20 Jan 2024 13:28:28
Looks like Moyes is blocking bids for various targets Bergwijn, Jota Gudmonsen and at least 4 others amongst them, with the employment coming up of Hahn the statistics man and Steidtens brother we can see which route things are taking for the future, especially as it seems, there are multi disagreements over many players , it's not that we can't get some players , It's lack of direction from Sullivan, Moyes has too be flexible, no point employing all these people, and let the team manager give the no no to everything, we have had great purchases via Steidten, nobody's perfect, but the guy knows what he's doing Moyes is pushing for just one man. Phillips that's all, we need many players what's he thinking about.?

1.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 15:50:36
Yeah I heard TS Has been recommending players but moyes has been disagreeing. Here we go again.

2.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 16:03:21
Phillips who is overpriced overrated and we don't need.What is Moyes fixation with midfielders.? I just knew Moyes would be all over this one.If you had asked anyone at the start of this window what the priority positions were midfield probably would of been the least important.

3.) 21 Jan 2024
21 Jan 2024 20:59:28
Any CDM Is better than a 2 CDM'S in SOUCEK and JWP as the latter isn't a CDM but DD continues to play him and SOUCEK in deep roles defensively.⚒⚒⚒

4.) 22 Jan 2024
22 Jan 2024 12:25:14
Fair comment mate. Our midfield pairing of Soucek and Ward-Prowse is totally ineffective. Soucek can't pass a ball, is about as creative as a brain surgeon using a trowel, and runs around pointlessly like a headless chicken. He's there purely to head the ball when given the chance. Ward-Prowse is in the side for set pieces. Can't be anything else because, apart from corners and free kicks, he's totally anonymous. At least they've now given him the job of penalty taker. The pair's ineffectiveness is amplified by the absence of Alvarez and Paqueta. Johnson looked good in a midfield role. Ings played a reasonable game in the 10 slot at Sheffield, but his job is to score goals and he's simply not doing it. We need a good overhaul in all areas.

5.) 23 Jan 2024
23 Jan 2024 15:36:05
JOHNSON was better than SOUCEK and JWP in the 20 mins he was on the pitch and he's a defender well I bet DD won't play him from the start against AFC BOURNEMOUTH.⚒⚒⚒