14 Aug 2021 07:45:40
I have always stayed neutral on the G&S out debate but I am now 100% on them getting out of our club. Don't think that investment lot are the answer but who knows. After the best season since 85-86 they invest absolutely nothing. How many decent strikers have been and gone this window and no signings by them? Please don't go on about C.V. as all other Prem teams have made signings. I was looking forward to building on last seasons team and hopefully league position but not anymore. If I had known they wouldn't make any signings I can honestly say I wouldn't have renewed my Season ticket and both my sons say the same thing.

1.) 14 Aug 2021
14 Aug 2021 09:31:30
I been the same really, tried to be subjective, but this year had a massive chance to really kick on, no doubt a couple of loans will come in last minute once Antonio's hamstring goes, but nothing that will improve team.

2.) 14 Aug 2021
14 Aug 2021 09:37:14
yet another day i check the sports press to see what we are up to, i wouldn't say i was depressed just resigned.

3.) 14 Aug 2021
14 Aug 2021 10:22:44
We all know that Antonio's hamstrings are made of "like cheese and things" cheese strings and will fail before too long. Moyes and Pearce's solution Benny or Bowen up front, That may work on the short term but not when we are in 4 competitions, G&S are supposed to be businessmen well they have proved to all of us that they definitely are not, because if they were then they would have invested in the squad early in the window so we could maintain a top 4 push and done well in Europe both increasing the value of the club. We accept that we can't shop in Harrods like the City's of the world but we should be shopping in M&S, instead we find ourselves on ebay and preloved looking for bargain basement player purchases.

4.) 14 Aug 2021
14 Aug 2021 21:15:34

I think it goes without saying that they are indeed businessmen, anybody whose value is roughly £400 million is not a bad businessman.
They may not be investing as looking at selling up, who knows but they are not stupid,
If we do not invest then that is what the academy is for, not ideal but if these players are meant to be any good then they should be able to step up.