02 Dec 2018 16:12:20
Hi gents watched a video with ex gunners player Lauren saying he thinks Ramsey should look to stay in London and recommends that he should try and move to West Ham, says it could be perfect for him. I for one totally agree and think it would be a right signing, but at the same time I think bigger clubs will go for him. He was class today when he came in for them against spurs. Wonder if he's on the board or the gaffers radar! Any thoughts mike? And to the rest of you guys what do you think.
Top class yesterday against the geordies, role on Tuesday.

1.) 03 Dec 2018
03 Dec 2018 08:05:15
Hello Whitby, yes mentioned this on a post recently that I I saw online on “Football London” that Lauren was suggesting that WH would be a great move for Aaron Ramsey👍 That would be a really great signing I think, I would get quite excited about that, apparently he is well settled in London, would be good if he thought in another London set up he would be as he seems now at Arsenal, just another squad player, with us he would be almost guaranteed maximum playing time👍 I would consider him a Marquee signing! Fantastic result at Newcastle, have watched MOTD recording 3 times🤣 we must keep the moment going for Cardiff, Warnock will be giving his usual orders to rough us up, so we have to be careful!

2.) 03 Dec 2018
03 Dec 2018 10:09:44
Hi Chelmsford, yeah I agree would be a top signing if it was an option or possible. I watched the game then watched match of the day Sunday morning, is it me or does the editor and or Gary linekar not like West Ham, because I thought the editing made it look like it was all Newcastle but we scored, and Gary linekar took the piss about the Anderson signing being a bargain but then mentioned addons rising to 50m, just seemed like he was being a tool. Yeah agree also with Cardiff they will try to rough us up. I’m going down to the palace game at the weekend so hope we keep it going all the way through.

3.) 03 Dec 2018
03 Dec 2018 13:38:15
Whitby, IMO Lineker IS MOTD, I would bet he would choose order of play, don’t think he favours WH at all, has always been a sarcastic b——— with his so called tongue in cheek jokes which are just not funny👎 However that is. Just my opinion, got far to big for his boots interfering with lots that are either political or non Football related, takes advantage of his media personality! How he is paid a repudiated £1.5m per year for fronting MOTD is beyond belief! Done well for himself, was a terrific forward in his heyday, not done bad from Walkers either, but keep your sarcasm to yourself Gary!