19 Sep 2015 08:07:21
Hi all, haven't been here for a while as traffic been much slower for obvious reasons. But I read an article this morning that kind of puts the whole transfer window for us in better perspective. Once again it seems that West Ham have got a new credit card secured against future TV payments. The credit card (or loan more accurately) has a 60 mil limit and we of course haven't used it all. But my concern is that we have been here before, and the consequences were nearly fatal! My other concern is that we were led to believe that the David's had used their own money to fund the transfers. Have we been misled? Personally from a business point of view it makes sense to borrow under the right terms, but be sure if things go wrong we are using up valuable credit that we may need! I am a little disappointed to learn this as we will never become a big club (so called) while we finance through credit. Put into perspective Arsenal have nearly £200 mil in cash reserves, and that is after they have paid off the stadium!

1.) 19 Sep 2015
19 Sep 2015 15:02:03
Hii si, it's not quite like that, some time ago Everton introduced west ham to vibrac who loaned money against future receipts, west ham have now introduced Everton to. A consortium who operate out of road town Tortola, ( a place I have myself been)' basically this BVI island survives on the finance industry , there is absolutely no problem, or anything shady about this, it's the cheapest finance wh can get, and the financiers operate the same system as lloyds insurance, whereby a collection of private wealthy people club together to make a lending consortium, the difference being is the lenders can remain anonymous, wh need the sale of upton park to galliard to clear the clubs debt, the sales at the olympic stadium, as a collective, should put the club on a sound financial footing within three years, in fact after the move , wh will be able to borrow if they wish on their greatly enhanced value, as well as TV money, Arsenal are probably the best run club in the league, but do bear in mind they have Billionaires at the top! Dgs are independently wealthy people, but in footballing terms they cannot complete with the people that own arsenal. Chelsea, man united, city, liverpool, or joe lewis of spurs, it's the best way for west ham at this time, in fact the only way, regards IRONMIKE

2.) 19 Sep 2015
19 Sep 2015 19:36:00
Thanks for the explanation Mike! Just calming down now after that s cond half. Fantastic!!