17 Feb 2024 17:01:52
Jeeeez can it get any worse. 6 shots 2 on target against forest?

1.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 18:14:29
Osh, I'm afraid it can. Anything's possible under this buffoon.

2.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 18:20:17
Oh it can Oshee he gets a new 2 year deal it's coming don't worry it will happen.⚒⚒⚒

3.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 19:04:10
You know what will happen is he will nick a result I say result not a performance and in SULLYS eyes that will shut us supporters up as SULLY and MOYES do not care about supporters only themselves and I truly believe that.⚒⚒⚒


4.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 21:09:24
I sat and watched and I found it unbelievable from where we were to where we are. Such a change. Despondent, disorganised with no leader. How has it got this bad? Where is IRONSMIKE now? But its OK, sullivan and co know better than we do so all will be fine. Bearing in mind today was forest, a team that can't win and are struggling

5.) 17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 22:07:28
Mate, my life isn’t this website. I hardly use it. No need to, to be fair, over the last week. Hardly caught me off guard reading this stuff. It’s as boring now as it was six months ago. Got better things to do. Also, it’s not my hill to die on. You and Tinlegs can have the honour of logging in every couple of hours to defend your online turf.

Finally, basically everything I submit isn’t uploaded. So I don’t use this website.

6.) 18 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 22:48:37
What's your views on the last 3 performances mike and the fact is he is ruining KUDUS by asking him to defend and the fact that ZOUMA is playing at 30% not his fault his knees are shot to pieces and how AUGERD is about as interested in west ham as a goldfish as his left leg is already in SAUDI now not the next 3 games is the time to replace him your honest views mike.⚒⚒⚒

7.) 18 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024 22:56:59
It wasn’t Osh or me who declared we had had enough and we were leaving, only to return shortly after under a different username! ?

8.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 16:20:22
I'm a bit torn. Areola saved us from a 5-0 tonking, but half of me, since we lost abjectly anyway sort of wishes he hadn't. I can't see how Moyes would still be in a job had we got beat by 5 at Forest.