22 Sep 2015 09:29:41
The papers are of course full of transfer rumours and I am getting irritated by it all. We all know that they need to sell papers, that some so called journalists are paid to unsettle players or simply find fiction better than fact. But I think as fans we should fight back. we have had it all summer and it not only unsettles players but also the fans. And we are far more numerous in number. A suggestion could be banning the journalist from games or training ground for a period of time, yellow and red card system? I have read reports that Payet sakho and Cresswell are all but gone with Reid Adrian etc shortly to follow. And there is me thinking that journalism was about reporting fact! Silly me

1.) 22 Sep 2015
22 Sep 2015 10:04:42
David Gold has tweeted there are no plans to sell the best players, so I think that should quash those rumours.

2.) 22 Sep 2015
22 Sep 2015 10:44:47
Papers are there to be sold and make money by doing so, IF the sun or any others for that matter. Printed, THERE IS NO. Interest in football transfers by any team at this time, how, many papers would they sell?? Football sells papers, no headlines no sales end of story, Could cresswell be sold well maybe, every player has aprice and atime to be sold, in his case it's neither at this time, and certainly not for 15 m, if united come in at 25m ( which is very unlikely) wh would consider it as two or three quality players Can be brought in for that money, that's how it is at this time there have been NO approaches for cresswell or anybody else , if we continue to play well. With the stadium coming up wh are going to be an attractive proposition for players coming in , no question about that, wh are 6/7 players short of top squad at present, which will need to be addressed at seasons end, IRONMIKE

3.) 22 Sep 2015
22 Sep 2015 11:18:45
Totally agree with you Mike, and I don't believe the crap written at all, but wouldn't it be nice if they did get punished?they would soon clean up their act. We all know how naive and gullible some of us fans are! Of course it is an unrealistic request, just my hope in this ridiculous financially driven sport that we are all addicted to!

4.) 22 Sep 2015
22 Sep 2015 11:58:20
Also bear in mind that newspaper sales in general are down owing to other media sources like the internet, , therefore they have to try harder than ever to create news, where none may exist, sometimes they are on the ball, but they often , let's say expand the truth more than a little , and that's being generous! IRONMIKE

5.) 22 Sep 2015
22 Sep 2015 19:24:06
In my opinion. I stress just mine. I think there should be a ban on printing anything that is not factual. Let rumours be just that. rumours. and let speculation be in our own minds. news papers should record facts and actualities.
I believe. if a paper prints something and it has an adverse affect on the player and it can be reasonably demonstrated that it has done so. then the papers should pay compensation ( a significant amount to both the player and the club.
I'm pretty certain that some players would love a wee bonus from time to time and that the newspapers would be more cautious about printing speculation and nonsense.
I know. I know. I live in a dream world.

What we could do that may have an impact, is get all football fans together and agree. that for every story that gets printed in the paper where the newspaper cannot adequately substantiate its claim, then nobody buys their paper for 1 week. Considering, a large majority of football fans buy papers, this would make a significant difference in revenue income and MAY just curb the bulldust that they print.

{Ed002's Note - You clearly are very naive.}

6.) 24 Sep 2015
24 Sep 2015 09:56:18

It was tongue in cheek Ed002, or are you devoid of humour and wit?

{Ed002's Note - It just appears to be nonsense like everything else you post.}