30 Apr 2024 18:31:54
Moyes must be wringing his hands in desperation it's becoming news that the complete Man United squad is for sale 22 players! Only three do they want to keep, all fair. offers considered for the rest, like WH on steroids! They also want a load of younger players gone as well, with all the new rules coming in there's going to be lots of players on the market, this may be ideal for us as we will be needing so many, on the other hand it might push prices down, for our sales, time will tell the story

1.) 01 May 2024
01 May 2024 02:19:21
He must be like a kid in a candy shop with both hands tied behind his back!

2.) 01 May 2024
01 May 2024 07:21:21
To be honest I'm not sure there are many from Man Utd that I would want. The over inflated ego's afte earning 100's of thousands of pounds a week which was thrown at them at MAN UTD! United think they can win trophioes by throwing money at players and managers and look how its turned out.

For me, keep your players, we need to be looking for younger, faster, more enthusiastic players with energy and a hunger for the game, not for how much they can rinse from the club.

Explain to me how Man Utd pay £90m for Anthony and we get KUDUS for £35m Where is the common sense.

Anyway, as for the managerial farce, it seems AC MILAN fans have dug there heels in and AC Milan are not looking at CONTE as the new manager and not LOPETEGUI. Seems we've had talks with HANSI FLICK earlier in the year and we are now ready to step up our interest in FONSECA, however, MARSEILLE are very interested so I'd suggest we get out skates on