24 Sep 2017 07:45:11
Got to be looking at four wins from the next four games but what's the betting when we play palace they will get their first goals and points as we're always obliging, lol.

1.) 24 Sep 2017
24 Sep 2017 17:28:20
Rumour drums are beating to the name of free agent manager Thomas Tuchel?

2.) 25 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017 15:55:54
Palace won't be beating us because BENTEKE is out for a long time if he's done knee ligaments I've done that before and he could be out for 2-3 months I know his medical team are a lot more advanced than when I had that injury but 6 weeks at least and not scoring any goals with him they've no chance without him.

the reason I'm talking about him is in January we should try and get him, swap CARROLL and a bit of cash because he's more mobile than Carroll and just as good in the air if not better I really think he'd be a fantastic signing for us palace that aren't giving him the service he requires. COYI.

3.) 25 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017 17:04:06
Maybe use the spare cash to buy a barn door. may be some use to him.

4.) 25 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017 20:50:53
Bentekes hardly prolific either just swapping 1 donkey for another.

5.) 25 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017 21:01:17
Exactly. I wouldn't want benteke.

6.) 26 Sep 2017
26 sep 2017 22:01:20
do me a favour benteke a donkey now i know dave you are absolutely clueless if i said messi was a good player you'd say he wasn't palace haven't got the players to provide benteke with the right service the guys a monster in the air and is quick i put that out there as a way to get rid of carroll and a viable transfer that could happen we aren't going to attract top players at the bottom of half of the table get in the real world for the right time why do u think lacazette didn't even think of joining us because we aren't a big enough club i'll tell you why because you are obviously not intelligent enough 1.wages.2.european football 3. where we finish in the premiership 4.the way we conduct out transfer dealings 5. we ain't f-----g arsenal. you one of these people dave that doesn't throw any names or suggestions and then c--t people off that are brace enough to make suggestions and whufctillidie if you think benteke is a donkey then you don't know to much about football mate prolific no donkey do me a favour given a run of games at west ham and told he's no1 striker he'd score goals wasn't given a chance at liverpool and palace their position says it all and that ain't bentekes fault they haven't got the quality to provide him the balls he needs . coyi.

7.) 27 Sep 2017
27 Sep 2017 06:31:41
Aw is someone getting angry again. Everyone's allowed their opinion. Just you hate it when people disagree with you. Did I insult you? No? I would write an essay explaining how your posts bore me but I think its very obvious to see. My only suggestion would be to go get some anger management as you seem to have serious anger issues buddy :)

8.) 02 Oct 2017
02 Oct 2017 18:01:22
Dave you could never anger me mate you ain’t intelligent enough pot kettle black springs to mind about commenting and not liking people’s opinions I never see u putting names out there you just sit there probably on your own being negative about people’s comments and suggestions if you don’t like my posts then it’s easy don’t read them I’ve forgot more than you know about football and it summed up what you know by calling BENTEKE a donkey or agreeing he was I’m really boring but it gets your attention I’ve been WATCHING West Ham for 40 years yes WATCHING not from my living room I’m the man who said SNODGRASS wasn’t up to the premiership and I got slaughtered but was right and said MASUAKU is not a defender but more a left sided mid I was right Adrian is better than hart I’ll be proved right that’s what’s boring Dave always being spot on and I think I was one of the first to say NOBLE wasn’t up to the premiership anymore and I’ll be right again oh my god I’m boring.

{Ed025's Note - not so much boring as big headed i would suggest mate..

9.) 04 Oct 2017
04 Oct 2017 22:25:26
Sorry. maybe you should take the wh job. Poor guy getting all angry again. Take a deep breath. and breathe my little angry hammer.