27 Jun 2017 17:22:47
Everyone is complaining about not getting Onyekuru - but no one had heard of him a week ago, he can't get a work permit for a year and he is coming out of the Belgian Second Division.


After a brilliant window 2 years ago (Payet, Lanzini, Antonio, Ogbonna, Obiang etc) we had a very poor window last summer - but keep the faith it's still June!

1.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 12:22:20
Yes Bill its still June, but the preseason starts soon and in an ideal world any new signings would be together as a squad bedding in getting to know his team mates, yes these transfer's are complicated but other teams seem to complete a lot easier than us, Of course the board should try and get the best deal for the club, but instead of identifying REALISTIC ( being the operative word) we have a list as long as the Magna Carter, as we work our way down, in my view that's pathetic, identify who they want and more importantly who may want to come to us ( REALISTIC that word again) and if you have to pay a little over the top so be it, we should be adding a few players this season to enhance the squad, but because of the immature way we went about the last window were not adding but seems like trying to rebuild. BUT we have not got the funds.

2.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 13:28:28
It is frustrating Seymour - but there are very few transfers happening right now - it's like a house chain - they all have to fit together.

Arsenal won't release Giroud until they have got Lacazette, Lyon won't replace Lacazette until they have a replacement etc

Unlike the old days we are in a global market and its not just a case of paying more than our rivals - everyone can do that - so where does it stop.

And to be fair to the club there are no more Insider columns, no big promises - just press and social media rumours whipped up by agents - and they can't do much about that

Arsenal, Chelsea, Spuds - everyone is in the same boat - Rafa threatening to leave Newcastle because of a lack of activity - but it's just the way the market is, and these are very complicated multi million pound deals - rush them and you regret it later

And it's still June!

{Ed002's Note - Lyon have agreed to buy one striker and are talking with another after agreeing a fee for him with his club.}

3.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 14:00:41
If you mean Traore he isn't really a replacement for Lacazette.

4.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 14:11:58
So if Lyon start the ballrolling then things should start happening, fingers crossed.

5.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 14:37:15
Hi Bill
I am realistic to realise that all transfers take time, and understand the house chain scenario but when does it become a point where we wait on a player to be available before all other alternatives are snapped up, and if we get gazumped like a house chain we are back in desperate mode like we was last year
When you say NO MORE insider columns I take that as no inside information coming out how the board conduct the windows, if the case I think Iron Mike on here has been spot on many times and seems to have that insider knowledge,
Maybe agreed the DGS and the son, have been quieter this year than last but for me that’s the point, I feel like I have been sold down the river with promises of top class players are at least improved players on what we have when we moved to the OS, which has not materialised, it comes across they are marketing sales for season tickets with media talk, well at least last year anyway.
In my view they are totally out of there depth in running transfer windows, they treat it like haggling at a Egyptian Souk, someone ask for a million they offer £100,00 and then the time an agreement is reached (if ever) the player has been picked up by another team, they tend to use a scatter gun approach where they bid for every player under the sun, surely a director of football is required who is experienced and know how this works, the DGS are in the big boys league now, but still approach transfers is if they were at Birmingham, where maybe they could bully the little clubs into selling cheaper because maybe they had the money. well HELLO we are now the littler club so a different approach is needed, hence an experienced Director of Football.
I am frustrated not only in the lack of signings but the way I feel we all have been taken in by the board in conning us we can sign big players, I honestly thought they were going to spend big, well at least more than usual, we should have enhanced the squad last year but instead we got desperate and the signings proved to be horrendous.
I suppose what I’m saying to sum things up, is we need someone experienced leading our transfer dealing, not 2 old men playing fantasy football, which I feel they are, after all they said they bought the club as fans but in reality they are businessman, and businessmen do not like spending money on other people judgement, especially the millions in today’s game.
Still it’s their ball to play with and they decide who captain!
Thanks for the reply Bill

6.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 14:46:52
I hope to god that we are not dependant on what another club is doing because if we are, and then LYON decide Lacazette (bearing in mind we've been burned by this player and Lyon once before) .
We need to be getting on with our business and building a team for next season instead of waiting for others to do their business first!

7.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 15:55:07
Supporters of almost every club are saying the same things - look on the Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea pages and it's the same as this one with different names!

When I said about the Insider I meant the page they had on the official site last year - to be fair the owners have been quiet this year.

8.) 28 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017 16:21:01
WOW, Warrington, you sound like me and we all know what happens when I air my views LMFAO :-0 people moan at me he de ha. I get your point mate, and a lot of supporters feel exactly the same and are very disgruntled. Quite rightly they voice their opinions because we they feel they have been "Sold down the River". I agree with everything you say believe me, however, we need to give these jokers the rope to hang themselves. I'm also not totally convinced with BILIC and I believe a lot is down to him. DGS have said in the past, the manager has the final say! If that's true, then Bilic has given the green light to the likes of Nordvedt, Snodgrass, Fonte to name but a few. Why as a Croatian has he not tried to use his influence and get Halilovic or Ante Coric in. Last summer was a disaster but BILIC spent half the summer in the TV Studios. I think the DGS sometimes get a bad rap when in fact a lot of the blame I believe should lie with BILIC. Yeah Yeah your all going to have a go AGAIN because you don't agree, but just think about it. They only go for players BILIC ASKS for and doesn't mull, ponder or consider moves for. BILIC wouldn't know a world class player if it walked past him. Why hasn't Bilic blooded young players and why send one of our up and coming young star players to GERMANY on Loan. If he is good enough for Borussia Moenchengladbach he HAS to be good enough for us. WTF is going on? With no youth in the team is it hardly surprising we can't attract talent and then of course players have to deal with his tantrums and refusal to play players he has had a fall out with. Is that how to manage a premier league football team and NOTHING will change until it changes at the top!