16 Jan 2024 07:18:47
For some reason (and I have no idea why), fans are becoming a little concerned at the lack of transfer activity at West Ham. Especially considering that Moyes was well aware of players who were leaving for the AFCON and coupling that with injuries. An insider at the club has reported "nothing is close 'at the moment' but the club is 'looking everywhere' for signings. Is this Bluff and double bluff

1.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 08:45:10
No it’s not a bluff in that sense, the problem mainly is we are chasing the same targets as many other clubs, and it’s pointless, because there is only the slimmest of chances they will choose WH, Steidten wants to pull in a couple of lesser known players and take the gamble for relatively small money, Moyes not totally against this but wants players that are ready to go, understandable, as well, so we are in limbo land so to speak, let’s hope we get a break soon

2.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 09:15:52
Mourinho sacked by ROMA? Hmmmm let me think?

3.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 10:12:21
Please NO! ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

4.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 15:02:13
I think Newcastle want a big name manager and have been linked to Mourinho before, that would make Eddie Howe available, but are we looking at another manager yet ?

5.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 16:42:12
We would be complete idiots if we preferred Moyes over Eddie Howe if he became available. And we’d be bigger idiots to consider Mourinho.

6.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 17:39:44
TinLegs, I wanted Howe even before we got Moyes, when you look at the table at the moment and the spending power of Newcastle yet we are still above them, we’ll see how the rest of the season goes but Howe could be a good fit if we decided to make a change ?

7.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 17:46:24
Can't see Newcastle sacking Howe for Moanrihno unfortunately they would be fools. But if they did we should be all over it.After pep and maybe klopp best coach in the prem.

8.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 20:24:58
Cant believe we are talking about HOWE Newcastle would be crazy to get rid of him the only chance we will get players in will be loans and that's what makes me think DD won't be getting a new contract as new players wouldn't want to sign and then a new manager comes in imo.⚒⚒⚒

9.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 20:25:54
DD had the perfect chance to put the youngsters in but he just can't do it shame on you.⚒⚒⚒

10.) 16 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024 20:34:32
How do we rate Howes Success as a manager?