16 Sep 2018 18:01:14
Well deserved win no question perhaps I. Was Wrong perhaps we are all wrong HOWEVER one swallow doth not a summer make keep cool, Rice Arnie Anderson Fabianski all excellent Antonio to me doesn't look the player he was, and Sanchez not for me Decent performances Diop and Balbuena Noble done his job as did OBIANG a;d Zabletta, I don't know. Frankly what Masuaku instructions are he's certainly not a defender PEREZ what's this about refusing to come on? IRONMIKE.

1.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 18:23:59
Mike, Sanchez makes me really nervous, he very nearly cocked up again, if Perez doesn’t want to play in a SQUAD, then drop him for Silva, another thing I noticed was Antonio running to the corner to run the clock down, lol.

2.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 18:26:04
Perez was warming up and finished his warm up when ARNAUTOVIC got a knock ANTONIO was doing his at that time so he came on instead so MP said so no problems with LUCAS believe that is questionable.

3.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 18:53:38
Me too Perez looks like it’s being washed over, , Still I had almost fi4gotten what it’s loke to win IRONMIKE.

{Ed001's Note - from what I could lip read when they showed Perez, he was upset at being passed over for Antonio, rather than refusing to come on or warm up. He just stopped warming up and flopped onto the bench for a sulk by the looks of it. Xavi Valero was not giving him a bollocking like he had refused, he was defo talking to him like Perez was upset and needed to be calmed down. I don't think it is being brushed under the carpet so much as the media making a mountain out of a molehill.}

4.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 19:16:50
As you can see by the typing I’ve had a few to celebrate! IRONMIKE is.

{Ed025's Note - you played well mike and deserved the win..well played..

5.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 20:42:58
Thanksmate IRONMIKE.

6.) 17 Sep 2018
17 Sep 2018 10:24:53
Well said ED we all got it wrong me as well I didn’t see that performance coming but playing twohding midfielders worked I’d still play WILSHIRE instead of NOBLE in that position in front of the two holders as I have always thought Wilshire could play as an attacking mid when fit you ed.

7.) 17 Sep 2018
17 Sep 2018 16:27:38
Whorya, sorry mate, Noble ran his socks off, Wilshere ain’t got a 10 yards in him, f——— lazy b———, and Noble can give him a few years and has played more games than Wilshere is ever likely to! Apologies mate but I cannot stand that overrated player, Wilshere can’t clean Nobles boots for dedication and leadership, I’d have anybody in place of Wilshere! Trouble is he’s never f——— fit, also why change a winning team unless of injury, we’ve played rubbish for 4 games, then played brilliantly, Noble had a blinder. Sorry again mate but we all see it different.

8.) 17 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 23:24:54
Certainly looked more solid in midfield with 3 there and no Wilshire. Hope I’m wrong and he gets back and shows the ability we know he has shown in the past but right now I think we need stronger players in midfield and today I think we had that. As for Pérez not sure what the right story is but if he was just upset he was passed over then that shows he is passionate and wanting to play. No problem with that.

9.) 17 Sep 2018
17 Sep 2018 22:16:25
It was only last year Wilshire scores two screamers for ENGLAND I know NOBLE hasn’t got that in his locker I’ll tell you the problem with Wilshire he moved to us thought because all his family are hammers and he be the next big thing at west ham and he thought he’d walk in and breeze it without trying too hard exactly like our best player ARNAUTOVIC exactly the same he was useless in his first 6-7 games then realised you have to put effort in WILSHIRES quality has never been in question for me Chelms I think it’s personal with your resentment for Jack I have a few GUNNERSas friends who are proper football nuts and they told me that when he puts it all in he’s as good as any C/ M they’ve had at Arsenal now that’s a big statement but they were serious and NOBLE looked good because the team looked good look a couple of times GUEYE had the ball outside the box with noble marking he done a bit of quick footwork and a couple of quick turns and noble was about 3 yards from him and he got a shot away and GUEYE ain’t a wizard in midfield more a holding mid he played ok Noble but against better opposition he gets well and truly done and therein is the problem leaving the back four isolated we have to stick now with two holding mids in OBIANG AND RICE and the furthest forward midfielder between NOBLE and JACK then I’m sorry JACK can beat a player NOBLE can’t and I think WILSHIRE in that position would flourish but it’s all about opinions mate and you’ve got yours and that’s mine. COYI.

10.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 12:13:29
Whorya, I come in peace🙏🏳️ Just tend to get very opinionated on subjects that get to me as you obviously do, I think we are both likeminded in our opinions and are both passionate Hammers, i want to shake your hand mate but obviously can’t👍😁 I’ll try hard to look at Wilshere’s plusses, in future👍👍⚒⚒⚒.

11.) 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 14:45:14
Whorya, I still come in peace talks regarding Wilshere😂🙏 But i thought your stat about Wilshere’s 2 screamers last year was rather out regarding last year. I have checked on Wikipedia stats for Wilshere on England, those goals were in a Euro qualifier in Slovenia in 2016 and were his first and only goals on his 28th International appearance, according to the stats I have seen on Google? He is still living off them!

12.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 09:02:27
stevie66 I saw Antonio running to the corner and hold it up haha make me chuckle as I wasn't sure if he had leant his lesson and cross it in I was was holding my breath had me alittle nervous lol.