28 Feb 2024 01:14:46
1st post so be gentle eh? ?
So after watching us play in a way that probably cured insomnia for millions of insomniacs in January and February 2024. Moyes FINALLY gets a win and surprise surprise his loyal disciples at Sky and BT start trotting out the same old bull***t about his tactical brilliance and how we should all be winding our necks in and just thanking our lucky stars that he's made the decision to grace us with his presence! Well here's the thing Neville and Carragher! IF he's so f**king great why have neither of you EVER put his name forward to replace either Klopp or Ten Haag? I'll tell you why shall I? It's because YOU don't want either of your beloved f**king clubs playing in a way that sucks the bl**dy will to live out of you do you? As a fan of 40+ years I've been fortunate to see top class players playing for us and been lucky enough to see the likes of Allison and Greenwood change how the game was even being played! So don't you dare patronise me and thousands of others just like me by smugly telling us that the best we can ever hope for is Moyes's turgid, bland, un-entertaining take on how the game must be played! YES he won us a trophy (for which he should be thanked for) but he's also took an expensively assembled team to Villa and Fulham and conceded 9 goals, overseen a 6-0 drubbing at home to Arsenal, a 5 goal hiding at Anfield in a cup competition that we should be trying our best to win and defeat to lower league opposition in a cup competition that Wigan, Portsmouth and Leicester have somehow managed to win since we last won it 44 years ago!

1.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 04:37:18
Don’t beat about the bush - say what you mean! ??

2.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 07:07:55
Thought I was being quite tame TBH ? Can't be doing with another 2+ years of this dour unimaginative crap that's being served up and passed off as entertainment.

3.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 08:58:26
Welcome to the fold Dicksy1973, well said, you’ re like that unexploded Bomb in Plymouth waiting to go off only you didn’t need towing away and being dumped in the Sea! Yes lots feel the same mate, me similar to you!
Don’t go at all now due to age and travel time etc, only been to 4 games at London Stadium, but watched our beloved ⚒’s from about 1959 after I started work, all home and evening games, but worst performance’s in all that time despite DM’s stats which he is entitled to mention!

4.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 09:17:53
Haven't set foot in the LS after being a ST holder for 30+ years at UP! As for the dross that we've been playing IF that's what some of our fan base think is acceptable I have to question why they even became fans in the first place to be honest ?

5.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 10:30:47
Wow Dicksy, I think your re-iterating what a lot of us have already said. Problem is that we need that nice balance of good entertaining football with a manager that wants to win games rather than set the team up not to lose. We;ve shown we can play good football when let off the leash, so why does Moyes persist with his defensive tactics? I tell you why, because he knows nothing else! Don;t credit MOYES with anything that went on at the LS on Monday night against Brentford. They are currently a poor team, lacking confidence and it showed. Take nothing away from the boys (Not MOYES), they had to earn it. On whole its what we want to see. Attacking football. Why does everybody love to watch Brazilian teams of the past? because they entertain.

All we want is a manager that will embrace that

6.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 17:58:37
“It doesn’t take a genius to realise it’s going to come to a head in the summer. Steidten and Moyes won’t both be at West Ham next season, I think that’s fair to say.”

David Moyes does not want a Technical Director overseeing what he does and things have come to a head

7.) 29 Feb 2024
29 Feb 2024 06:07:22
Hi dicky well said fella I'm with you with these so called football experts who don't watch west ham like us I go to a few games but the brentford game was the first time there was any atmosphere and I smell a rat with the way we played and MOYES having a face like a smack arse when the final whistle went I think and hope that tactical performance was down to either the players saying feck you and doing what they wanted or it came from another source but I cannot wait for him to walk at the end of the season.⚒⚒⚒

8.) 02 Mar 2024
02 Mar 2024 14:30:28
Whorya, I think and moreover hope you’re right with the players saying up yours we’ll play like we want too, I posted on here some time ago that I thought that’s what they should be doing, I certainly when I played didn’t look toward the Manager to see what he wanted me to do, I knew as a left winger what I wanted and needed to do, attack the full back and get the ball across or go for goal!
Said for a long long while the game has got far too technical, it’s a simple game, keep it bloody simple!
We don’t need overpaid pundits either with Lineker and his mates screwing the TV License payers money!
COYI ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒