt it.and on that note it seems (if you believe what you read), it's down to 3. Fonseca who we've not even spoken to, amorim, who will cost a lot so sullivan won't go for him, although Mark Noble and Tim Steidten want him and then there is the Sullivan choice (the Sullivan choice because he is cheaper than the others) .lopetegui. a petition is being put together against the appointment of lopetegui, whether the board listen or not is a different matter, but I doubt it. Sullivan loves a bargain.

2.) 05 May 2024
05 May 2024 11:00:57
Little surprise Osh that it will be LOPETEGUI that we end up with. Not the best fit for the club but SULLIVAN doesn;t care about that as long as he saves a few quid. Lopetegui doesn;t fill me with confidence after he walked out on Wolves. We need a man who has fresh ideas and brings proper football back to the ACADEMY. For me, he should be offering blank cheque to the next manager if its Fonseca or AMORIM, but I guarantee this will be another story (just like transfers) where they say, we tried hard, but unfortunately in the end we had to settle for the cheap option. Well, what's the point in that? Moyes is going cause we are fed up with him, his egotistical behaviour, refusal to play youth, banishing players he can;t get on with and of course, the tactical naivity and terrible defensive football (remembering we have the 4th worst defense in the league) . We don;t want another manager who does the same. Its PELEGRINI all over again. Have we not learned

3.) 05 May 2024
05 May 2024 11:34:31
Bravo Daisy, just a shame for Sullivan it's all about the bargain deal, not necessarily the best fit for the team

4.) 05 May 2024
05 May 2024 11:44:41
Like most people I am not enthusiastic about an appointment of JL, but one thing I would take issue with is that I don’t think he comes on the cheap. He was on 8 million at wolves before walking out on them. I’m not sure if that was a one-off season, but I can see him wanting similar money. I think 8 million is double Moyes wage. Like what other people have mentioned apparently mark Noble and TS have no say in who is brought in. If this is true If I would up and leave and expose the board for the sham organisation they are. That’s if it’s true….