09 Aug 2018 16:47:26
SANCHEZ now cleared up, shame some of you will say but there you are. There has been hold up on Violas deal re Fernandez which was construed to be connected with Sanchez. IRONMIKE.

1.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 16:56:05

2.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 17:05:38
EVERTON signed ANDRE GOMEZ on loan we got SANCHEZ oh well we got ANDERSON they got BERNARD i know who will turn out the better signing and that's us. COYI.

3.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 17:21:50
Whorya. I have to say I’m really happy with Anderson, Yarmalenko and Wilshere but the rest of of signings are either just OK to me or players for the future.
I think Everton done good business to be honest.
Let’s see how it all pans out and hope MP proves we got all of the signings right.
I got slated a week or so back saying I’m happy with the signings we had made to date but felt the end of the window would be an anticlimax which it has proved to be.
However, I’m grateful for what we have. 😁😁.

4.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 17:27:22
Overall I’d give our business an 8/ 10. Big well done up all involved in my eyes!

5.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 17:57:24
Hiya COYI64 same as for them three but i think that BALBUENA might suprise us this yamear and could become a crowd favourite no nonsense defender. COYI.

6.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 20:28:59
Whorya. You could be right mate. Balbuena last I saw him play looked pretty assured and comfortable on the ball. Here’s hoping mate. I hope he’s a brick wall this season! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞COYI!