29 Apr 2024 17:43:11
Cresswell was offered a years extension, at apparently. 20k a week, , it seems that he can do better money wise, and get a two year deal elsewhere, to be honest I don't even understand, why a contract was offered, he has stated a dozen times he's leaving, wants to be a lot nearer house he's built near Liverpool, I think it's beginning to dawn on Steidten that it's going to be impossible to replace ( in one window ) all of those lleaving at end of contracts, plus al, those that want to leave, about a dozen in all, we are likely to get 4 in maybe 6 at a maximum, so there's going to be perhaps a rethink about who's leaving, and how many youngsters can be played, interesting times .?

1.) 30 Apr 2024
30 Apr 2024 06:28:51
I don't understand any of this? Why are we taregtting players and offering new contracts until we get a new manager, that's if they really intend on getting a new manager which am beginning to doubt

2.) 30 Apr 2024
30 Apr 2024 09:46:50
I don’t get it either, one minute, Antonio is staying for the option of a year, as an extra. Striker OK fair enough, two weeks later, he’s not wanted, Loptegui is Moyes updated, a.bit more tactically aware, but that’s it, not the greatest descision, I was hoping for a clean sweep, there’s been a lot of talking, but when push comes to shove, nothings going to change except a name, Sullivan is just frightened to make serious changes, BUT that’s what Steidten was employed for, this could turn from exciting times to a proper mess, I hope it’s not a great opportunity wasted