01 May 2024 11:48:52
Dunno about you lavly people, but am tired of this manager search already. I can bet a lot of money that DAVID SULLIVAN will go for what's the best bargain he can possibly get for his money, not, who's the best manager to take us forward.

If there's one thing that you can always guarantee with our owner is that he'll keep up the club's long-held tradition of consistently making the wrong decisions.

We've long wanted to be considered as part of London's football elite, but let's face it, we are barrow boys compared to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Ducking and diving through the transfer market for years, it seems that Sullivan is at it again with regards to the club's potential search for a new manager.

David Sullivan isn't sure which manager to hire at West Ham and
When it was reported that Ruben Amorim had flown over from Portugal to discuss taking over from David Moyes, you could imagine we believed that - finally - their beloved club might be going places.

However, that notion was swiftly put to bed, and now, the less illustrious names of Julen Lopetegui and Paulo Fonseca have now entered the picture.

Neither manager are bad choices per se, though they're not in Amorim's league. Essentially, they'd fit right in with the Hammers modus operandi of always accepting second best, excatly what Sullivan is good at!

1.) 01 May 2024
01 May 2024 16:24:01
Daisy, it's how Sullivan works am afraid. Always looking for the bargain and not necessarily the best fit

2.) 01 May 2024
01 May 2024 16:41:28
I am fairly relaxed about it really because let's face it whoever we go for out of the mentioned names it will be an upgrade on Moyes. I thought initially we were dithering again but with the expected manager merry go round at the end of the season it might be wise to hold on a while.

3.) 02 May 2024
02 May 2024 07:17:11
Conflicting stories in the news today suggest we are at an advanced stage with LOPETEGUI but about to start talks with FONSECA