24 Sep 2018 10:30:41
One of our biggest concerns now is getting Rice tied down to a new long contract, he's got to be worth what Hernandez is getting or at least what Antonio gets, we've got to get our skates on as other clubs are circling!

1.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 10:08:46
Stevie66, cannot believe what I have read this morning about Rice👎👎If it is true Rice has been offered £48k per month (12k per wk) although not derisoryin the normal way, but by what we are paying some others that are not even first team Premiership standard imo, it is a disgrace and an insult to such an outstanding young talent that has more than shown his ability to play at the highest level of English football at 19 years of age! Is the person who decideds contracts an accountant that knows nothing but number crunching or are others involved that know about football? If I were him I would tell them to come back with an offer that at least puts him on a par with other parasites at the club very quickly or he’ll be packing his bags ready for the offers that will undoubtedly be coming in January or in the close season!,

2.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 12:08:40
Apologies, meant £48k weekly😂😂⚒⚒.

3.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 12:49:33
Pps, sorry was right first time £12k weekly😂😂hope that’s correct this time, confusing myself converting to monthly😲😲⚒⚒⚒.

4.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 14:52:42
Hi Chelmsford, to get a player in like Rice they will probably have to pay £40-50m and then they would want upwards of £80k in wages then you'll probably have him for about 5 years max as he would probably be in his mid 20s when he signed then they'll have to do it all over again, so it's a no brainier for me, give him what he's asking for as this lad is a future West Ham captain.

5.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 14:53:17
Hi Chelms, Is that not old news, maybe some lazy Journo digging stuff up for a story.

Although its dragging on a bit and personally hate the penny pinching the board seem to do, i'm sure it will resolve itself, DS is shrewd business person, he will not let a possible massive asset go for the sake of playing a player what his worth. or would he?

I asked Mike if he had any news on this as I felt it absolutely incredible that the amount of money we are paying some to sit on a bench they are poncing around with this. my only thought is it something to do with budget and players wages?, maybe when we shift a few in Jan the wages will become available, that's just a guess as I can't see any reason why this is dragging on. Its a no brainer in my view.

6.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 16:22:10
Warrington, only saw the actual figures of £12k mentioned twice today, on BBC sports text this morning and D. Mail today! Knew obviously the info of being slow to tie him down into a contract was common knowledge but not the amount offered!

7.) 26 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 23:50:54
I think the issue is he wants a base salary but the club is looking at a lower base salary with adds for appearance in the first team and increases after a set number of games. If true you can’t blame the club after the Oxford issues and if Rice continues to play in the first team he will still get somewhere near what he is asking.

Seems to me agents aren’t doing any favours as he would already be chalking off the appearance numbers if he had signed. Hate to see this fall apart but I think there is two sides to the negotiation that need to be considered and if what is being reported is right and he plays well he will get what he wants but he won’t get it if he doesn’t perform - seems reasonable.