05 Oct 2023 18:12:43
Congrats to Bowen for his England recall, but Maguire and Henderson? The idiot Southgate needs replacing. If Henderson is currently better than Ward-Prowse, I'm a hobbit.

1.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 09:07:45
With nothing better football-wise to watch, I tuned in to the Man Utd / Galatasaray match mid-week. Apart from the over obvious bias of the two commentators, Darren Fletcher and Glenn Hoddle, I couldn’t help thinking “this bloke was once England manager! ” Hoddle spouted total crap at times. When you actually listen to what he was saying, you realise how incredible that statement actually is. Then I remembered he even employed some sort of soothsayer to help boost England’s chances! He also threw one of his players (Beckham) to the wolves following the 23 yr old’s moment of stupidity at the 98 world cup, failing totally in his responsibility towards the players in his care. So how come this idiot is now employed as a commentator advisor on a major tv football channel?
The FA really has a great record of appointing national team coaches. Imagine how England could have done if the FA had not torpedoed their chances before a ball was kicked! This current talented pool of English players deserves someone who knows knows what he’s doing on the pitch instead of talking absolute bollocks for the media. The sooner Southgate is replaced by a competent coach, the better. My choice would be Eddie Howe, but I’m not holding my breath.

2.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 18:10:11
All this is of course just my opinion, but I’d be interested in the opinions of others.

3.) 08 Oct 2023
08 Oct 2023 11:04:50
While James Ward-Prowse has assisted 6 goals and scored 2 in the Premiership, Southgate has ignored him, preferring Kalvin Phillips and Jordan Henderson. While the latter provides Southgate with the opportunity for some sun, Phillips must be struggling to decide which position on the City bench is more comfortable. Should he sit upright, or slouch backwards in his seat? All this effort to flatten his arse must be exhausting. Still, if it impresses the England manager, who cares?

4.) 11 Oct 2023
11 Oct 2023 15:59:20
Kalvin is no favourite of mine either Tin, and is now getting on little bit. Bowen is approaching 27 but class is permanent, and he is also perhaps a late developer still improving.