12 Jan 2018 10:14:06
I think Moyers is playing it all down the transfer talk in case nothing happens. Which maybe is the way to go instead of all the claptrap from the DGS.

At the end of the day survival is all we want this season, Moyes will probably get the job and overhaul in the summer BUT. let's not forget how many fans hated the way Allardyce played, I personally see Moyes in the same mould even after the overhaul. We will be hard to beat but in a style not dissimilar to how Big Sam played. than what?

Realistically we cannot compete with the top 6 financially unless serious serious investment is made which under the current regime will not happen, so in turn we float about playing the transfer game with derisory bids knowing full well we won't get the player and as only a show of intent to appease the fans,
OK maybe now and then we may hit the jackpot with a decent player at maybe £40m, but in todays football namely the top 6 that's peanuts, that's a fee they pay for a squad player not a main player. And then what about the other 10 positions on the pitch?

Unfortunately for those who can remember ( i'm 51) the good old days in the early 80,s where maybe just Liverpool dominated but all teams were more financially on par, and was more even, have gone for ever, unless every owner of a club is a billionaire ready to invest as much as each other the gap will get bigger and bigger.

I would like to see a solution where a club can only spend a certain amount of money each year on transfers, whether it be 1 or 20 players, which may bring things a little closer together, but that has to be rolled out all over Europe not just in the UK, and will not happen, the multi billionaire owners will not allow it.
So there we have it, each season the best we can hope for in excitement is a cup run or to win our mini league and finish in 7 place. Still all good fun in the transfer windows and you never know.

1.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 15:23:31
Wasn't the whole point of the move to the LS touted as a way to enable the club to compete financially with the top 6?

As it is we just end up paying top dollar for poor players. Obviously some money IS available, it's just our lot aren't particularly good at spending it wisely.

2.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 17:12:03
BillyDWhizz you have as much idea what's going on as do the rest of us. To be truthful I give up with the way our board do business. We ponder, millions, consider and talk about who we need. Then when we've finally made our minds up and we've enquired we always bid below the asking price trying to force a better deal and it don't work. I give up 😢😭.