08 Apr 2019 20:51:37
Christ, what a crap half, we've got no pace up front, when we do get the ball in the final third We end up passing it back To the centre backs, shocking, we need more of an overhaul than what we might think.

{Ed002's Note - Lansing and Anderson are failing to contribute anything - not chasing back, nothing.}

1.) 08 Apr 2019
08 Apr 2019 21:56:14
Ed002 bee saying this for a while now Anderson loses the ball tooucj and his pass completion is poor also.

2.) 08 Apr 2019
08 Apr 2019 22:40:54
We played like a team with no confidence whatsoever in the first half just hoping to keep the score down, no effort. no ideas, not offering anything for the travelling supporters to cheer about, disgraceful! The 2nd half when Snodgrass came on I saw a definitive improvement within the whole team effort for some reason? We’re seriously lucky we had a good run when Arnie was sulking and supposedly injured in December and won 4 games quite rapidly or we would be up to our necks in our usual relegation worries!

{Ed002's Note - I watched the game and would say Lazini and Anderson did not pull their weight, Chelsea were very good and I think the entire West Ham defence played well. A loss I understand, but not a really bad performance.}

3.) 09 Apr 2019
09 Apr 2019 00:52:01
At least they didn't cut us open time and time again like the toffees did, second half was much better and we had some alright chances.

Such a patchy season so hoping we can end it strong with some good performances.

Balbuena back and Diop rested be good to see that partnership back before seasons end.

4.) 09 Apr 2019
09 Apr 2019 14:17:28
I like Anderson but as was pointed out before he joined us, he only really turns up for 1 game in 5,

5.) 10 Apr 2019
10 Apr 2019 07:21:07
Jasonb, what can you expect, we only paid €40m for him🤣😂 Bloody big gravy train at our club, we don’t deserve to be able to retain quality when you have so many players not pulling their weight, especially if the lesser earners put in a better shift, sends bad vibes to them surely when you see others earning more or even being paid at all!

{Ed001's Note - it's a shame that a player with so much quality does not realise that he could be so much more with a bit of effort.}

6.) 10 Apr 2019
10 Apr 2019 15:49:49
True ed but how do u get that message across? If a player won't listen to his peers the press or the fans, what chance dos a manager have?

{Ed001's Note - sometimes you just can't but that is why you should do more research than just scouting a player on the pitch before you sign them.}

7.) 11 Apr 2019
11 Apr 2019 13:32:39
True ed no one can argue with that, but you tube is so useful lol lol lol.

{Ed001's Note - hahaha.}