31 Oct 2018 22:08:56
My observations for the night

-Antonio isn't a footballer, his control, awareness and brain are absolutely shocking. Would be lucky to find a championship team who'd want him
-Grady Diangana was my absolute stand out man of the match, I thought he beat his man, had an end product and caused them problems. He also tracked back and dig deep.
-Chicharito can go to any other club who's willing to pay his 140k a week for doing absolute nothing.
-PĂ©rez looked like he wanted in when he came on, so I can't knock him. The same as Snoddy, he was whipping balls in and running his socks off.
-It's now absolutely clear to everyone on the planet that Masuaku can not defend. Ogbonna as well, he seems to have gone backwards within the last 18 months. He shouldn't be anywhere near the 1st team squad.
- Adrian displayed today on the 3rd goal why Fabianski is arguably our best signing this season. 4 yards out and he's not coming to claim it? Absolute diabolical.
-Rice continued to show why he's probably our best player after Arnie at the moment

Drastic changes needed for Saturday - 3 points is an absolute must.

1.) 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 23:20:36
Hiya TKHAMMER I've said this for the past 6 months when he first came I thought great athlete and bigger club than forest we could turn him into a footballer which for a while we did but he's gone mate and must be outed he reminds me of ROUTLEDGE very pacey and no end product he's feet don't interact with his brain when fit SILVA the young Portuguese lad must take his place OGBONNA knows he ain't going to get in the first eleven so is just picking up his wages and basically on holiday mode I'm a massive fan of CHIQUARITO well I was his professionalism is nothing sort of laughable I've never seen a forward flagged offside and he must be taken off the wage bill it's an extremely difficult situation when your a club that doesn't win nothing and squad players who can't get in the starting eleven and ain't picking up medals and trophy's they lack professionalism and think to hell with this I'll just pick up my money and go along for the ride it's happening far too much at West ham but what do you do and we then regarding a CERTAIN ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL we hum and ar over paying him a realistic wage for what undoubtedly he's worth yes I'm talking about a players who's progress since being taken off at half time against Liverpool is remarkable IMO and I for one and I'll hold my hands up said he wasn't a midfielder was totally wrong and he's done that through hard graft and a few of our players need to have a hard look at themselves because it's not right and I'm sorry but if MP cannot see MASUAKU ain't a L/ B then he shouldn't be a manager I actually feel a bit sorry for MASUAKU as he clearly ain't comfortable and I know you shouldn't undermine the manager but someone tell him it ain't his position surely MP has done his homework it ain't good and by a long way. COYI.

2.) 01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 07:18:43
Well said on Rice Worya, contract needs sorting NOW.
ANTONIO creates a lot of chances, but it's all pointless if he can't do anything with them, zero composure. I agree with getting SILVA or HOLLAND in for him, but I'd give PEREZ a go there first. Move Antonio on in jan for any offer we can get.
Worryingly though, he was better than ANDERSON. At least he had an impact and caused problems. Anderson's corners were terrible, and he kept coming short to take free kicks on the half way line when he was playing in the 10 role. He has SO much talent but atm his head is all over the place. Decisions are wrong, positioning is wrong, he just looks like he hasn't settled. We have to give him more time, but in the short term Pelle may need to drop him.
Masuaku poor again for the 2nd, shift him on and maybe get Monreal from Arsenal?
Adrian should have come for the third, but Og could have done better also.
Should Antonio have had a pen at the end?
Once again better than spurs, but they come out winners. Difference was quality in final third. There top quality squad has it, ours (Antonio and Anderson) did not!

3.) 01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 23:25:36
Encouraging that Holland and Silva were arguably ahead of diangana in the current set up. He has really taken his chance well and looks like he's enjoying himself! Antonio had a great chance to put him through but poor touch.

Need Rice to sign asap. Hopefully a few others will break through this season think they are inspired by how well rice is doing and now diangana playing with such confidence.

Few players that have got to be looking at an exit in Jan get them off the wage bill. Ogbonna scared to make a tackle doesn't look bothered looking foward to Pellegrini trimming the squad of the dead wood and bringing in the players we need next window.

4.) 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 12:11:27
Hi nlckinho imo RICE is a future ENGLAND captain and a definite ENGLAND player for many years on ANDERSON I think he thought it would be easy and he'd stroll through games and his undoubted talent would shine through but it ain't ITALY we are playing in the pace is so much more frantic and pressing and he ain't grasped it yet BALBUENA played in a slow tempo league in BRAZIL and he looked dodgy at first but he's adapted and so should ANDERSON it might take a season like HENRY who reminds me they way ANDERSON is playing because HENRY was the same like a rabbit caught in headlights but he's very talented that's not in question but you can't keep playing him on this form he needs to be taken out for a few games and show he ain't untouchable. COYI.