31 Jan 2024 17:39:33
Ah yeah what happened to Steven bergweyn and gimenez that we were all over along with jota and osman. All BS smoke screens. Now moyes has kudus, bowen and alvarez back am sure the loser thinks his squad is fine

1.) 31 Jan 2024
31 Jan 2024 18:04:49
Worst window I can remember, and at a time we needed a good window, for a club like WH disgraceful

2.) 31 Jan 2024
31 Jan 2024 19:21:10
True to form David Moyes opened his pre-match presser against Bournemouth by claiming he’s unsure loan signing Kalvin Phillips would be ready for action tomorrow evening. Jeeez does this man ever play a different song.

3.) 31 Jan 2024
31 Jan 2024 22:41:26
Joyful- I believe WH were hoping to get a few out early to release funds (FFP) this didn’t happen so I guess it puts the club at an idle position with transfers. From what I hear Johnson, Benny, Fornals would be the choice as they have decent value.
But many clubs going for loans this window.

4.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 07:07:51
Yeah understandable HAM-Eggs-Chips. The only problem with that is that we knew we had to shift players but as always our dealings turn into pointless epics, whether its incoming or outgoing and now there is a very real possibility that we could lose the best director of football we've had in years. Every window is a FAFF and a mess about, its a joke

5.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:32:33
Yep, this window came as a great surprise. Who would have guessed that a month of transfers and loans would have been sprung on us without warning?

6.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 14:04:30
Your not wrong TIN. What a waste of time

7.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 14:07:28
Its ok as long as we keep paying for our season tickets