28 Oct 2023 14:25:16
A lot of negative post on here but be careful what you wish for. Moyes has done ok for us but I agree Moyes cannot take us to the next level and a new direction required. Until we get a striker or two this is how our season is going to go.

1.) 28 Oct 2023
28 Oct 2023 14:42:48
We've had a striker or 2 Corby and Moyes doesn't play to their strengths I'm talking Haller and Scamacca. Haller who left us and immediately became the best striker in champions League. He plays Ings who has been useless leaving Mubana on the bench. His man management is so poor it's embarrassing. Look at Vlassic an Cornet former shadows of themselves.

2.) 28 Oct 2023
28 Oct 2023 16:16:31
A new Manager is absolutely no guarantee of moving us forward, but I agree DM has done a decent job but spoilt it by his negative tactics and refusal to change direction, which has enraged a lot of fans, but all Managers have there own style but so dependant on player management with a lot of big egos to control!
Most of us love to see attacking Football, we have been the absolute opposite for to long now, time for a change maybe although his stats may say the opposite? ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

3.) 06 Nov 2023
06 Nov 2023 11:40:03
Corby, agree than Moyes has "done for us" lol