08 Apr 2017 19:16:57
Hi fella, just got back, COLLINS Must get years extension he was brilliant, even fonte played well Byran and Arthur much Improved, MAIN thing three points, we will need at least another three maybe four or five BUT this is a pressure release valve for now, onto Sunderland IRONMIKE.

1.) 08 Apr 2017
08 Apr 2017 20:00:06
Was at the game today and messaged on here
earlier when I saw the line up was shocked
3 strikers on bench, obviously sakho and Carol
not fully fit, hope another week rest will help
them, such a shame re Antonio that could
we'll be his season over along with obiang
and ogbonna!
Byram looked realy good today and think he
is starting to improve a lot!
Centre halfs were so slow but thought they
played quite well
The crowd were superb, we are the best fans
ever, loyal, passionate and we sung our heart
out today, lanzini kouyate and even noble
battled, don't know what snodgras or ayew
give us if I'm honest, yes snodgras layed the
ball off to kouyate to score but he has to do
more than that!
I'm a happy hammer tonight.

2.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 03:42:20
Fonte got turned far to easily in his box by ayew was awful defending after that he had a quiet game. Think Oxford would of done much better than what fonte has since signing.

3.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 09:35:13
Reading let 6 in yesterday wother oxford starting. reece Burke is much better than oxford at the moment, byram was excellent yesterday, ayew got in a couple of decent shots that fabianski made good saves from, snodgraas layer on the goal and put a couple of good crosses in. the result was what mattered yesterday, still think we need a new manager though.

4.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 12:40:21
He played well the other day a lot of reading fans had good things to say about him. Then I seen they let in 7 I'll have to watch the highlights read some commentary but that's a awful team performance can't blame Oxford. Burke has been playing rb and I think he's been injured since December. Yeah buzzing with the 3 points and there was plenty positives to take shame we didn't get a few more and kill the game of was willing calleri to score. I'd make my mind on slav at the end of the season got to produce a real strong finish to the season.

5.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 21:41:14
I was actually at the reading game on Tuesday and I have to say although Oxford looked impressive I wouldn't say he could come straight into our team with the amount of pressure that's on us at the minute.

6.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 22:47:02
Agreed not the best time to bring a young player into the team but in hindsight couldn't have been as bad as fonte.

7.) 09 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017 23:16:30
Sunderland lose again and it's now over 11 hours without a goal for them and conceded loads let's hope that don't change next week and we can score 3 or 4 and get that goal difference changed and get up the table.

8.) 10 Apr 2017
10 Apr 2017 08:59:46
Yeah, such mixed feeling with Ginge. Against the right opposition/ striker he's a monster. but against a fast mobile team he gets ripped to shreds. Would love to see Oxford/ Ogbonna/ Reid as 2 from 3 next season with Fonte as a back-up, and if Ginge doesn't mind being 5th choice then keep him. if he wants regular football we should let him go (his choice mind you) . I do love Slav's passion. I say bring in some good recruits in the summer, give him a chance!